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  1. They don't waste much time!
  2. Ive been on both the Royal Princess and Britannia and the differences inside are quite striking.
  3. You can get a shaver socket adapter from reception for a small refundable deposit.
  4. I have seen that sign on Britannia.
  5. I had a pen knife in my suitcase, I got ordered off the ship to open it up so they could measure it. They told me to next time take it through with your carry on. They were quite nice about it.
  6. I loved every stop, the ship and everyone we met. I would gladly do it again. One of the highlights was the US Navy fly-by off the coast of Virginia, the fighter was so fast I couldn't take a picture of it, twice! The vibrations are still there despite the dry dock, this is deck 18 mind you. The Palm restaurant was a bit jittery too. CB 20190804_232341.mp4
  7. All back home now 😞 What a lovely cruise and itinerary, the crew were great.
  8. On the Wake Show someone asked why the buffet signs were missing to show you which side was open (which they are). The reply was because there was always someone there to show you which side to go to. News to me!
  9. I should explain better. From being called to the tender and getting on it took over 10 minutes, the trip in was 45 minutes and 5 minutes to get off, so one way took an hour, round trip two. Three tenders with 105 capacity made the wait to get off over an hour, similar queue coming back. Lovely place though, the mansions are amazing. That's the queue to get back on the ship mid afternoon.
  10. We left Newport a few days ago and the big problem was the tenders. (I’m on Caribbean Princess). It’s a two hour round trip from the ship to shore and back again and they just couldn’t cope with the crowds.
  11. It made it hard to sleep after a late night out, there wasn’t really a need to have the drill blasted out in the cabins.
  12. Yes they are. Just got on the Caribbean Princess and got a white OCEAN lanyard, got a black medallion and a blue insert.
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