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  1. So it’s seems certain MSC has scrapped Scotland. I am due to disembark at Greenock on the 28th but hope there is another option aside from full cancellation. Nothing from TA yet. Will call tomorrow.
  2. Hello. We are on a 4 night cruise from Southampton to Greenock on 24th July.. we have not heard anything about Greenock being cancelled yet but previous itineraries are changing. Is Scotland allowing cruise ships to dock after 19th July?
  3. As long as they have all the announcements, signage, documents, menus etc in both Welsh and English then I’m happy.. if not I will be fuming !!
  4. Usually only tip the cabin steward by leaving €10-20 on last day if he/she is very good. I always tip whatever the onboard currency is as presume that’s what they will need. unlike the US, tipping does not always mean you will get a better service. I have met Americans onboard who have been put out by this as they think waving a few dollars will get them the vip treatment.
  5. I got excited about the robot bartender when I sailed Ovation of the Seas.. novelty wore off very quickly though lol
  6. It’s a stunning ship so hope you do sail her. I did meet the captain, cannot recall his name though but if he was the first to captain the Grandiosa then it’s him.
  7. Sailed on the beautiful Grandiosa when it launched on 2019 which, unknown to me, would be my last cruise for quite some time. Now excitedly booked on the Virtousa sailing from Southampton to Glasgow 24th July. does anyone know what differences there will be, if any, between the ships. I know they are the same class but are there any enhancements? Appreciate no one has sailed her yet but wondering it anyone has inside info.
  8. Worth noting Onboard prices are in U.K. pound, not the USD. Not sure if they change for world cruises but can’t imagine they do. basically the cruise will be a little Britain sailing around the world so very little will be in place to accommodate Non U.K. passengers.
  9. A really nice shower gel like Molton Brown some nuts and nibbles to have with cabin drinks some pegs to keep the curtains fully closed at night more take on booze than permitted!!!!
  10. Cruising restarting very soon from the U.K., albeit cruises with few ports or none at all. Princess, RCCL, Cunard, Disney, P&O, Fred Olsen and MSC all have ships sailing this summer. MSC and Costa are restarting the med. booked for August and it’s lovely to finally have a cruise to look forward to again.
  11. A) vacation? B) no we are not C) absolutely when did cruises become ‘booze cruises’? Since the beginning ! Cruising has always been about the opulence of fine food and drink.
  12. Nope. Who knows what we will get. I am sure something will be announced in good time.. possibly post election
  13. Booked a suite for the 7 night Britannia staycation at the end of August and this will be our first time sailing in any type of suite category. I Like the thought of in room dining and having lots of space but mixed feelings about a butler.. what do they do? What do most people request their butler to do? Are we expected to give additional tips?
  14. Yes. However neither Scottish or Welsh governments will have any cross border restrictions affecting the cruise start up. Obviously things can change but both governments have already given the green light to allow cruise ships to dock.
  15. Well deserved , I hope you win 🤞
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