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  1. High up and forward on a ship does get the most movement. People who prefer a smooth(er) ride want to be as close to midship as possible, on the lowest deck.
  2. While it wouldn't apply to ships, I once saw a sign that said, "Unattended children will be given a shot of espresso and a free puppy." I like the way they think.
  3. We had something similar happen to us a couple of years ago. There were six of us booked into the Queen Mary suite (Q2) and the adjoining Royal Suite (Q4). We had specified no upgrade because the aft Q1s have absolutely no privacy on their verandahs. Since the Q4s don't have a verandah we were all going to use the Q2's. Everything was confirmed but four months prior to departure, those of us in the Q2 were reassigned to a Q1 and the rest were left in the Q4. Because we could prove we had requested no upgrade, each suite got an extra $2,000 OBC. That was all well and good but we still had half of us with no verandah and half with a verandah we weren't completely comfortable using.
  4. It is also my experience with both products (ship within a ship) that YC is as comparable to The Haven at a better price point. I occasionally make dummy bookings where itineraries and dates are as close as possible and YC is generally around $2K+ per room less than NCL. That suits me just fine.
  5. I highly recommend MSC Yacht Club. We've never had any issues there and generally fares are lower.
  6. It's sometimes remarkable to me who the actual "parents" are in public places. It's very often not the adults.
  7. I agree that you should take some reviews with a grain of salt. Especially if the written part focuses on just one or two things. I've noticed that with Amazon. If the product arrives damaged people often focus on that fact and nothing else. Okay, I think, sorry about your luck, but if you had it replaced, does the product work the way it should? I read recently that if reviews are based on a 1-5 star system, the 3s are likely to be the most honest.
  8. Filed under the "to each, his own" heading.
  9. I agree. It's not a luxury cruise on the order of Regent or Seaborne. But it is comparable to Oceania, which I have cruised on twice. Oceania has a leg up on food, but for everything else they are very similar. And significantly less in price.
  10. Yes, but that's really not the point. I dare say anyone with use of their limbs and faculties can get their own pizza and find their way off the ship. The fact is, some of us like not having to do some things for ourselves, even if it's the most mundane. I like the exclusivity of YC and The Haven. I cruise to relax. I don't want to hang out with 4000 other people by the pool. I am fortunate enough to be able to cruise when kids are in school, so the quiet, private venues are even quieter. I like to be able to chat with a bartender if I want with fewer interruptions. The same bartender who is pouring my drink without my even having to ask when he/she sees me coming. Lamb chops for breakfast every day? No problem! Lobster for lunch without having to pay extra? No problem! Need a shirt pressed in an hour? No problem! Tea made with my own loose leaf blend instead of bags? No problem! It's all according to what's important to you. I like being pampered on my vacation. I have to fend for myself every other week of the year. In the YC, I don't have to.
  11. Judging by the feedback on CC's review pages I don't think it's unreasonable to be concerned about a dodgy cruise on MSC anywhere but in the YC.
  12. My MSC/Yacht club experience is limited to the Seaside class. I lucked out on a YC booking early spring on Meraviglia. Go me. But the room is 16001, right next to what appears on the deck plans as one of the entrances to the lounge. My concern, if it is an entrance, is traffic and noise going into and out of the lounge. Does anyone have any experience with this room, or the corresponding opposite on the other side? Or, for that matter, the corresponding rooms on deck 18 outside the restaurant. I have to believe there is a door there as there must be more than one way to get in and out in the event of an emergency. I'll sit on the booking a week and then decide then Thanks for thoughts and feedback.
  13. Now, you see? This is the sort of thing that happens when you allow the rowers their mandatory 30 minutes off their oars (thanks a lot, union!). They wander around getting into all sorts of mischief. Clap them in irons and throw them in the brig! The dowager countess would be mortified!
  14. Oh, dear. I hope your footman is well?
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