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  1. Thanks you for your responses. I did call Delta and they would not comment on a Choice Air flight--said I needed to work through Choice Air. I thought of a credit card dispute but know that it will be like starting all over again in the time it will take, but that will definitely be my last resort. I called Choice Air/Flights by Celebrity again today. When they gave me the song and dance about expediting and it would be another three weeks, I asked for a manager. I had been given that same story on three other occasions. After relaying my sad story again to a manager with a little bit of
  2. As indicated in my post "I cancelled the cruise and air on April 8, 2020." I cancelled myself before final payment so I didn't have any more money tied up. Just waiting on my refundable air ticket via Flights by Celebrity since that time.
  3. I booked a refundable air ticket via Choice Air on Delta for a Celebrity cruise. I cancelled the cruise and air on April 8, 2020. It is now July 18, 2020, and I have yet to receive my air refund. Choice Air agrees the ticket was refundable and that I am owed a refund. Four calls later to Choice Air and I am still waiting. I will never book through Choice Air again but only directly through the airline. I realize this is an unprecedented situation but when I hear of others getting their refunds quickly and I am still waiting it is ridiculous.
  4. Thanks for the reply. One flight I had purchased with miles Delta did immediately put those back in my account when I cancelled. But the international flight that I had upgraded seats with miles refused to give me my 33,000 miles back when I cancelled. After your post, I called Delta again. They said they would review it and let me know. I am now waiting on a refund from another Delta flight and returned miles for that international flight. We will see if I get any of it. Thanks!!!!
  5. I found your experience interesting because it sounded exactly like my situation only you had a different outcome. I had cancelled an international flight that I had paid cash for--2 tickets. In addition, I had upgraded our seat assignments from economy to comfort plus using skymiles for that upgrade transaction. The cost of my refundable tickets was returned but I was told that skymiles for the upgrade would be forfeited and that the miles could not be returned to my account. Nothing was said about being able to get a credit on an e-ticket for the forfeited skymiles. I think I lost abou
  6. I ended up moving my cruise to next year. Celebrity has the Cruise with Confidence program that allows you to cancel and rebook and applies to sailings between now and July 31. You would qualify. Something to think about. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  7. Celebrity, RCL, and Azamara announced a 48 hours before sailing cancellation policy for cruises departing before July 31, 2020. They will give you a 100% credit on a future cruise sailing departing before December 31, 2021. Just making you aware in case it helps you make a decision for your situation. More information is available on cruiseline websites.
  8. Guess everyone saw the news this morning about the Grand Princess floating off the coast of San Francisco with 2,500 passengers and 1,000 crew with a small number of virus cases on board. They are dropping test kits to the ship by helicopter but have not yet announced what action will be taken for those passengers. After the Diamond Princess in Japan, they have to be very careful with the course of action taken for the Grand Princess. What a mess on all fronts. With a husband who has pulmonary issues anyway, I think I am going to try to move my cruise out a year or cancel all together. Th
  9. So true. Too bad final payments are due before May and insurance doesn't cover outbreak of coronavirus. It is a difficult decision with a lot of financial risk while having very little information. Such is life!
  10. Thanks, we are scheduled for July and have a lonnnnnggggg layover in Seattle. I appreciate your feedback and will be interested in your experiences.
  11. Not sure how reassuring this is. Don't really want to be quarantined on a cruise ship. Thinking of the Diamond Princess at the moment. I wonder how many are cancelling or moving Alaska cruises especially if they have to fly through Seattle. This is the decision I am wrestling with as I write this.
  12. Thank you all. With the media coverage of the Coronavirus outbreak in Seattle, we are now considering if we should even come or cancel our trip. What is it really like on the ground in Seattle and SEA-TAC? Has the situation been blown out of proportion by the media? This was going to be one part of an Alaskan cruise for us. Now we are rethinking the whole thing.
  13. Thank you all for your advice. Our Delta flight arrives as 12:33 p.m. but we have decided there are too many variables to try to do a custom tour. If we have time, perhaps we can at least take a taxi or uber to the market and back to the airport. If not, guess we cool our heels in SEA-TAC. Hopefully we will be back one day for a longer period.
  14. We are a party of 4 arriving at SEA-TAC airport in Seattle on a Monday in July. We have a 6 1/2 hour layover before our connecting flight leaves and are interested in a 3-hour tour of the city. Is that doable and can anyone recommend a reputable company that could do that for us at a reasonable cost? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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