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  1. Amen! Like a true, proud American I'll pray for the sad soul who feels the need to bitterly judge those they don't know. I actually laughed out loud when I read that post! The irony in and of itself was literally laughable. The need to judge others due to one's opinion on how many people can fit in a cabin shows an interesting (and sad) outlook on life and on others. Further choosing to jump to conclusions, stereotype, and make undue commentary on how race and country of origin plays into opinions on something as simple as the OP's question is simultaneously sad and humorous. I truly feel sorry for them. I feel as though we all should :( what a sad half-empty way to view life and the others humans with whom we are surrounded.
  2. $700 is worth peace of mind. One of my life mottos is make the decisions in life that limit regret the most. You are much more likely to regret being cramped and miserable than you are going to regret spending $700 extra. It's very unlikely that many people (esp 4 adults) remember the trip favorably stacked against those odds. I agree, get adjoining cabins, enjoy your cruise, and don't look back :)
  3. LOL! Thank you for the info John! Maybe there will be more on the Christmas cruise, as I imagine there will be several friends of Bill/Jimmy traveling with family over the holidays etc. This is my first Christmas as a friend, so I am slightly anxious. Thank you for the information! Glad you had a fun cruise :)
  4. Hi! If you still have all of your fun times can you please let me know how many evenings/days there is a "friends of Bill W" meeting? Also would be curious of dates/times of "friends of jimmy k". I've only noticed it once in your fun times but it's hard to zoom in. My understanding is they had these every day or every other day. Thank you so much for your help! We are on the 8 day Christmas cruise in a couple of weeks!
  5. Thank you so much for sharing!!! We are embarking on the christmas cruise for 8 days (Dec 23rd) and I am so excited!!!! Reading your review is making me even more excited and it's super helpful!
  6. Thanks so much for the information!!! Makes me feel like the Sanctuary isn't necessary which is good, because we weren't too excited about it. That Aft terrace pool was our FAVORITE on the Caribbean Princess!! I'm very excited that it's also on the Crown and also adults only!! S
  7. Yes you can take them out of the sports bar! My fiancé got one a few of the nights---I remember the Mexican buffet for sure and we sat in a lounge and drank the beer and ate our Mexican food and were never bothered!
  8. The Legend was unbelievable! The best Carnival ship out there, I truly believe. It's so easy to navigate---It usually takes me 1-2 days to get my bearings on any ship that is new to me but we had this one figured out in a matter of a couple of hours. We spent most of our time on the serenity deck--we never had experience with chair hoggers like I read everywhere and was afraid of before we left. I did see a giant (albeit entertaining) fight break out over chair STEALING...but the attendants were very good about removing towels/items of people who left their chairs unattended for too long, especially if you bring it to their attention. We never had a hard time finding a place to sit and found this our favorite part of the ship. Not to mention the best bar, the best towel attendant (Jessrill from the Phillipines--don't know if she is still there but she's the sweetest person I've ever encountered on ANY cruise), and super close to some great food options for snacks. The enchanted forest is another great aspect of this ship...if you ever get to a place where you feel overcrowded or claustrophobic, go to the forest. We never saw another soul there the couple of times we visited. It's tucked in the very front (or back--at this point I can't remember) of the ship where nothing else is really going on. GREAT location and VERY peaceful. Great photo op too!! Some other great tips of things not to miss: The midnight Mexican buffet, cooking demonstration, High Tea, The taste bar & sushi, Lunch in the MDR (try to do it at least twice--its so worth it), THE MARTINI TASTING (if that's your thing they have certain nights where they have 4 martinis for $17 in the explorer's lounge, try it during karaoke time--makes for a lot of fun!), the piano bar (one of my favorite parts of this ship!...especially if you're lucky enough to have Jordan as your pianist..we often skipped shows we really wanted to see because we didn't want to leave the fun of the piano bar!), love and marriage show, the salad bar on the lido (a lot of lido food was just plain not good--SKIP THE PIZZA, I REPEAT: SKIP THE PIZZA ALTOGETHER---and the Chinese made me very sick, etc---but the salad bar was SO FRESH and DELICIOUS!) Finally I am a Foodie, don't know if you are but here are some tips on plates in the MDR to skip and ones not to miss!! Don't miss it!!: Prime Rib was amazing (if you like medium rare, order it rare...if you like medium order it medium rare & so on and so forth), LASAGNA WAS SOME OF THE BEST I’VE EVER HAD & I CONSIDER MYSELF A FOOD SNOB (with Italian being my favorite type of food), Lobster & Shrimp was good but honestly the shrimp was way better than the lobster, Fried shrimp, Short Ribs/Filet duo, Stuffed mushrooms, Spare Ribs (I didn’t love the sauce…a little too smoky for me but my boyfriend wouldn’t stop talking about them so I have to include them), TOM KA GAI SOUP (Do yourself a favor and order this! It sounds too intense on the menu but it was one of the most flavorful and delicious soups I’ve ever tasted in my life! Seriously! Do it! You won’t be disappointed), chicken noodle soup was also pretty good, Crabcake, Beef Stroganoff (I know this has overwhelmingly bad reviews but the Legend is different…this guy takes great pride in this dish, trust it!) Oysters Rockefeller (SURPRISINGLY GOOD & I’ve eaten oysters all over the world---they aren’t the best in the world but again surprisingly good for what I was expecting), Frog Legs (Not joking…they were actually delicious and I’ve had them before & not liked them. They were prepared with garlic & butter (both of which I love) and they were fall-0ff-the bone tender. If you ever wanted to try frog legs just to say you’ve tried them this is the place to do it!), and last but not least: Panko Crusted Jumbo Shrimp (fried shimp is good and served many days as an appetizer but this dish is served on the last day with this awesome horseradishy cream sauce and it’s just delicious!) SKIP IT:The shark & langoustine firecracker roll, alligator fritters (these tasted basically the same---no meat, just breading) bacon macaroni & cheese (I don’t eat bacon but my boyfriend said this was terrible, cold, & desperately needed salt&pepper), arugula and mint salad (just wasn’t good at all…tasted like mint leaves with olive oil on them), baked eggplant (tough & underseasoned), chilled asparagus soup (just eww. I had high expectations and man was it bad!), Smoked Duck & carmelized oranges(inedible. Tasted like raw bacon. My boyfriend couldn’t even finish it & made me try it JUST to taste how awful it was…he was right), assorted seafood entrée Newberg style (it was SO fishy. Smelled to high heavens…the whole dining room smelled like rotten fish because of the number of people that had ordered it. The sauce was even fishy because the fish was so fishy), greek salad (underseasoned minus the REALLY salty feta), Fried Chicken (dry & underseasoned…the potatoes were pasty & c’mon I’m from North Carolina, I know my Fried chicken & this just isn’t good.) Tomato soup (tasted like campbells), Braised Beef Brisket (just not good at all.), linguini with Italian sausage (the sausage was the only good thing in this entrée, the pasta was overcooked, the sauce was underseasoned and the vegetables were undercooked. NOT good), and the chicken a la grecque (just not good at all. Dry, poor seasoning, pretty inedible) If you want anything explained in more detail...feel free to check out my review at length here: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1728115
  9. that's great news! Is the Lotus Spa Pool outside?
  10. Hi! I know the Crown has a adults-only area that costs $10 per half day. However, when we cruised Princess a few years ago (Caribbean Princess) there was a smaller adults-only pool on the very back of the ship. Is that option present on the Crown or do you have to pay in order to enjoy adults-only swimming onboard. Thanks!
  11. Thank you so much for the info, we are definitely snorklers/beachy types. My mom isn't much for the thrill-type excursions (atvs, jeeps, watersports, etc)...even though those would be right up my alley, I think this trip is going to be more laid back and relaxing. READY to disembark :)
  12. Thank you so much for the recommendations! I am ready to leave now!!! I know I will spend the next six weeks online constantly researching....half of the fun of a cruise is the buildup! WE CANT WAIT!!!!
  13. I hate to burst your bubble but HAL and PCL are owned by the same company---and you ended up on a not-as-good line :( I definitely like princess WAY better than HAL. Only cruised Holland once and will never return. Boring passengers, the ship shuts down at 10pm, service is lacking, drink prices are asinine compared to other lines, 80% of the ship is over the age of 65....the list goes on and on. The only upside to HAL is the beauty of the actual ship. It is so nautical and well-maintained. And honestly how much does the beauty of the ship matter? I think you made a pretty large mistake and then still managed to support the same company.
  14. BE CAREFUL! Once you go Princess, you can't really go back! I cruised CCL one more time after PCL and it just was never the same!! :( Princess is SO much nicer, better food, better service, better PASSENGERS, just better overall! I know you will enjoy it. In addition, my first cruise was on the Caribbean Princess. It is a marvelous ship---great layout and still to date my favorite cruise even though our company wasn't my favorite (strange family members---you know the drill) even though we didn't particularly enjoy the travel companions we chose, the remarkable service, food, and surroundings managed to shine through! We had a balcony room and it was perfect. If you think it is worth it based on your individual deal's price difference to have the extra space and quiet time I highly recommend booking a balcony. We are trying our first Princess oceanview room on the Crown Princess Dec 21st so I will let you know when I get back the differences (assuming my mother doesn't cave and end up booking a balcony. She's nervous about the small square footage in the oceanview room) ENJOY YOUR CRUISE!! You're making a fabulous choice to jump ship. (hehehe little cruise pun for ya)
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