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  1. Forgive me if I am stepping on toes. I had seven dream cruises booked when Covid hit. I have some future cruises in 2022. I am hoping they happen...we are have had to Phizer shots. Hoping the cruise lines let fully vacinated people sail.
  2. I am sorry if I offend anyone. We are the clients that booked a product. My thoughts are that is the cruise that we booked should sail or we get a refund on our deposit regardless of type of booking. I can't control the Corona Virus, but I am healthy and can get on a ship that I have booked. I am hoping the cruise line understand they should sail or give us the non refundable deposit back. I prefer to use it to book a cruise in 2022. Waiting to see what their stance is. I rebooked today and lost $100 after I fought to keep any of my $200 credit. I dont use a travel agent ...... maybe I need to .
  3. Hope you are doing well. It seems like most of our cruises are going to be cancelled one by one. Only six more to see if they cancel. Celebrity in February to Thailand and Vietnam I will cancel. Hoping Australia to Hawaii and around islands and then up to Vancouver makes. Was bummed we couldn't make the TA seeing Greenland. Stay safe friend.
  4. We were on Liberty in February we saw large tables on our sailing. I suggest you contact them as soon as you get on board and be flexible on your time for seating.
  5. Yes, sorry I didnt say from what city. I am trying to book return trsnsfer back to airport.
  6. Anyone know what pier Serenade will dock at on August 10 2019 and August 25? Trying to book transfers to and from port on our B2B. I can't seem to find what terminal she will use.
  7. No, new favorite shoes Vionic. I have to arch support or wear inserts. Changed my ability to wear sandles and head had great food and drinks.
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