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  1. I cant see her going, I'm so confident I have just booked Xmas on her.
  2. Princess let you pay £35 a day now which gives you the drinks package, free fast Wifi and gratuities included.
  3. Thank you. I like meeting new people and bonding with them on a large table at second sitting, made a lot of friends that way.
  4. I can see it on the invoice from the TA, seems odd they dont show it on the personaliser, thank you. One other thing, the dining time, I have requested second sitting and it says will be allocated when onboard, is that normal?
  5. Anyone know where in the cruise personilser where the onboard spend shows up with a select fare, booked Oceana over Xmas and I should be showing £290 but I cant find it anywhere. With Princess it shows on your payments page.
  6. I suspect its a credit note cancelling out the original invoice.
  7. OP is from the UK, its currently at £10.57 as of Friday
  8. Think there are 60 of them and 4 are not in agreement.
  9. I remember sitting at the bar at the back of Oceana when a lump of soot landed right next to me, happened a couple of times.
  10. Same thing, it doesnt bother me though as I have another cruise booked for October so in effect we are getting our money back.
  11. Do you mean a Future Cruise Deposit, the £75 one?
  12. I asked this question of my travel agent yesterday and got told its FCC, you cant get the FCD back.
  13. The money went to the TA, they have replied and said the FCC will arrive eventually. If they had sat on the money it would have been a refund from them.
  14. If its a refund because they sat on the money surely the TA should have to pay the 25% FCC. Its all very confusing.
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