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  1. Sort of besides the point here since this isn't the traveler's fault, but a government mandated shutdown on sailings. And DCL is indeed refunding people who ask for it.
  2. So they refunded it piece meal or all at once? We recently got our taxes and fees refunded, but not the fares.
  3. Thank you for choosing Disney Cruise Line. As you prepare for your cruise, you probably have questions and concerns about Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), and you should know that we are taking precautionary steps to protect our guests and crew members. Your health and safety, as well as that of our crew, is our primary focus. We are also committed to keeping you informed and updated, and are happy to address any questions you have in advance of your cruise and once you're onboard.Across our fleet, Disney Cruise Line is closely monitoring global developments and following the advice of public health authorities and medical experts. We are also closely tracking guidance from our ports of call regarding who they will allow to disembark based on travel history and health screenings. Therefore, the following guidelines are in effect and are likely to continue to evolve as more information becomes available: Any guest or crew member who has traveled from, to or through China, including Hong Kong and Macau, South Korea, Italy, Iran or Japan, within 14 days of departure will not be able to board our ships. Any guest or crew member who has been in contact with someone from these areas, including guests with connecting flights in these locations, also will not be able to board, nor will anyone who has helped care for someone suspected of having or diagnosed with COVID-19, or who is currently subject to health monitoring for possible exposure. Guests who have air travel booked through Disney Cruise Line will automatically have their flights rebooked on an alternate route. Guests who booked their own air travel arrangements should contact their airlines directly to make the appropriate changes. As is always our practice, we screen all guests and crew members before they board and anyone who feels unwell with gastrointestinal or flu-like symptoms (fever over 100.4º F, chills, cough or difficulty breathing) will not be permitted to sail. All guests and crew members will have their temperature checked with a no touch thermometer prior to boarding. Additional medical screening will be required for anyone with a temperature of 100.4º F or greater, and they along with their sailing party may be unable to sail. If your cruise includes a stop in Nassau or Castaway Cay, please note that The Bahamas will not allow anyone to disembark in any Bahamian port if they have been to China, South Korea, Italy or Iran in the past 20 days prior to arrival. These guests and Crew Members may be able to sail but will be unable to visit The Bahamas. If your cruise includes a stop in Jamaica, please note that in addition to the locations noted above, officials there also will not allow guests who have traveled from, to or through Singapore within 14 days of arrival to come ashore. These guests will be unable to sail. If any of these situations apply to you, please contact your Travel Agent or Disney Cruise Line at 1-866-325-2112 or 407-566-3510 so that we can discuss your options.Additionally, guests scheduled to sail between now and May 31, 2020, can now change their reservation up until the day before embarkation and receive a 100% cruise credit to be used for a future sailing within 12 months of their original sail date by calling the telephone number above. The credit is non-refundable and standard prevailing rates will apply.
  4. FWIW while in they list chromecast stick and fire stick, those are impossible to distinguish from other computer equipment and the port staff is none the wiser. You may also get a small drone on board (if you know how to disassemble it and ship it in different bags), BUT, it will likely be seized when you're coming back through ship security first port of call you take it out -- so not really worth the hassle.
  5. While in the realm of possibility, British lines tend to be in the milder side of things (compared to American or continental European counter parts). That having been said, Mr. Branson is a well known character and no stranger to debauchery, so wouldn't be surprised if VV offered a clothes-optional area of the ship.
  6. Cannot agree the more with sting ray sailing. Our excursion was 14 people and we were far and away from the crowds. The stingray encounter without rush and then over 1/2 hour snorkeling in the reef. Super gorgeous. The captain and crew were super friendly.
  7. OMG that was nearly 4 years ago?!? Why is time going so fast?
  8. Is the 2015 alcohol policy still the same? I thought they had changed it substantially in the last couple of years (or at least vaguely remember seeing a bunch of threads about it).
  9. I'm legitimately trying to grasp the complete lack of logic behind this statement. When you pay for a fancy hotel room, are you allowed to do what you damn please inside it? When you're renting a fancy car, are you allowed what you damn please with or inside it?
  10. We've cruised with both of our kids 13 times, all in verandah or large balconies. So long as you do not let the 5yo wander on his own/unattended, you'll be fine. To us the balcony and private fresh air away from crowds is well worth the extra cost, but as you say, it's def a personal thing.
  11. We'll be there January the 7th, 2020 (not the 8th) in case you want to join the excursion.
  12. Hey folks, We did this same tour with a local company called "Stingray Sailing". We're planning to do it again when we go there in January. They have a hard limit of 25 people, so unlike the zoo/mayhem of ship-operated tours, here you'll actually have time to enjoy your time in the water. Anyway, if you're looking for a great family-friendly excursion and reasonably priced, mind you, highly recommend these people.
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