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  1. Apex features the Craft Social Bar... but that should not be a reason to choose one ship over the other.
  2. The ships are 99.9% identical, so go for the itinerary. Shows are the same.
  3. Another PS to this report…. While touring Delos on our first day of the cruise we saw these Kittycats Last weekend, while spending our anniversary in Venice, we visited the lost brother in the Arsenale district of Venice.
  4. Yes, you get all the amenities and perks except the additional points.
  5. Also used the online form. Never got a reply but I could see the OBC on my cruise planner a week or so later.
  6. No, not at all... it´s not right in the center of all the touristy things - but only a minute away. We spent a week on Mallorca in June and went to a few fabulous restaurants. But we ended up going to the Bar Coto three times because we really liked it for its unpretentious and authentic ambiance.
  7. Sorry, missed the part that they were found and returned! Good!!! What I wanted to say is that I am sure Crew members would return them - as it happended! Not so sure about passengers...
  8. The sad think about the phone issue: They were probably found by guests... 100 % convinced crew would have handed them in!!!
  9. Since we seem to have the same passion, here´s some more Bar Coto food 😉
  10. A tip for Palma: Bar Coto at Plaça de la Drassana Quirky, upbeat, authentic and great food! https://www.bar-coto.com/
  11. 😥 unfortunately not too uncommon... Facetiming or watching/showing videos with sound at full volume. More and more people lack respect and common sense. Only three things are important to them: "me, myself and I". I think of myself as a relatively peaceful person - but those are situation where I can´t shut up and kindly ask them to either stop or leave so other people can enjoy their meal. Anyway... make the most of it and keep enjoying!
  12. Probably because because of the MoveUp. Original perks are kept - like the regular classic bev pack and surf internet... and points. Those are incl. if the suite is booked directly.
  13. To be honest… we did not post them either. We are two of the oddballs who neither care for shows nor activities 😳 However, I still have the daily programs. So I just took pictures of the program of a sea day and a port day as an example. If someone is still interested in browsing the review of our cruise and land trip, here is the link:
  14. And I agree to you disagreeing! We‘ve sailed on Edge and Apex and absolutely loved both. Both ships feature so many great things and areas which can be enjoyed by all passengers. One of the most enjoyable innovations on e class is the 4 different MDRs - so a feature not designed for suite guests since they have Luminae.
  15. Both great ships. However, Apex comes out top. Beautiful design, good specialty restaurants… which are hardly required because the 4 different dining rooms are terrific. if you don’t want an IV stateroom, choose a sunset veranda.
  16. After being back at work for a week already… Reminiscing about our beautiful two weeks in Greece. Kindly supported by Ouzo of Plomari 😁
  17. Breakfast and Lunch are complimentary at Eden Cafe! Plus it is a great quiet spot with a nice outside area. However, readers here should not confuse Eden Restaurant with Eden Cafe! Two different places.
  18. See the posts above! It was 1700… When we were on board 2 week ago, Future Cruises told us that around 1700 passengers are booked on the cruise - after confirming in their computer. They were also not overly confident that, given the current regulations, it would sail as planned. I quote “we’ll probably know for sure 2 days before the cruise”. Of course it did not make them too happy either. It seems as if the uncertainty led to a lot of cancellations as MR-T is now given a number around 500. So the fact that the cruise can’t be booked (as some above mentioned) can’t be because it is sold out. It shows how uncertain even Celebrity is about the whole situation. Anyway, I sincerely hope that everyone booked on the TA gets to sail. It would also be good for the cruise line and crew! But I do suggest we stop watering down MR-T’s report with capacity or TA issues. I know how it feels when you make the effort to fight with Cruise Critic technical issues while using the ship’s internet to provide a good report and it keeps drifting off… @MR_T enjoy your cruise! 👍
  19. 1,700 are booked on the TA… that’s what Future Cruises told us when we were on board. IF the TA happens…
  20. Thank you! Both, Edge and Apex, are fabulous ships! Our favorite ships… if it wasn’t for the price 😁 Sailing on them currently is a dream. A ship built for 2,900 passengers shared by just around 1,000 or less… awesome! Can’t wait to sail on her again in June.
  21. You will, unfortunately, meet more on the ship 😢
  22. 🙂 Let me tell you about one of my best buys ever: Bose Quietcomfort Noise Cancelling Headphones. When I take them off for landing, I always think: boy it´s loud in here. 😉
  23. I can only tell people what we experienced - not as an exeption but as the norm. As Aqua class guest you have the choice of Blu or MDR. Not the obligation to dine in Blu. It´s not a matter of "to do whatever they want". In AQ you also pay more for the freedom of choice. Pay even more, book a suite and you have an even greater choice... it´s simple. Just as you do I thought it is respectful to speak to them first. On more than one ship we`ve been told in a very friendly way: "you don´t need to ask". They obviously wanted to make sure we knew that we have the choice and flexibility... As mentioned above, it doesn´t hurt to ask, but it is not required as you put it. That is my experience after enjoying AQ on almost every Celebrity cruise we´ve done - more than 20 in total, minimum 15 in AQ. So that experience is all I can talk about. People here are free to choose whose advice to follow or not.
  24. sure they can! 🤔 More than 15 cruises in AQ on all classes of ships. On most of the cruises we went to the MDR at least once to dine with friends or simply go to the MDR for a change. Never had a problem… sometimes spoke to the Maitre before… who told us “you don’t have to ask, just go”
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