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  1. This from BMJ it's certainly being used in the UK, however I will bow to your obvious greater knowledge regarding treatments within the U.S Timing is everything Corticosteroids such as dexamethasone have broad effects on innate and adaptive immunity. Adaptive immunity may be integral to covid-19 immunopathology, as the onset of acute respiratory distress syndrome correlates temporally with the appearance of a specific antibody against SARS-CoV-2.14 In March 2020, a retrospective evaluation of the covid-19 clinical experience in China reported that, in the subset of patients who progressed to ARDS, objectively sicker patients who received methylprednisolone had lower mortality rates than patients not receiving methylprednisolone.15 In RECOVERY, corticosteroid therapy increased 28 day survival in covid-19 patients developing acute respiratory distress syndrome. Despite concerns about the possibility of steroid associated complications, it would not be reasonable to delay use of a widely available treatment with a demonstrated mortality benefit.
  2. I’m aware it’s not a cure, but it has reduced the number of people needing ventilation and improved outcomes. There’s still much to be done, but intensive care staff have made many advances since the beginning of the pandemic & I am eternally grateful to them all.
  3. I have a 20 day cruise in July 2021 and I'm unsure whether to cancel. Final payment isn't due until end of January, it isn't covered by the new Crystal Confidence. I am going to wait until after Christmas and decide then.
  4. Unfortunately, even if people self isolate for 14 days, they have to come out of their bubble to get to the ship. Unless they live in the embarkation port, it would be difficult to avoid contact with others.
  5. Icelandic air are terrible, I have instigated a chargeback to recoup my money. If you check their facebook page it is awash with unhappy people waiting many months for refunds.
  6. I understand the reason for the new protocol, but it will be a miserable experience for solo travelers 😞 I enjoy meeting people and sharing experiences over dinner or a drink and sometimes joining quiz teams. I guess I will need to cancel yet another cruise if the new protocol is still in place next year, oh dear ....
  7. Its actually a Norwegian owned, UK based cruise line. They do not have an upper age restriction, but then neither in my experience does Crystal ....
  8. I don’t know how you have interpreted my comments as “the numbers have been manipulated on purpose “. I will retire from this discussion, there is nothing to be gained from the speculation. I wanted to understand which figures were correct, no problem, I now realise no-one has the answer.
  9. I know I will be shot down in flames but, here goes. When I first started reading on the different forums about Covid numbers and what was reliable information, the general consensus was China's death rate figures were false. Much was made of how unreliable they were, now it seems that the figures quoted for the USA are incorrect!! I don't live there, I get my information from the data released from John Hopkins, is that incorrect?? From the limited knowledge I have, it does seem that the rate of infection, hospital admission and death rate is increasing. Whilst I'm sure there are flaws in the system of reporting positive tests, surely there is some truth in the John Hopkins figures and the infection rate is going up, particularly in the Southern states?? What can be gained by falsely reporting deaths as being due to Covid ??
  10. I'm still waiting for refunds from Lufthansa and Icelandair , its over 8 weeks now. Not all airlines refund as quickly as Delta
  11. Check SuzieQ's spreadsheet for refunds and you will see who has received refunds and who is still waiting
  12. I received the email and I've already had my refund
  13. I agree with you, I choose my cruise usually for the destination, whilst I have a future cruise booked with Crystal, I doubt I will book with them again.
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