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  1. Paulette let's connect at the M&M. Loved, loved, loved our trip to Cuba (second time for us but this was better). Hopefully we will get the notice in our room about time and place. Rita
  2. We also just returned from this cruise and what looks like a nightstand is an immovable shelf. We loved this Majesty cruise to Cuba, also did the old car tour of Havana (booked privately, not thru RC) and did the Tropicana show (well worth the cost). This was our second trip to Cuba and would love to go back again and see more of the island. RC does have an itinerary that visits 3 ports, as does Azamara, so we will look at both and see what works best for us. I agree with all the points in erollers post Service was outstanding everywhere on the ship, Schooner Bar was fun and usually crowded (good servers and bartenders) WJ was outstanding. I did miss the specialty restaurants and the special breakfast venue for suites and pinnacles. There was a special dining room section for diamonds, and higher C&A levels along with suites, but service was very slow, so we only went one morning and used the WJ the other mornings, which was fine. Rita
  3. ON the Harmony in august we asked about cold soups on the 3d night. Every night after that we had cold soups. On Serenade in October we asked on the first night of a 12 night cruise, and we were offered cold fruit soups every night. It can't hurt to ask, and we have had very good luck in getting them with no problem.
  4. We boarded Symphony on Thursday. Parked in the new garage, time to ship was under 5 minutes. No lines to check in, folks with I pads like Bayonne. Directed to suite/pinnacle line, walked onboard. Left today, walked off, facial recognition only, no one looked at our passports, in car and on our way in 5 minutes. Easy!
  5. We sail on Serenade on Sunday and look forward to seeing Captain Stig again. Serenade headed directly to Boston from Bermuda to avoid the worst of the storm coming up the East coast and is due to arrive in Boston tomorrow morning (a day early). Can always count on Stig to do whatever is necessary to keep his ship, crew and passengers safe
  6. Just go to the dining room a few minutes before 6. They have lots of tables for 2 in the MTD section and you shouldn't have to wait very long, maybe 5 minutes or so. Larger parties could have a longer wait time, but we have never waited more than 4-5 minutes for table for 2.
  7. I am an agent at a brick and mortar agency and when I make a payment it takes about 1/2 a second to post. Within a minute I have an invoice from Royal showing balance due zero. I have no idea why it should take someone 48 hours for a payment to show up, unless they are a huge agency and have to forward the payment to their accounting department or some other place.
  8. We have sailed Oasis, Allure and just got off Harmony in August. If you are doing the Boston to Caribbean repo, we will be on that same cruise. Lots of folks do that particular cruise every year, so it is a favorite of many. We love the Radiance class ships, they are so easy to get around and you can see the ocean from almost everywhere. The outside area of Windjammer is a favorite spot, as is the Schoonr Bar, and the pub is quite a gathering spot during sporting events, as is the outdoor screen at the pool. Lots of New Englanders on this cruise, so if the Red Sox or Patriots are playing (and being shown on the screens), it is party time. We like the Oasis class but we love the Radiance class. More like being on a ship rather than being in a shopping mall. There are more things to do on Oasis class, but since we wouldn't be rock climbing or flowriding, we are happy with activities on Serenade. The crew is a big part of any cruise, and we have found the crew on the smaller ships to be more friendly, more outgoing and super good. I think with less people they can get to know you better and interact with you more, JMHO.
  9. we just got off Harmony and the casino host had a list of the perks for the different tiers right on his desk. I had free drinks in the casino for the entire cruise, they waived the fee for cash advances and when we got home I called about a cruise we booked onboard and was given a room for free.......inside, but we could pay the difference to upgrade to something better. We had received certificates for dollars off, and it was when I called to get those applied that i found out we could get the free cruise. Call the Casino Royale number and see what they are offering.
  10. Not enforced for Amsterdam embarkations either. Our time was 12:30, arrived at 10:30, no issues, checked right in.
  11. We got off the Harmony on August 11. We had a room by the forward elevators and never waited any length of time for the ride. Also would walk thru Central Park to get to the aft elevators to use Coastal Kitchen and again, never waited very long. Didn't find them crowded and we had a full ship.
  12. OK. I guess we didn't mind it as much as you did. We have been booking this cabin on Radiance class for many years. In fact we just had it in June on brilliance for Northern Europe and have it again in October for the Boston to Fort Lauderdale repositioning. We love the location, the size of the balcony, which is mostly in shade and good for my DH and his Irish skin[emoji2]. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. 9078 is my preferred cabin, on Serenade they shut the fire doors around 10 p.m, and the noise does not come into the cabin. It has a huge balcony, is right next to the elevators, (no noise from them) and when you return to the ship after a day on shore it is so nice to have only steps from the elevator to get to your cabin.
  14. We were on this cruise with you and we thank you for posting your pictures....it brings our good times back to us. We loved this cruise and would do it again in heartbeat, even though it involved a lot of walking and a lot of touring. Loved Amsterdam for the 3 days before the cruise, still looking out for bicycles now that we are home;) We were the ones that hired the taxi in Guernsey, and it was money well spent. We had 7 of us, 3 in one taxi, 4 in the other, saw pretty much all of the island at our own pace, and the taxi drivers were funny, courteous, and very knowledgeable about their home. I loved Guernsey and would like to go back and spent a week. I have to laugh at you with your comments about the tender lines and the folks waiting in the rain and complaining When we arrived back at the pier it was just starting to rain, so we went into the restaurant on the pier, had a wonderful dinner and when we left the lines were still long, but the rain had stopped and the sun was shining. So many folks complaining about the wait (mostly Princess people).........but it took us about 1/2 hour to reach the tender.....but we were well fed and it was sunny! Thanks again for your great pictures and commentary. Rita
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