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  1. Thanks for the help. 3 more sleeps. 🛳🍻☀️will let you know if the Hot spot works.
  2. So my understanding is you pay per person, I assume device. Has anyone tried to hotspot off the one device with any success?
  3. Hi guys,and gals ... looking for a Wine store within walking distance of the Queen, does it exist? thanks.
  4. Good morning my Carnival Specialist’s... I recognize I’ll have to phone to cancel, just wanted some observations, experiences from you. We have prepaid for a massage treatment on an upcoming (Feb.29) Panorama sailing, My DW has injured her Back, and was advised by her Doctor not to take any treatments. The question is will that prepayment turn into an on board credit, or back on my CC. Thanks as usual.
  5. Thanks everyone, lots of great information.
  6. I realize there are many variables, but as a first time Cruiser to Mexican Riviera I would appreciate your opinions on how much to plan for with regards to daily cash requirements in port. No excursions planned, just a couple of taxi rides, a meal for two, a couple of drinks, maybe a tchotchke or two. Your thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi gang, just wondering if there’s any 3card poker tables on board, and ante mins. Thanks.
  8. Strongly suggest Cardero’s restaurant in Coal Harbour one block from cruise port, usually a guitarist. Right on the water, great food.
  9. It’s pretty easy math for “Us” a couple of specialty coffees each “spiked” ? A couple of Margaritas type drinks at pool, probably a trip or two to the brewery “hoping the micro brewery is as good as it looks” bottled water to keep hydrated, a stop at Alchemy, wine with dinner, rehydrate, or energy drink for shows... a couple of drinks at casino. 6-8 drinks per day, for the two of us it works... remember don’t judge. Safe travels everyone, and Happy New Year. 63 more sleeps.
  10. And then it ended.... Thank you so much for all the invaluable information, We are Newbie Carnival cruisers, and the postings will help us enjoy our February trip. Thanks again, Happy New year to you and yours.
  11. Thanks, I sent out an email, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to everyone.
  12. Looking great, thanks for the insight. Quick question on Bonsai Teppanyaki, We’ve tried to book, no luck, maybe sold out.. Feb 29 sailing, do you know if they accept a waiting list?
  13. Thanks for the updates, please advise Alchemy Anna to stock up on Cucumbers for the Feb 29 sailing, looks tasty. Enjoy the rest of trip, Merry Christmas to you and your family.
  14. Probably going to jinx our luck, but our 2/29/20 Panorama cruise still shows our FTTF Must have something to do with Status cruise on board.
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