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  1. Great video of the Azamara standby crew at Glasgow having a ball taking part in this challenge. Wonder which hotel director would be involved in this???? Lovely to see well recognised faces and hopefully we will be at sea again soon. Blue skies make Glasgow look like the Med!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9qmacyaBHc
  2. COINCIDENCE OR A GOOD SIGN!! It is reported that Larry Pimentel raised $1.9million by selling some of his RCCL shares last week. Perhaps an encouraging sign, or just a coincidence of timing??
  3. Great to hear that Baynanno1, and confirmed by contacts in Oz that the rain is at times torrential and should hopefully reduce the pollution. Sadly it will take a long time for Oz to recover, and wildlife has been decimated. I also note comment from Jelayne, however, we also have our own masks having recently been in Rajasthan where the smoke pollution was dense, but on that occasion many from other parts of the world were not aware of the problem and suffered badly until they could purchase some. Chances are that there will be passengers onboard unaware that the Journey could be impacted
  4. We are booked on an upcoming cruise on the Journey covering Australia and New Zealand, and it appears the route could be considerably impacted by smoke pollution from the horrendous Australian bush fires, unless hopefully there is some rain in the near future to provide some relief for those areas devastated by events. We keep in touch with a number of Azamara friends who are in the midst of it all, and their experiences are terrible. From a passenger perspective, if smoke pollution becomes an issue will Azamara have appropriate face masks on board for issue to passengers and crew? Perhap
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