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  1. Agree completely that Azamara was once very solo friendly and now the opposite. I have found it more economical to cruise on Seabourn which has many offerings of 25% single supplements. In addition, they invite solo travels to dine every night at a hosted table which goes a long way towards meeting people on board. Cabins on Seabourn are twice the size of those on Azamara. I am cruising on Quest in August and hope I will find some reasons to persevere at even checking their offerings.
  2. I will be visiting Komodo for a 3rd time in April. Twice it has been absolutely green and lush, and when the Venture staff showed me photos of an earlier visit before rainy season I was shocked at the difference. There's a reason they call it rainy season! When it is lush it is an absolutely beautiful tender location, and I was happy to view from the ship last year as I had already seen the dragons. I did hear about amazing snorkeling from passengers who went to pink beach and this year will do that for sure.
  3. Hi Alidor - I think you may be on the cruise I am on and which I also took last year. (Sydney-Bali) I thought the trip was good. We drove to Port Douglas and went out to Agincourt reef. The coral was beautiful, and the whole excursion was well organized, especially considering that at least half the ship went on it. As I've done it once, I'd prefer to find a more relaxed and smaller group experience. I am trying to organize a trip out of Cairns just a short walk from the ship to a different reef.
  4. Oh man, MightyQuinn, thanks for correcting me. And that is where I saw on a cruise ship port schedule that it will be docked closer to town. We docked at the "Grain Terminal" last year because we had to skip Mooloolaba due to seas. And that is a haul from DT Brisbane.
  5. Hi Mark - I will be on this cruise as well. I cruised NZ/Aus last year though many different ports. Just off the top of my head...Port Chalmers I would definitely guess there is a shuttle into the town of Dunedin. It's a bit of a hike and also a beautiful drive into the town. Melbourne- I checked on the city's port schedule and although someone on our roll call had stated we are docked at the grain terminal location that does not seem to be the case. According to the dock schedules, we are pretty close to town. Oban, Phillip Island and Eden are tender ports. I don't get the impression there's a town to shuttle to, though there are excursions which go to Merimbula at Eden. Hope this helps.
  6. If you'd prefer something a little more intimate and also budget-friendly, I suggest a small hotel called An African Villa. I stayed for 5 days a few years ago. There are rooftop views of Table Mountain, beautiful African art featured around the villas, and a great included breakfast. It's easy to catch an Uber to the waterfront or walk to town from the hotel. https://www.anafricanvilla.co.za/cape-town-city-centre-accommodation.php
  7. Hi Dundeefruitcake, Yes, noticed the same thing. Please try me at stpaulspot at gmail . I think you can decipher that into a proper address. The rules of the boards are a mystery to me.
  8. Very curious then what the envelop icon with the designation "message" is used for next to my name.
  9. Hello. I received mine in the mail today so have one available to give you. Please message me privately and we can exchange e-mail addresses, etc to execute the "deal." Thanks!
  10. @Bourbon77 - they said they would mail it out this week. Previous info on this thread suggests that it will be close. I appreciate your response but think it may be safer for you to try canuckcruzingirl (above) who seems to have one in hand already. If that is no longer an option let me know and we will try. I'll get back in touch with you when it arrives.
  11. I've been on an Oceania 'r" ship once and Azamara about 7 times. One thing I prefer on Azamara is greater attention to outdoor spaces. On Oceania, the promenade decks rarely had loungers on them, and never had towels or attention from crew. On Azamara they are always stocked with towels and kept clean and cared for. Also on Azamara there are wonderful seating and sunbathing areas on Deck 11 -also missing on Oceania. If spending time outdoors in a variety of settings other than the cabin balcony is important to you, Azamara is the winner.
  12. Hello and thanks to rgaudet for simple instructions about who to contact for referral coupons. Mine will be arriving soon, so if there are any travelers who would like one before March 11, 2019 (NZ to Bali on Encore) please get in touch with me. This is such a great benefit and easy way for giver and receiver to benefit. I very much appreciated it when I went on my first Seabourn cruise last February.
  13. I was able to set up an account easily but also noticed that it had displayed only 9 cruises. I sent a note to request they add another, then when I looked at my account again, noted they had only added 1 or 2 points for 3 of my cruises. Looks like the system needs a little tweaking.
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