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  1. So our two 12 night b2b cruises on the Vision out of Barcelona are now no more. Would not at all be upset with the change in ship to Adventure, but she is only doing 4 and 5 night sailings from BCN which isn't even a close match for itinerary. Beyond disappointed.
  2. So our two 12 night Med cruises on the Vision are cancelled and being replaced with 4 and 5 night sailings on the Adventure. While I don't mind the change in ship, itineraries are not even close. Huge disappointment.
  3. It depends on the ship and type of sailing. We have been on smaller ships with longer itineraries and most venues are in use all day - to the point of having difficulty finding a quiet place to read or visit.
  4. If Lift and Shifft won't work, you can simply transfer to a new cruise and keep the same reservation number; no additional money - keep same deposit. We transferred a med and a ta to two med cruises for September next year.
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