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  1. Yes you do. I just screen shot my holdings and email that in.
  2. My Xmas cruise was cancelled on November 2nd, I have been told my £5,000 will be refunded by April 23rd. Not happy.
  3. Did you book direct?
  4. Thank you I will try that route. I paid the money direct to the cruise travel agent so I should be free from a double refund. I had 6 cruises cancel last year and when I went for future cruise credits it was fairly quick. It wouldnt surprise me if the travel agent is sitting on my money but I cant see how I can prove it.
  5. My Christmas cruise was cancelled and a refund requested on November 4th. My travel agent then said it would take 16 weeks to be refunded, the amount is over £5000 ($6000) which would be refunded towards the end of February. Two weeks ago I asked for an update on when this would be refunded only to be told now it SHOULD be refunded by the end of April. Is this usual? Who should I complain to if its not (I have tried the travel agent I booked through and am being pushed from pillar to post) Can I ask for a refund from my visa card? Help please as this is taki
  6. With Princess, once you get to know the waiters and if you are in a group they will tell you you are about to hit the 15 drink limit, they will then let you have someone elses drink as long as you are not drunk. That happened to me a few times.
  7. The view from the back of the Holiday Inn Southampton top City Terminal, the front below a view of Ocean Terminal, we walked there with luggage:
  8. I tried to change my email address, it said it failed but I got a follow up email saying it had been changed. Do like the new look.
  9. We got back from the Canary Islands yesterday (should have been a Caribbean cruise). They require a test 72 hours before you arrive which we managed to do, I paid £70 each for a private test and also got one on the NHS, the NHS one came back negative after 48 hours and the private one due to posting it over a weekend was emailed to me with 18 hours to spare, also negative. I had my temperature taken on arrival in Lanzarote which was fine and now we are back I am currently self isolating. It is possible but is also a bit nerve wracking in case you get a positive result or dont get t
  10. The press reported the COVID case on the Quantum of the seas recently with glee, turns out after another test it was a false positive, you have to dig hard to find that fact.
  11. CCFC


    What happens if I dont use my £500 FCC by the deadline, do they pocket it or do they give me the original value back? Anyone know?
  12. Just had the email cancelling our December 20th cruise.
  13. CCFC


    I got mine too. Have you booked your next cruise?
  14. Made final payment for our 20th December cruise on Caribbean Princess, hoping it goes ahead still.
  15. I just paid it too, at this rate it could be just us and you!
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