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  1. I was quite naughty on my last cruise. On the day of the towel rabbit, I folded several origami paper rabbits and placed them around it - leaving a note saying that the rabbit had babies and I was out looking for the "babies' daddy", adding "crew worker?". The monkey hanging from the ceiling, I hand wrote a sign saying "the floor is lava". On one of the other animals, I rolled up a tube of paper to make it look like a cigarette and put it in the animal's mouth. And (*sensibility warning*)..... the last day, I used the same "cigarette", put it in the kangaroo's nose, bent it forward, and then took the frilly paper cover from the bathroom glass, inverted it, put a small mound of baby powder in it, and moved it under the paper "straw". The room steward literally could not stop laughing, which made me unable to stop laughing. His name was Cornelius (the steward, not the kangaroo) and was one of the best I had on any cruise. Of course, Just before I left, I told him not to send me any more rehab animals if I were to cruise with him again.
  2. Most of the CDs I had on Carnival and NCL were fantastic - energetic, great sense of humor, ubiquitous, and humble. On RC, I only remember one being like that (a young Polish guy from Canada who was once a Royal Mountie), and all their others you hardly knew were there. In fact, partly because of the CD and partly due to the Fun team, I'm planning to do another Carnival cruise in a few weeks (health permitting).
  3. As for me, I have no problem with people leaving me alone. I am forever polite and have no trouble talking to other people, but if it gets too personal or long winded, I'll "suddenly" have a bathroom emergency or forgotten appointment.
  4. My best advice for cruising solo is..... have fun! You don't have another person to anchor (pun intended) you down.
  5. Love your videos, man. Funny and informative.
  6. My first cruise was circa 2008 on NCL's Majesty (the one which a few cruises later was hit by a freak wave in the Mediterranean). That first cruise exceeded all of my expectations and I became hooked! Btw, my very next cruise was on Carnival's Triumph (another great one) which a few months later caught fire off of Mexico. Don't worry though... all the rest of my cruises had no after-effects.
  7. I get sea sickness and motion terror. Luckily, meclizine works wonders for me (no side effects) in the former and about half of the latter.
  8. I am just OK with burgers, but Guy's are truly something else! Luckily, I can't eat a lot of food at one time, otherwise I would probably eat three. I don't know if its the flavor or the texture or the fact that you can add your own toppings, but they are definitely my favorite of all hamburgers ! Concerning your comment on food waste.... planning how much I believe I will be able to eat at each meal is how I roll.
  9. Thank you very much for your detailed log of your 25 days cruising on a freighter. I thoroughly enjoyed it and all the new information it gave me (along with the explanations from the other posters)! Great job!
  10. My urologist and therapist suggested that I also give up cruising since I suffer from paruresis and certain cruise situations could prove damaging, but I love cruising probably more than anything else, plus those situations are extremely unlikely, so I'll continue to cruise. Of course, a simple catheter would do the trick, but doctors are reluctant to proscribe them. Btw, I only got sick after my last cruise.
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