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  1. CCFC

    Baggage Weight

    23KG all the way!
  2. CCFC

    P & O Revised Dress/Alcohol Code

    Its aimed at football shirts in my opinion and I doubt its policed unless you have done something to attract their attention.
  3. CCFC

    Naughty P&O!

    I hope they fined the French tanker for selling them illegal oil.
  4. CCFC

    Carnival Stock Down

    Up 4% today!
  5. No cabin number on the medallion. Most of the time I had to press it up against the screen so highly unlikely anyone who found your medallion could use it enter your room. Also it comes on a lanyard so you would notice it was missing fairly quickly.
  6. Yes, you can track fellow travellers on the big map (as long as they allow you). So I was on Emerald deck and could see my travelling companion was on the Sun deck by Tradewinds bar.
  7. CCFC

    Christmas Decorations on Ventura

    Never seen them up until the first cruise in December, its only 5 weeks Tuesday so not early really.
  8. The old mailbox is gone from outside the room. I took pictures of my recent experience of Caribbean Princess below. You can see where other people are if you connect your ID in the app.
  9. CCFC

    Films in cabin

    Not unless its been updated recently.
  10. In my experience its the same price onboard.
  11. As The UK and Ireland are not in the Schengen zone it would make sense for them to drop Le Havre and go straight to Southampton from Edinburgh if there are any issues with customs with the French. I did the British Isles cruise in June and didn't have to go through customs. Its up to the French if they want to be fussy but it would be their loss if they made a passport inspection necessary.
  12. CCFC

    Ventura Panama Canal glitch

    The original Grand class ships didn't have a Marina deck (on top of Lido), they were added after Skywalkers was moved from the aft to midships. The original Grand class ships can go under the bridge fine.
  13. CCFC

    Regal Medallion Net is Slow

    These were my speeds on Caribbean Princess a couple of weeks ago.
  14. CCFC

    Ventura Panama Canal glitch

    My Caribbean Princess cruise was £1599 for an Oceanview cabin with flights, 10 days with Ocean Medallion (rolling out to all Carnival brands apparently). Fort Lauderdale, Jamaica, Colombia, Panama canal, Costa Rica, Grand Cayman (which I loved) and back to Miami. Can thoroughly recommend it.
  15. CCFC

    Ventura Panama Canal glitch

    Go with Princess, its a great cruise.