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  1. CCFC

    Guarantee cabin

    We got our cabins assigned about 3 weeks from sailing.
  2. CCFC

    Question about Princess in Athens port

    Piraeus is actually quite a few miles from Athens, a bit like Southampton is nowhere near London.
  3. CCFC

    P&O drinks prices and packages

    I'm guessing but if its two adults you both need to buy the drinks package anyway before you get the kids package which would not apply? Each adult assigned to the same cabin must purchase the Ultimate drinks package.
  4. We get 90 days Visa free travel according to the news today even if there is no deal.
  5. CCFC

    P&O drinks prices and packages

    I'm glad they have done this, they are doing catch-up with all the other cruise lines. £40 a day is reasonable, its not just booze, its soft drinks, mocktails, coffees and juices. I can get my moneys worth quite easily without being drunk as some people are suggesting. On my last Princess cruise I got the same package for £51 a day, the £ to the $ made it dearer than it used to be. I welcome it.
  6. CCFC

    Future cruise deposit

    When I was on the Caribbean Princess recently I bought my FCD using the Ocean Medallion app, worked perfectly and no form filling out!
  7. CCFC

    Grand Princess balconies - covered?

    Not all no.
  8. That list would have come out pretty much the same if you had put the average price of a cabin in rather than the rating, apples and oranges. Pretty meaningless really.
  9. CCFC

    Check in TUI

    Out of interest Princess have stopped doing the health questionnaire as so many people were obviously lying.
  10. CCFC

    Cruising after Brexit.

    Never used my EHIC card, I get my travel insurance free with my bank account. I wont miss it, after all nothing is free in this world.
  11. I've been to Amsterdam before, just wondering if I should get excited about Rotterdam as somewhere new. I googled Rotterdam and it say its a big container port with little to see.
  12. Having never been to Rotterdam what is it that doesn't cut it?
  13. Princess seem to be moving away from Amsterdam and going to Rotterdam too.
  14. CCFC

    cancel and rebook - UK

    It will be 15% of the invoice not the deposit.