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  1. We don’t have any kids so our experience is a little different, but as others have said there are a lot of onboard activities for the little ones that they will enjoy. Cruising for Christmas is one of our favorite things to do. Yes they are more expensive, and the ships tend to be fuller (pre-COVID) but they do such a great job celebrating the holiday. The ship is always beautifully decorated. I hope we can go back one day soon!
  2. One thing I never see discussed much in these conversations is the need to have a high limit credit card available. A lot fo the travel insurances out there are secondary coverages, and people forget that they actually have to pay, up front, for care in a lot of countries before being reimbursed. Some places will even require this payment to be made in advance of treatment. So keep this in mind and always have a plan to cover the costs to get the care you need and worry about the reimbursement later. We always use Nationwide’s Luxury Cruise policy. They have really high limit
  3. It’s one of the reasons I like this Nationwide policy so much. Below is the coverage and you can see it’s broad and offers great coverage. Remember that while Carnival is the parent company, the brands are essentially run as separate business lines. So if Carnival had to cut costs seems to be the Elimination of an entire brand under the umbrella would be easiest. No idea how this would be classified. Appears Princess is a wholy owned subsidiary and so to me, if Carnival shuttered the Princess line it would be covered. I’m sure some insurance lawyer would disagree with me.
  4. basically means if they go bankrupt and close up shop. If that happens there is almost 0 chance guests will get any of their money paid back. True. But I also asked here since we had a Princess cruise booked for next year and was curious what people thought about the financial stability of Princess in particular.
  5. I hate to bring this up, as I hope its just being overly cautious, but i posted about this in our Roll Call for our May 2021 British Isles Cruise. This trip is a major financial investment for us, and while final payment isn’t due until January 2021, we have started to book airfare and excursions. It got me thinking, we buy travel insurance for all our cruises no matter what, but a good majority of people do not. Is it time to start thinking about booking travel insurance for the Default protection benefit? With uncertain times ahead, I think it may be the most prudent thing to do. Intere
  6. I’m just hoping we can go on our May 2021 British Isles cruise. I’m cautiously optimistic that things will improve by then. 2020 I think is a complete loss TBH.
  7. 0, I’m good day 1, this virus has a very short lifespan, a couple of days and its gone. Happy to take advantage of any discounts for those first ships out of the gate!
  8. This was probably when it was served in the Parmesan cheese basket but that’s a topic for a whole other thread! 😉. They do have an amazing fettuccine Alfredo.
  9. I hope our paths will cross one day on a cruise (also would love to meet @Pam in CA and @PescadoAmarillo)! Its hard to even explain, walking off that gangway onto the ship, its like a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders and you just take this big cleansing breath.
  10. This was likely just a CYA thing, which is why its a notice posted to their website and not a wider messaging. Likely what happened, a couple of employees clicked links in emails they weren’t supposed to and gave the bad actor their credentials. It wouldn’t be limited to emails that YOU sent Princess, but what those respective employees sent internally to other employees, which is much more likely (depending on their position) to contain more personal information. That said, its likely its VERY limited information int the grand scheme of things. Most major companies archive all employee em
  11. With all that’s going on in other threads: discussion, panic, things in between, I thought it may be nice for a break and for us to focus on why we choose to cruise and why Princess makes cruising home for you. Please leave the virus discussion to the dozens of other threads, lets focus on the wonderful bits of life here. For me there is nothing better than a blended drink with an umbrella, no ringing phones, no responsibilities and the wonderful motion of the ocean making me sleep like a baby! (Ok so that last one in in Puerto Rico pre-cruise, but c
  12. Just because its on the internet doesn’t make it true. This is just blatantly false information, and spreading it just confuses people. Unless you can show me a link to a policy that lists “Cancel for any reason” and has stipulations on cancelling then please stop sharing this information. The reason you won’t find this is the company would get sued immediately, you cant say you can cancel for any reason and then say well not because of epidemic, etc. This is VERY different than being able to obtain this rider for a policy, yes many companies offer stipulations on purchasing thi
  13. A lot of policies cover pre-existing conditions, generally have to purchase before final payment, that’s the catch.
  14. Ive never heard of a CC policy that includes CFAR, I think the OP was just saying they have trip insurance and tried to.claim interruption or cancellation due to the disease, which I have yet to see a policy that includes that, in any form (epidemic, pandemic etc). which is why everyone is now recommending your policy have a CFAR provision. If you find a CC that has this please let me know, Ill sign up for that in a heartbeat.
  15. Yup, exactly my point, you know the risks and are comfortable with any losses you incur. One thing I will point out is that US health insurance abroad is generally secondary insurance, meaning you have to pay at time of service and get reimbursed when you get home. This could be tens of thousands of dollars if not more, many people (you seem to not fall in this category) cant float that kind of money. Which is why picking the right cruise insurance policy is best to ensure they cover for what YOU need, which everyone will be different. My post was mainly for those that like to h
  16. Sorry, I checked and its 75% here are the qualifying conditions for adding this on: If You cancel Your Trip for any reason not otherwise covered by this Certificate, the Company will reimburse You for the percentage of the prepaid, forfeited, non-refundable Payments or Deposits You paid for Your Trip shown on the Confirmation of Coverage provided: a) Your premium payment is received prior to or on the date Your final deposit/payment for Your Trip is received; and b) You insure all prepaid Trip costs that are subject to cancellation penalties or restrictions and also
  17. So check out the Nationwide Luxury Cruise policy, i get their insurance every time. When I compared policies years ago Even when adding CFAR it was still cheaper than Princess with free Platinum upgrade. Granted we only get 80% back on CFAR, but hey something is better than nothing, plus they have great cruise specific items like missed ports etc. I had to file a claim once when fog in Galveston had us leave a day late, we missed Key West and got $500 back. Easiest claim I ever had. Our total trip cost is generally around $3-4K and we never pay more than about $200 for both of us. Plus t
  18. My 2 cents here. We are in our 30s and will NEVER book a cruise where we cannot afford to pay the insurance (third party, Princess Insurance costs us more money and has terrible medical benefits), we consider it part of our cruise fare and build this into our vacation cost. IMO traveling without it at any age is irresponsible unless you are fully prepared to lose your full travel costs and can self insure medically for well into the 6 figures, which if you can and are looking to adopt please let me know! That being said, airlines are generally the worst with cancellation policies
  19. I would take the very first cruise offered. Can all but guarantee the ship will have never been so clean, hell probably even cleaner than its maiden voyage. The PR disaster that would ensue if someone got sick from sailing onboard would be devastating, they will likely take extraordinary measures to ensure that doesn’t happen.
  20. You’re right, hand soap isn’t designed to kill anything (yes we can get in the debate about antibacterial handsoaps, but lets just go with the normal variety for now). Hand soap is designed to loosen the virus/bacteria etc from your hands and then wash it away with copious amounts of water, which is why they say to wash your hands for 20 seconds to let water do the real work and get the stuff off of you, not kill it. Well I am no doctor but I believe that’s correct, the issue is with how hand sanitizers generally work, which is via alcohol or some variation thereof. G
  21. when was the last time you saw a faucet on a cruise ship in a public bathroom that wasn’t automatic? also purell isn’t effective against any virus just FYI.
  22. The original question was should you avoid using the public restroom for fear of catching the coronavirus. My original point still stands, you are far more likely to catch noro than corona in a public restroom, and for that matter in general at all on a cruise ship as of this moment. I never said that noro was better or worse than corona, and I am not trivializing anything, i simply stated i would be more concerned about catching it than corona because of the facts an yes the statistics. Please don’t skew my comments on a specific question to fit your paradigm On a larger issue.
  23. That’s not true either, the Anthem of the Seas just arrived with 4 people that had flu like symptom with recent travel to China, they are being tested with no confirmed results expected til Monday, they let everyone off the ship and they all went home except for the 4 people. I’m guessing they had some preliminary testing to indicate it wasnt corona, but they aren’t letting the new passengers onboard until they have confirmation.
  24. You can reference my post above to your point on how its transmitted, which you are wrong as airborne isn’t the only way its transmitted as you suggest. You are missing my point about my concern. I am not as concerned because statistically almost no one has coronavirus. 35,000 cases in a world population of 7.6 billion isn’t even worth calculating. So the likelihood that you are going to catch it on a cruise is almost 0 Especially now with the precautions they are taking. Norovirus is extremely common on cruise ships and therefore you are infinitely more likely to catch it than
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