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  1. That is so hard to believe, I thought they may have done us a favour and ABTA would step up...1974, pre ABTA days, Courtline Holiday Company went bust, it was 2 years before I got something like £45 quid back!!! I can’t even remember if that was a full refund!! Now all in all I only want £6583k...
  2. Well thanks folks, I don’t read so much Cruise critic these days, but just happened to look...We were put off a “Northern Lights” Cruise 13th March, but they offered a good discount, so we booked another for the same destination for October 2021, Deposit £400!! Only 3 days ago I emailed CMV because when I booked for October 2021 the girl said We would have our cancelled cruise money of over £2k back by the end of July...now I know why we haven’t. My email to CMV Only 2 days ago, I also copied in a TA, they say 14 days for a response...I never chased this one so much because of the Rebooking D
  3. Mininiemix, They all the same...not enough funds to refund...That already being your second attempt to see The Norther Lights, perhaps you have given up. it was a bit of a farce, delay after delay, even the drill on the second morning, just filling in time...we stayed the 2 nights and had the 2 night package F.O.C. In a sense, as they have more of our money than we got allegedly free!! We also lost a Royal Carribbean cruise via Barcelona/Venice/Italy etc.. no refund there either! Though to be fair to C&M they have offered us 50% off another cruise, a much
  4. I had seen this cruise advertised...Iceland overnight was the draw, then at xmas somebody I knew booked it, they had been on that ship before and were happy to book inside, in the knowledge/hope an upgrade to outside was likely. But, us first timers, with this company feared we might be placed in a black hole somewhere..., so booked an outside! Also feared the waters, having 2 unpleasant (many good too!) Bay of Biscay sailings, but fingers crossed, we have missed the worse of the Irish Sea etc, for now!! Our cabIn is deck 4, friends deck 3. One at the front, one at back. Cruise &
  5. Looks pretty decent, “Premium Twin” mid ship and near the lifts. Did you book an outside? Looks like we are on the same cruise. We’ve never been with Cruise Maritime before either, usually Royal Carribbean ...we are on the deck below. Feeling a bit apprehensive about weather though!! That’s 12 March from Poole? Mary
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