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  1. FYI Final payment is due next week to take advantage of a 10% discount.
  2. Hi Chuck, I obviously don'y know if this cruise will sail, but I was faced with the same dilemma but with another cruise line. My cruise was due to sail on the 26th December and final payment next week, I decided to cancel and wait for my refund. I am a solo and I look forward to meeting other people whilst I travel and I enjoy dining with others sharing the days experiences. I sincerely hope that the situation will be much improved at the end of this year, but I wasn't willing to take the risk. I was concerned that as it would be winter again, we might be faced with other variants of the virus. As I live in the UK, I was also concerned about being on a flight for several hours. I hope you are able to make your trip, I reluctantly decided against it.
  3. PCR tests are available in UK at some large pharmacies and at airports, hopefully they will be available more readily in other countries soon.
  4. Negative covid tests are needed to enter UK and I'm sure European countries will follow. In the UK testing is available at the airport and at many pharmacies.
  5. G2G

    Lift and Shift

    That has been my experience too. The agent I use in the UK doesn't keep the money, it is a direct payment to the cruise line. I received refunds directly from the two different lines in a relatively timely period.
  6. As others have already said, the lady receiving the first dose was an in patient at the hospital.
  7. Actually, the vaccine isn't being given to care home residents at the present time. This is due to the issues around keeping the vaccine at the correct temperature. So for the moment it is being given only within hospital settings, selected GP practices will begin vaccinations next week and the logistics of giving it in care homes is still being explored.
  8. I am really glad that you are so fortunate in not knowing anyone who has died from Covid, I cannot say the same thing. I know 3 people who died of Covid without any other health issues. One guy was a very fit healthy 53 year old, his elderly mother is devastated, the other 2 were in their early 60's, again no underlying health issues. The last lady died on Monday of this week, 3 days after her grandchild, who she never saw, was born. I am continually amazed by some of the thoughtless remarks made on this board, I love to cruise and take vacations, but I would rather be spending time with friends and family without the fear of contracting this horrible, deadly virus.
  9. This from BMJ it's certainly being used in the UK, however I will bow to your obvious greater knowledge regarding treatments within the U.S Timing is everything Corticosteroids such as dexamethasone have broad effects on innate and adaptive immunity. Adaptive immunity may be integral to covid-19 immunopathology, as the onset of acute respiratory distress syndrome correlates temporally with the appearance of a specific antibody against SARS-CoV-2.14 In March 2020, a retrospective evaluation of the covid-19 clinical experience in China reported that, in the subset of patients who progressed to ARDS, objectively sicker patients who received methylprednisolone had lower mortality rates than patients not receiving methylprednisolone.15 In RECOVERY, corticosteroid therapy increased 28 day survival in covid-19 patients developing acute respiratory distress syndrome. Despite concerns about the possibility of steroid associated complications, it would not be reasonable to delay use of a widely available treatment with a demonstrated mortality benefit.
  10. I’m aware it’s not a cure, but it has reduced the number of people needing ventilation and improved outcomes. There’s still much to be done, but intensive care staff have made many advances since the beginning of the pandemic & I am eternally grateful to them all.
  11. I have a 20 day cruise in July 2021 and I'm unsure whether to cancel. Final payment isn't due until end of January, it isn't covered by the new Crystal Confidence. I am going to wait until after Christmas and decide then.
  12. Unfortunately, even if people self isolate for 14 days, they have to come out of their bubble to get to the ship. Unless they live in the embarkation port, it would be difficult to avoid contact with others.
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