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  1. Can anyone tell me if they transport luggage from the ship direct to the airport for you? Coming in on the fall TA from Barcelona to Tampa and would like to take advantage of this program.
  2. Please shop first. We booked last week and very affordable booking on our own.
  3. Luckily, I am left handed so dominant hand for stick shift, it kinda makes me really want to try it, lol.. However, after reading all and discussing, hiring for the outside London travels seems best. Upon research so many to choose. Those that have hired and are from the area, can recommendations be made for us of reliable and informative tours? Meeting at Victoria station I assume will be our best location per where we are staying. Our nightmare on big bus group tour on several occasions: One woman so drunk she made death threats, a New Yorker feeling a gal was taking pics of her and stole the gals camera and started a fist fight, one we waited over an hour for a couple who didn't understand time and we missed touring the main place we booked the tour for, bus hit another vehicle and last, glass breakage to a window right in my husbands and my lap (we still have no idea what hit the window). Our private excursions or personal driven excursions have always been without incident. These are the reasons I was most interested in personal travel 🙂
  4. What a wealth of information to consider. First, I was taught on shift stick so absolutely no problem. We fly into Gatwick and arrive mid morning so renting a vehicle straight away before heading to London seems plausible. Maybe even staying over somewhere besides London the first night then going on into London. We are looking into purchasing yearly trip insurance that covers car insurance so that may make it more affordable. We are touring London, Paris and then a week Med cruise out of Barcelona, 6 days back in Barcelona (and beyond) and then a transatlantic into Florida, so 35 days in all. Knowing all the options helps make decisions and adjust cost where it will not cause harm.
  5. I see that we can book bus tours to places like Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, Bath, etc.... however we like to not tour with the masses. Is it possible to rent a vehicle for a day or two and enjoy the countryside at our pace also making it less expensive and more enjoyable?
  6. Guess I should be clear as well. We have not had hi speed internet but we have had internet on each cruise (5 different ships) and we managed to get online and work regarding the businesses we own. Such a blanket statement to scare people off isn't quite fair as many circumstances are in play regarding connection, some can't be controlled. NCL does not have as good as connection as Royal however I see upgrades in the future as technology abounds with the new ships they plan on building. Regarding making a decision to cruise with expecting internet to work is a bad decision anyway. Cruising doesn't seem like the right vacation for someone who has to have it if their business will fail during their travels.
  7. We sail both. Diamond on RCL, Gold on NCL. NCL is competing fiercely with RCL. They have more restaurants with the same quality food and speciality restaurants are better. Comedy clubs are better then RCL but no the theatre shows. On NCL Drink Package comes with our balcony room as well as 3 free speciality restaurants as we chose them as a perk where we get free drinks only during happy hour on RCL. Ships rooms and itinerary compare the same as well as staff. We chose now based on newer ships, then cost, then itinerary.
  8. This past Sept at each port we were off in 10 min. Last boarding is 30 minutes before the ship is scheduled to leave. Our private excursions were all wonderful. Out of 30+ cruises, the Bliss was in our top 3. Enjoy!!
  9. We disembarked Sunday morning. Initially we were told late Saturday evening because of strong winds we would be delayed in arriving by approx 45 minutes so add that time frame for disembarkation. Ultimately it was 11:30ish when they started letting priority passengers leave. Hardly any updates from staff through the intercom or verbally when approached. Several problems occurred with passengers getting restless, then frustrated, then plain angry. They had everyone out of the staterooms by 9:30 and many elderly had to stand as sitting areas were packed with that many passengers in public areas. We were told multiple issues arose on the ship to delay even longer, some of which were a bit unbelievable including that a crime occurred on the Serenity deck and the police boarded to investigate. Not the cruise we anticipated either unfortunately.
  10. Have you been to Nachi Cocom before? If so, regardless if full they will accommodate you as a repeat guest.
  11. Yes they do have some swings on some categories on the waterfront on NCL cruises
  12. The Bliss Thermal Spa is wonderful, sans the noise. It has signage for "quiet" however, over the bubbling therapy pool people shout. Once one person shouts, then everyone starts shouting. It was not exactly a calming experience a few times. Also, they close early on the last night so take that into consideration unlike us who put off going that day until 10 minutes prior to closing at 8pm, instead of 10pm. It includes all the rooms, salt, sauna, etc.....therapy pool and loungers. Sometimes the heated loungers were really hot, sometimes not so.
  13. I used to worry about the expense. Now when I work out any shared transportation or excursion each person wanting to be involved has to either pay their costs direct to the vendor (my preferred method) or to my paypal. A email goes out and within the email (or posting online) says once paid its not refundable. IF a person needed to cancel and could find a replacement then the person was then reimbursed, minus any fees if applicable. Doing it this way not only made me feel better, but also everyone else on the transfer/excursion that they would not be asked to pay more themselves. So far so good......I also always put a few people on a waiting list just in case.
  14. I dont believe any gty cabin on The Bliss will be bad. They have done a very good job in the balcony rooms not being obstructed. Now if walking distances is a issue, then that may be a problem since they have just 2 sets of elevators. Our Gty Balcony was amazing, and we did get the perks.
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