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  1. We usually carry on 4-24 bottles of wine in North America. We are cruising out of Southampton this summer - are there any differences we should be aware of? We are savvy to the nuances of boarding / waypoints in NA, but this is our first European cruise - does it all work the same?
  2. Had no issues checking in with a Canadian passport with less than 6 months validity for an Alaskan cruise. They did point out that it was less than 6 months left, but it was not a barrier. Why pay for 6 months that you’re not going to use? As long as it’s not a country requirement (for the US it isn’t).
  3. Zero chance. At most they may delay boarding. This is being investigated by the Aruban authorities, and they already released the ship.
  4. This is an interesting discussion. We have always booked anytime dining on Princess. Earlier this year we went on a Disney cruise that only has traditional dining, and we did enjoy that. Waits for anytime are always longest around 6-7, but the longer the cruise, the less wait (people get tired of the dining room). We too enjoy the option of not having to dress up for dinner, and will go to the buffet a few times instead. (I think that is why I enjoyed the traditional dining on Disney - other than the special nights the dress code is more casual) We are cruising again in a few weeks, and booked anytime again. I like the option of changing plans to suit the day and our mood/energy. We also like to meet different people at anytime. I wouldn’t want to be stuck with the same companions every night.
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