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  1. Would anyone like to join the two of us for Reyno Tour on Friday, March 25, 2005? The reviews of his tours here on the message boards are very positive and sounds like everyone had a wonderful tour of this beautiful island. The tour includes the Rainforest, Trafallger Falls, Emerald Pool, Mr. Nice Fruit Stand, Botanic Gardens, Banana Plantation, the black sand beach and more. He said the tour will last 4-5 hours. No deposit is required to book. He will accept only cash currency and you pay when the tour is over and you are back at the ship. The price is US $30.00 p/p and $2.00 for a pool and falls entry pass. If he gets 6-8 more people, he would charge $US $25.00 p/p plus the $2.00 entry pass for pool and falls. We will be on the Maasdam which is scheduled to arrive in Roseau, Dominica at 11:00 am. He will meet us at that time. If interested, send him an email at [email]reynotours@hotmail.com[/email] and tell him you would like to join the tour with Debra.