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  1. Have just watched an interesting vid on Youtube by an English chap by the name of Alfie. He's some sort of officer and has been working on Princess ships including whilst they were floating around various areas during the pause. He has some interesting news which you might be interested in. Here's the vid .... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rPJqFDNG-c He also has some other interesting vids on his Youtube channel on life onboard during the pause.
  2. And the Grand has window suites like the Golden had. Whilst on the Golden a few years ago I peeped into one while it was being cleaned ... it looked very noyce, very spacious!
  3. My apologies regarding Moomba. Thought I read that the birdman rally was cancelled but I must have misread. But in view of todays announcement of another lockdown I wonder if it's wise to proceed with all those crowds? Anyway, I'm about to crawl back under the bed where I spent most of last year. Let's hope we all stay safe and healthy.
  4. They've called off the Anzac Day march (again) and cancelled Moomba but the tennis continues! Grrrhhh I don't get it. When oh when will the so called "powers that be" get their act together and start the vaccination programme?
  5. And it's brilliant in a Boeuf Bourguignon. Just a teaspoon mind you! It really brings out the flavours. Gives it that je ne sais quoi thing!
  6. Hey Leigh, where did you grow up? My Dad worked for Kraft and their plant was in Salmon Street Port Melbourne and yep, they certainly made that blue box cheese there. They also made Vegemite there ... on a hot summer night after a north wind day we could smell it. Dad informed ... "The night shift is doing the Vegemite tonight!" LOL. Gawd it was smelly.
  7. Yes indeed, an amazing effort. I bet Her Maj is keeping a close watch on this. Love her or hate her I think she was very gracious ... well at least she could manage to lift the sword from shoulder to shoulder without ... well, you know. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBIMV5NebrI
  8. Uncle Les, the blue box wrapped in foil had some sort of "cheese" ... but if memory serves me correctly, I think the Velveeta was wrapped in foil in an orange or yellow box. Both were super errkkkky!!!! The Velveeta lasted in Australia for a few years but the one in the blue box went on "forever"! Hideous stuff both of them IMO.
  9. Speaking of cheese ... has anyone tried this one? https://www.kingislanddairy.com.au/product/lighthouse-blue-brie/ I tried it at a wine tasting at Cradle Mountain Lodge in Tassie many years ago. It's delicious with just a small dab of quince paste. Angels dancing on your tongue IMO. Thinking about this orange cheese everyone is talking about ... remember "Velveeta" from Kraft? Errrrkkkk! 🤢 My Dad worked for Kraft for 35 years and he got his gold watch, an Omega - I'm still wearing it and it goes like the klappers. Thanks Kraft. 😉
  10. Yes Docker123, as I always say, you've gotta be tough to live in Melbourne. Actually, I feel slightly "undressed" without my mask these days. I'll keep wearing it when I'm out in public - heatwave or Antarctic freeze conditions. Like I said, we're tough down here. 😷
  11. Oh dear! LOL sounds very weird, right? If you've done high school French you would know that "entree" means "to enter" - as in entering a room or a meal? So it would seem that Americans can neither speak English nor French? 😉 Have my trusty Shield of Power ready to deflect incoming barbs and arrows. LC is ducking and weaving. 😷
  12. Your persistence has paid off. Well done Russell21. 👍
  13. Masks are simple. I get into the car and immediately put on my mask. This means I don't forget to put the mask on when I get out of the car at the shops or wherever I'm going. If I drive without one, I forget to put it on when I stop and get out ... sooo, simples. But I'm from Melbourne and we have all lived with masks for months. I've gotten into the "rhythm". Get used to them and ... get over it! Just sayin'. 🙄😷 They aren't that hard, truly.
  14. Don, I can vaguely remember my wedding dress way back in a previous millenium, and it weighed a ton! I certainly would NOT go swimming in it, especially with bloomin' sharks! Isn't it weird how so many weddings these days are blown out of all proportion? And let's not mention the cost of them. The sad thing is - all that money spent when so many marriages are ending in divorce.
  15. If you can be bothered to click the included link in their post Uncle Les I think you will find a blatant ad for their company. 😏
  16. Sorry NSW people, why is the fireworks happening with warnings about crowds on the "foreshore" or whatever? Way back in the last millenium when I was working in show business ... if there was no show, there was no audience. Simples I think? Keep the population safe. Is it 7 minutes of whoopie-de-doo colour and movement? Why risk it? Sorry, Old Lady signing off for the night. It's nearly my bedtime.
  17. Growing up, my Nanna lived with us so every year she would make the Xmas pud, from the ground up and add the old "sterling" coins. The 2 bobs, shillings, sixpences and threepences. We all had to have a stir of the pudding mix and make a wish ... don't tell your wish! Then she would wrap it up in calico and hang it on a hook in the washhouse. LOL we weren't posh, we didn't have a laundry room, we just had a washhouse. Copper pot with fireplace under it and a couple of concrete troughs. We also had chooks which on Xmas Eve my Dad would catch a likely one, chop it's head off on t
  18. Russell21, I encountered the exact same "confusion" as you a week or so ago when trying to book a 3 for free cruise. I also posted this problem here on the 3 for Free topic (post # 42). Yes, I also sent screenshots, etc., after much to-ing and fro-ing with them. The following morning I received a call back from Princess agreeing to my request. Confirming email from Princess at the "right" price and specified cabin number (Premium Balcony mid aft) was in my inbox within seconds. The cruise appeared in my Personaliser within 30 minutes. Obviously there are discrepancies on the Princess we
  19. Thank you for the encouragement OzKiwiJJ ... have been in contact with Princess and tah dah, I've got what I wanted. Thank you Princess, and thank you "me" for persevering! LOL. Just received my confirmation email from Princess. Doing a little happy dance. Now for this cruise to actually happen. Oh let's hope 2021 is the turning point with this Covid thing!
  20. I'll try again in the morning OzKiwiJJ, it's too late now. LOL I'm a wee bit over it all. I originally booked using a FCD. The prices on Princess' website are as plain as the nose on one's face! But their operators (4 in all) that I spoke to today just couldn't *cough* "see" it. Weird, hey? One person I spoke to actually sounded terribly confused and asked "what cabin category are you talking about?". When I answered the correct category immediately, they ummed and ahhhed. Do their people actually know what they are there for? Oiy veh! Think Princess has realised it's mistake now by
  21. LOL have been jumping through hoops today with this 3 for Free offer while trying to upgrade from my original booking. I had already booked the November 21 Sapphire cruise to NZ with Princess Plus but when I saw the 3 for Free offer email yesterday (also using Princess Plus) and I could upgrade to a Premium Balcony with the new benefits at the el cheapo price ... when I phoned Princess today and requested, nobody at Princess believed me. I had to supply screenshots to show the pricing on Princess' website (which I did) and they still weren't quite sure. LOL it's been moved up to "higher man
  22. Surely you could have a gluten free Aussie Pie? And hey, looks like you're a couple of years older than I. Mmmmm Hubby was born in '44 so you're a bit of a spring chicken compared to him. LMFO, no, I am NOT a cougar!!!! So relax. But all the very best to you for a speedy recovery - meat pie or not. 🙄
  23. So glad you're back home after your "ordeal" Uncle Les. Yep, dressings - scary! So make sure you finish your antibiotics before you can hit the 'good stuff' again. Best of luck with your recovery and fingers crossed for good path results. Are you allowed to eat an Aussie pie? Sure hope so, that'll kill any dressing germs!
  24. Ellie, sorry to interrupt your wonderful review, hope you don't mind ... you may (or may not) have heard of the wonderful Gracie Allen. May I offer a small clip of Gracie on a cruise ship to Honolulu - obviously in better weather that you experienced. 😉 She is featured with Eleanor Powell, arguably the greatest female tap dancer of her time. But when they dance together, who can't you take your eyes off? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IN3aETNaThI Hope you enjoy.
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