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  1. Cannot agree the more with sting ray sailing. Our excursion was 14 people and we were far and away from the crowds. The stingray encounter without rush and then over 1/2 hour snorkeling in the reef. Super gorgeous. The captain and crew were super friendly.
  2. OMG that was nearly 4 years ago?!? Why is time going so fast?
  3. Is the 2015 alcohol policy still the same? I thought they had changed it substantially in the last couple of years (or at least vaguely remember seeing a bunch of threads about it).
  4. I'm legitimately trying to grasp the complete lack of logic behind this statement. When you pay for a fancy hotel room, are you allowed to do what you damn please inside it? When you're renting a fancy car, are you allowed what you damn please with or inside it?
  5. We've cruised with both of our kids 13 times, all in verandah or large balconies. So long as you do not let the 5yo wander on his own/unattended, you'll be fine. To us the balcony and private fresh air away from crowds is well worth the extra cost, but as you say, it's def a personal thing.
  6. We'll be there January the 7th, 2020 (not the 8th) in case you want to join the excursion.
  7. Hey folks, We did this same tour with a local company called "Stingray Sailing". We're planning to do it again when we go there in January. They have a hard limit of 25 people, so unlike the zoo/mayhem of ship-operated tours, here you'll actually have time to enjoy your time in the water. Anyway, if you're looking for a great family-friendly excursion and reasonably priced, mind you, highly recommend these people.
  8. Yes. The announced/schedule ones are more thorough. The ones you see the coasties around the ship while folks are boarding are the security-related. The health inspectors you see in food service areas aren't the same as the coast guard. Two different authorities.
  9. I'd say heed their suggestion have a late breakfast and don't be there before 12:30-1:00. Last time this happened to our ship (was a surprise inspection, apparently). The ship did not begin to embark until 2pm or so. No one is allowed to board or de-board while the inspection is going, so getting to the port earlier only means you'll be 2-3 extra hours there doing nothing.
  10. About 5 minutes past Mr. Sanchos/Nachi, which both are about 10-ish minutes from Royal port. So about a 15-ish minute ride w/o traffic. With traffic could easily take 45 minutes, which is why you have got to put the effort to be up bright and early and be among the first to disembark. It costs $25 each way for up to 4 people (this includes kids and babies in laps), and then $5 each person after that. The corollary here is: if by chance/bad luck your ship doesn't dock until 10am local time or later, just don't bother with beach breaks and instead go for a tour of the southern tip of the island and maybe stop for a snack/drink at Mr. Sancho's in the way back.
  11. Indeed. I heard they were going to rename it Dinghy of the Seas and tetanus shots will be dispensed upon boarding now.
  12. Non-revenue transatlantic means no passengers on board?
  13. I don't think it has anything to do with age and more about what type of experience you/your family is looking for. We've been to Playa Mia and Mr. Sanchos and it was a bit too much for us. Lots of kids and teens activities and competitions going on, lots of water jungle gyms, slides, etc. But decidedly not chill or relaxing. Nachi, on the other hand, it's very chill (but please don't confuse with boring! It's quite nice and fun, too), music is well under control, being overly loud, profanity and indecency are grounds for dismissal and in our three times there, we've seen two groups being escorted out by management -- so they keep their word. The service and the food are excellent. The "open bar" is truly open and you can request anything they have available (say you're nuts and want a quadruple-shot marge, go for it), that having been said, they will refuse to serve any alcohol to anyone they deem drunk or visibly impaired. Overall, in my experience, if you want a relaxing and fun day at the beach in Cozumel and are willing to pay the premium, you just can't do better than Nachi Cocom.
  14. Nachi Comcom (only 120 persons/day, family-friendly all inclusive, no-party, quiet atmosphere).
  15. What clarea said. Absolutely not enforced (none of the cruise lines we've sailed with do, actually). We're super light packers and usually bring two small bags and two backpacks for 4 people for the week. Suffice it to say, no formalwear of any kind is brought.
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