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  1. We booked an Airbnb with 3 rooms and 260 square feet and 5 stars reviews for three nights just outside of downtown, just over 100.00 US per night with all fees, have to late August to cancel. Been looking at hotels for a while and found them on the high side. Been tracking airfare but will have to wait till we know where we will be before we can book.
  2. We used Viator for two days trips this past May out of Paris. One to Bruge and one to Mont St Michel. No issues with them. Would like to find maybe some smaller groups to tour with.
  3. One of the stylists at the salon I go to does this lift and tint. Thought about it since I have blonde eyelashes. Not sure how the extensions would work. i would assume they are dark and would look odd with my lashes. Would like to not have to wear mascara all the time.
  4. This is not cruise related. Your horse is beautiful. Bet you can't wait for the winter to be over to ride. I miss my horses. Love to see pictures of others.
  5. We would like to do the beaches as well. Probably will try to do a private tour. Don't really like the ships tours as a rule. We are going to Paris for a land vacation the beginning of May. after that one I think we will start thinking about excursions for this cruise. How about the other ports ? Anybody have any must do's or suggestions ?
  6. We did the Vista in the Med on the last cruise before the TA. These ports are all new except we have been to London and will be in Paris this coming May. We joined in on several private tours on the Vista cruise and it worked out great. Would love to do that again this time. Will probably do a Normandy tour in France instead of trying to go into Paris. Just starting to look into the other ports. We just have a plain old inside room but at least we are on board.
  7. We're booked just for the 9 day, not enough vacation time for the transatlantic 😰
  8. I believe Oct 16th, don't quote me LOL
  9. This is our itinerary, PVP read off the next couple dates but don't remember to much. The trans Atlantic I believe is right after ours. Will sail to New York city for a few Canada cruises then to Orlando. Mon Copenhagen, Denmark 6:00 PM Tue Kiel (Hamburg), Germany 8:00 AM 6:00 PM Wed Fun Day At Sea Thu Gothenburg, Sweden 8:00 AM 6:00 PM Fri Oslo, Norway 8:00 AM 6:00 PM Sat Fun Day At Sea Sun Rotterdam, The Netherlands 8:00 AM 6:00 PM Mon Zeebrugge (Brussels), Belgium 7:00 AM 5:00 PM Tue Le Havre (Paris), France 7:00 AM 8:00 PM Wed London (Southampton), England 5:00 AM
  10. Not as good as when we did the Vista in 2016, we did get $100 OBC for a inside this time
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