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  1. Sorry I have no idea why it states I “didn’t” , I absolutely “DID” give her all the information needed regarding myself, numbers needed to know how much I cruise and what type of suite we always book. Sorry….
  2. I think if you enjoy a few cocktails, wine and so on, the package works. On the other hand if you only have a drink or two the package isn’t for you.
  3. Every Country has their policies—I know for friends of mine had to have a test before they could come back into the US. Some places opened up to early, same as some states in the US—why because of money—health of citizens doesn’t mean much. Just nan opinion / your are entitled to yours.
  4. Your right, I’m wrong——I forget I got canceled on a cruise that was moved on another line. Sorry!
  5. Well that leaves making it very special, I’ve been on other lines that do that for a cost.
  6. No I didn’t give her all that information—It’s no a problem not getting what I wanted as much has it that they didn’t take the time to call or write. My TA had to call them to find out I didn’t get the suite, actually she’s am miff at “O” also for they wayn they handled it. But again it’s not my loss, it’s “O”s because they won’t be full all time down the road.
  7. Unfortunately my TA was gone for a day, so yes I called Oceania myself, gave all the information excluding my TA name and Oceania Club number. My complaint is Oceania didn’t have the respect to call me back to let me know it wasn’t available (it’s know 1 week) and still no call. If you call that customer service, it’s not to me. One should expect a call back-didn’t even call my TA. They book a lot of Oceania and Regent. And yes I got what I want.
  8. Tours really aren’t my thing——however if Regent offers them—they should be available equally to everyone that wants to take them. It truly is an cost savings to Regent, no other way to look at it.
  9. Somethings I always think about before the cruise—but never think about it during the cruise. This time I’ll write on my list. Thanks for the reminder.
  10. It should be pretty simple, just a head shot, place it in your file and upload it.
  11. Nothing is even like the brochures- the ship is nice but it all depends on the crew you get……….
  12. Can’t agree, the suite we wanted is limited—We’ve cruised on Oceania more than an few times and also Regent many times both in a named suite——not to even get a call back or email—-but my TA got the information after hours on the phone. We’d booked a nice 26 day cruise inn the suite we wanted on Silversea—-This is and lost for “O”—-when someone at “O”doesn’t believe a e-mail or call back is warranted- that’s enough for me.
  13. Curious as to why? Other counties have policies………..
  14. Do to the limited number of seats a night may be the reason for the up charge, and trying to make it a special dinner for those that want something special. I’ve seen this done on other lines.
  15. It appears to be a good idea form both cruisers and Silversea.
  16. Glad to see they are enforcing the policy—-why people think they can get away with what they want is beyond being real. Just read the rules and follow them.
  17. I agree, but it can be done—-sometimes.
  18. That’s why we have different cruise lines—-everyone like what they like. I think taking away Jacques is a big mistake, but that;’s me. I think Oceania has better suites than Regent—but food no.
  19. Not sure, it depends on the Chef that night, but for us we’ve a to many mishaps on “O”. It’s just an opinion—what one likes the other doesn’t. We’ve had more really good meals on Regent (and a few not so good). It also depends on your waiter that night-they can break a great meal.
  20. I realize that, however you have to take that with a grain of salt—“O” is a heavy advertiser with those magazines. LikeI said the food is good, but not near what they advertise.
  21. The food is good, but the “finest Cuisine at Sea” it is not.
  22. I have to disagree with you on “The finest cuisine at sea”—it just isn’t. I know it’s just an opinion but it is an opinion.
  23. That’s what I’d think. We did try to book another Regent cruise (it included air) but couldn’t get the suite we wanted.
  24. Simple answer isn yes, as long as you have the time. Allowing enough time between the 1st and 2nd tour.
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