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  1. The one in Tampa and the one in Orlando require 42'' to use their FR🤷‍♂️
  2. Sick board. Do they allow boards shorter than 42'' in Royal? The two closest flow riders to me require at least 42'' boards. Wonder if Royal has similar restrictions?
  3. Thanks for the info, much like OP I'm in a bit of a disbelief the deal I was able to get my sis on this sailing. My stateroom always packed with wife and kids, so I had never priced solo cabins.
  4. I have to wonder if this was a hush-hush promo or if it was a technical error. I'm truly hoping for the sake of my sister and y'all is the former, because if it's the latter, there's a fair chance Royal could cancel those bookings or demand payment for the difference. 🤞
  5. Sheer dumb luck for my sister too. I just looked up the price for her room and it's nearly $900 more than what she already paid (yesterday). Fingers crossed they won't cancel her reservation (and y'all's either).
  6. Not working with: Chrome 93.0.4 Edge 92.0.9 Brave 1.29.77 🤷‍♂️
  7. Same here -- greyed out buttons. The IT problems with Royal never end. IT's quite frankly disheartening how brittle and poor their IT infrastructure is. For a multi-billion dollar company, in this day and age there's no excuse their backend systems to be so terrible (and not just their website but their finance, payment and booking systems).
  8. Yesterday I booked a room for my sister (single) and had no upcharge and was $800 for 9-nights holiday cruise which is a steal of a deal by any definition.
  9. Pictures are astounding, thanks for posting. Beautiful ship, but there's a ghost town feeling to it that's somewhat unsettling.
  10. Neither Royal, nor Disney nor NCL have any dress code on their MDRs other than "no swim wear". Most people including myself wear shorts or jeans in the MDRs the duration of the cruise. The only time I wear slacks and long sleeve shirt is when in DCL and we go to Remy or Palo which are upscale/upcharge and do explicitly require dressier attire. That said OP and anyone can wear what they please, simply noting the strict dress code in MDRs -- at least in "mainstream" cruise lines -- is gone.
  11. Have you cruised in the last decade? Bermuda shorts are fine all nights -- including formal nights, specially for kids. The "strict" dress code of the 70s and 80s and before that are relics of a bygone era.
  12. Here, through a paywall beater: Text Fish 🐟 – Maker of Popular Covid Test Told Factory to Destroy Inventory
  13. If you're OK with the possibility of not being allowed to board on a false positive (or have alternate plans), then by all means. For us, we drive to port so if we're denied boarding, it's just a drive home or somewhere beachy. No way I'd go through the trouble to arrange air, hotels, etc. given the very real possibility of being denied boarding even if you have all vax and testing up to date.
  14. This is also why I've said in at least two occasions for people who read these forums (I'm fully aware it's a minority of us) that if you are taking a cruise any time the rest of this year for a special occasion (i.e. not just normal vacay), plan ahead figure something else or have a plan B ready. Way too much risk to assume that you and/or the rest of your party will be able to cruise given all the protocols in place and likely we'll see tightening or more controls as the Delta variant is rampant right now and the vaccines are only effective in preventing serious disease but not very effective at carrying it and transmitting it. If I didn't live within driving distance of the port, I would not be cruising this year.
  15. Anyone having these questions shouldn't be cruising or allowed in society in general w/o a legal guardian for that matter.
  16. Ah good point. I guess we don't really do Cabanas for supper, so wasn't sure if dress code changed.
  17. Why do people like to pick things apart like this? It couldn't be more simple and y'all mincing words when a modicum of common sense suffices. If you're going to cruise Royal for next 3 months, are 12-or-older and departing from any port in the US, be vaccinated. In addition you must take a PCR test within 3 days of your embarkation date. How's that so hard to comprehend?
  18. With the notable exception of Palo/Remy, the best way to think about this is: there is no dress code. Come as you are so long as you're not wearing swim wear in the MDRs (swimwear in the Cabanas is fine).
  19. Tough decision, but it's the right one at this moment in time.
  20. It almost already is. The faster the adoption, the fast the world travel can return to "normalcy". Many folks here quickly forgot not long ago proof of TB vaccine was required to travel internationally. And depending on region/country "MMR" was required for entry too.
  21. Royal and other RCI cruise lines have been chartering to this type of event (which you might be morally opposed to) for years/decades, so it's nothing new. My only qualm with these is post-charter sanitation and I try to look at chartering calendars before I make a reservation for this reason.
  22. I've heard from a friend who is very openly in the lifestyle with his fiancee and has gone in several of these "lifestyle" cruises including some in land and there's definitely dirty deeds in public areas (even though they're not supposed to). Some even host events and close off big public areas like sun decks or "conference space" for "group activities". So there's definitely "all of the above" going on in those cruises. That having been said, I've been told the chartering company pays a lot of money for special clean up of all facilities. These cruises aren't cheap at all (same a LGBT cruises), for what I can gather can run $10k/couple in a balcony.
  23. Probably has to do with CWC and protocol refusal cancellations. Rooms don't become available immediately one by one, and cancellation in the back office can take couple of weeks.
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