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  1. barnoner

    Sydney hotels in good location

    We are also looking for a hotel in Sydney at the end of October. We are looking in the area of CBD/Haymarket. Around $150-$200 a night. Does anyone know of any hotels with airport shuttle as well?
  2. barnoner

    Canadian cruisers!!

    Try googling Cruise Ship Canada. Some Canadian companies may come up. Also, Princess and Celebrity sites will price in Canadian dollars.
  3. barnoner

    What the heck is a medallion?

    It is a coin size object that will act as your sail and sign. It can open your door and be used to charge items. That is what they told us in April. Somehow it will also let Princess your likes and dislikes. I read somewhere that there is a charge for it but not sure on that.
  4. barnoner

    Free drinks in casino?

    Do any of you know the contact information for the Princess Casino? I thought there was a website that you could submit questions through but now I can't find it. Thanks
  5. The dining rooms are about mid ship and the theatre is at the front so not too bad of a walk.
  6. barnoner

    New to shares and OBC

    Did you get the form that Princess has on their site?
  7. Just off Regal on Sunday. Early dinner was 5:30pm which left lots of time to make 8 pm show. Most nights shows were 8 and 10. Sometimes, for different reasons they may change but still had no problem getting there. It was difficult to make the early the early show under the stars as they started around 7 or 7:15pm and most people got there and reserved their seats. I must say the shows in the theatre were very good. Loved the music and singing in the Bravo show and they also had the Unexpected Boys the last night and they were very entertaining.
  8. barnoner

    Carnival Elite Offer

    Does anybody know of a site where I could look for an entry into the slot tournaments. There is one on the Dream Oct 30 and also the Magic Nov 12/16 Thanks in advance
  9. We used Cortrans in May and were very happy. Go to their website and see if you are at a hotel they service.
  10. barnoner


    We have completed 16 Carnival so far. By the end of the year we will add 3 more. We have done 1 RCL, 2 Princess and 3 on lines no longer around.
  11. barnoner


  12. barnoner


    We also prefer Buffalo but I was wondering about the Carnival flight costs versus booking on our own. I thought you were from Hagersville as per your info.
  13. barnoner


    Has anyone used this for flights to ports in the US or only overseas? We asked our PVP about booking air with her flying either from Toronto or Buffalo to Orlando and she said we would do better booking ourselves.
  14. barnoner

    Date of the Next Slot Tournament

    It is Oct 30 out of New Orleans on the Dream. We booked the other day as I was given an entry while on the Magic in May. We are hoping to win one for my DH while on Legend in July but if not hopefully we will be able to find one on here.
  15. barnoner

    Canadian cruisers!!

    Just got the Scotia Momentum MasterCard which is replacing the Sears MasterCard. Gives cash back and still no foreign transaction fees.