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  1. Yup, the case to the USSC is 100% moot given the 11th circuit turn-around stay-vacate dance. > For the reasons set forth above, this Court should vacate the stay entered by the Eleventh Circuit. To clarify people here got to excited when they read FL taking the CDC to the Supreme Court. This was a VERY narrow request and that request is now moot.
  2. Actually, reading the filing on the supreme court, given the 11th circuit's own order to vacate the stay, this case might be moot.
  3. 1) this was the USAC 11th Circuit acting on their own, that is, it wasn't FL requesting review or any non-party. They apparently re-read the filing and determined the CDC did not demonstrate injury, irreparable harm, etc. if the injunction was let be. 2) This doesn't mean in any way the appeal was denied, the appeal still very much on (at least prior to FL side stepping appeals and going to USSC), what they vacated was their own stay of the injunction they had delivered a week prior, until appeal is heard.
  4. Wow lots of good info in that page, thanks. Very transparent, very un-DCL like.
  5. Wait, are we finally back to arguing about our personal cruising preferences instead of covid and politics? Whooo hooo we did it y'all!
  6. Update: as of today I still cannot access the planner for either of the reservations we have. Different browsers, clear cache and history, etc. Still get the st*pid "wait at least 15 minutes" error prompt in screenshot in my OP. 😕
  7. It's not a few bucks, the water package they sell online it's $45 + gratuities. I can and have brought 12x1L Evian boxes for $15. We have been lucky, given people here seem to think it's not possible, that porters have allowed us to put a bag tag on it (3 different times) and it's delivered to our room. But even if next time they don't allow us to check it in, we have a roller carry-on we can stuff the bottles in. No more and no less inconvenient than having to push around your normal carry-on bag until rooms are available.
  8. I've had colleagues lose their passport in different parts of the world and no time to get to an embassy or consulate (business trips don't leave much margin for error). They were allowed to flight back and the only difference in the way back in was they were taken to an office for proof verification instead of the normal customs line. Took about 1/2 hour and both were let in w/o any further issue.
  9. I haven't been able to access any of the two cruises we have reserved. Tried different browsers, clear history, etc. Same result. It could be technical issues, but it could also be change in itineraries depending on port closures/safety (Cayman, Haiti, etc.) and Royal not wanting people to reserve things that aren't going to happen.
  10. Folks, Is cruise planner down for anyone else? Since last night (and I just checked) I've been getting the following error for both reservations we have:
  11. FWIW, I have two different sets of friends in different parts of Spain on vacation right now. Restrictions are non-existent once you're in the country and they require proof of vaccination and questionaire before you even board the plane in the US and then present the proof at customs there. But otherwise people are conducting business and lives as normal and in their warm and jovial Spaniard way.
  12. My wife used to take sea sickness meds until she discovered good old fashioned ginger pills did the trick as well. Ginger ale also helps her alleviate symptoms. That said, on 25 nights aboard oasis class ships, she's never felt any symptoms, so I feel comfortable recommending them to people worried about sea sickness.
  13. They can even eat at the bistro for breakfast and lunch, too, in case you want to avoid the windjammer zoo. The only things frowned upon for kids are lingering/loitering outside the bistro and at supper time.
  14. some local laws DO REQUIRE unvaxxed passengers to remain in bubble excursions.
  15. Yeah I'm just looking at the itineraries, seems it's couple of months out of PC, then a few weeks out of Miami, then holiday season from FLL. I guess Royal is scrambling to get their line up up and running. For all we know they can swap ships for those itineraries once more ships are "approved".
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