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  1. No. Basic business sense. Let's say cruise line gives all passengers on the cruise a FCC. Possibly 50% may use the FCC within the guidelines set by the cruise company. That drops revenue for the sailing the customer with the FCC chooses and does not allow another customer to come along and pay full price. "Goodwill" always has a price to the company. But in reality, the price the company is paying out will be off loaded to us, the consumer. Just like when someone steals at the grocery store, eventually, the prices go up for all of us. There is a whole department of people who gather to make decisions on how to handle special situations. Each company will decide differently, or sometimes not to be outdone by another company, will wait it out and then come up with a better plan, making them the hero in the long run.
  2. Or you can go direct to the cruiselines websites and do a search. This is a forum to discuss cruising, not to be a TA or Cruise planner. We have cruised Royal many times and love their different size ships. I hope you find the perfect cruise and enjoy.
  3. HK is a 8am-6pm port day docking Kai Tak. We will walk off as soon as ship is cleared. We would like to DIY and start by going to Lantau Island for Big Buddha & walk the wisdom path and stop at Tung Chung Outlet Shop. Move over to Tai O fishing village. Then to Aberdeen Promenade for Sampan ride and eat at Jumbo Floating restaurant. Back to ship. Does this sound reasonable for the time we are ported and if so, what exactly are the linguistics of transportation?
  4. Dennis met us at our hotel near the Pantheon and we spent several hours walking through Campo De’ Fiori and the various markets and restaurants in that area. We began at a pastry shop for cappuccino and cannoli. We moved on to a pizza shop, a store selling meats and cheeses and toured the Campo De’ Fiori market as well, sampling olive oils and balsamic vinegars and such. We ended at a lovely restaurant for a pasta lunch prepared by the most delightful lady in her 80’s. Dennis was engaging and so informative about what we were seeing and experiencing. The amount of food provided was surprising (in a good way!). We couldn’t begin to eat it all, so Dennis made sure any left overs were boxed up at each stop and we took it back to the hotel. All in all it was a terrific tour - maybe 3-4 hours in length. How can we get in touch with Dennis for this tour? Do you mind telling me the names of the places for the pastry shop, pizza and lunch? This sounds like a wonderful tour and we love RIL!
  5. I heard once, and do not know if true, that Cruise Critic is run by a travel agency, could be why.
  6. I left ours of 10 years because the company started putting part of the cruise fare charge into the taxes and port fees box, therefore, making the cruise fare lower then it actually is. It did not allow me to ask for a lowered price if the cruise company dropped it. I spoke about this twice and said it was unethical and it was justified by her. She did reach out a while back and ask if we stopped traveling. I told her no, we actually are cruising more then ever ;))
  7. So many use the same agency that give many perks, and often each holiday add additional perks to the normal ones. Combined with booking onboard, then transferring to the TA, it can really help the cruise cost, our last ones we received almost 25% of the cruise price back in OBC, free tips and specialty dining. We found about this TA from speaking onboard to those that cruise often. We switched and couldn't be happier!
  8. This exact scenario happened to us in a 2 Bedroom Grand Suite where we had 4 people booked which we sailed last month. Our TA said the deposit of $450 was not refundable but that she could cancel the person and we would not have to pay the remaining balance. The cancellation was made prior to final payment. So am I understanding here that the TA could of portioned the deposit of $450 to the first 2 passengers?
  9. You have "earned" these perks from the day that Royal started offering them. You have also LOST these "perks" the day they decide you no longer receive them. What happens in the middle of all this is you get to enjoy what has been given to you free of charge and you SHOULD be appreciative of what has been given, not be complaining about it. You do not pay a fee for these perks, that is what the key program is for now, and suites, and once sailing enough, for now, Platinum. Have a drink in the lounge, or several, and drawn your sorrows in the free liquor. This is a business, not daddys checkbook that can buy you anything.
  10. Quantum of the Seas, 4 day from Singapore stops in Penang, we will be there in 2021
  11. Perks given out are for only 2 people in the room for specialty dining. You can pick which paid restaurants you want to dine in on what night with no charge. However, at the time you pay for your cruise you do pay a 20% gratuity for the value of the dining package.
  12. Thank you for the perspective of a passenger currently sailing and has sense to understand missed ports due to weather conditions has nothing to do with NCL responsibility. Those out of control should be banned from NCL. Who wants them back on board? And if they were that mad then one would think they wouldn't be using a future credit. The only people I feel sorry for is the staff and passengers who have to deal with the entitled passengers that are out of their minds.
  13. We toured with RIL in 2013 and found the entire tour to be fantastic, including the Vatican private guide. That being said, I cannot remember the name of the restaurant that had a couple steps down to enter and then served our table of 8 a fantastic Italian family style meal. My husbands favorite meal of our entire trip, but, we failed to get a picture and now cannot remember the name. While I know there are 100's, if not thousands of restaurants, I believe it was near the Vatican as that was our following stop. Would anyone by chance give a shot of the name from my bare description? I would love to revisit in October of this year.
  14. Thank you for your response. I will check the flights. First time trying to use the train system so I thought maybe I was doing something wrong. Looks like air is the way I would prefer to go. How is Vueling for a short flight?
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