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  1. lostone65

    Epic = yes or no ?

    We have sailed the Epic twice, not a fan of the ship and will not sail her again. We all disliked the layout and the staff on both cruises we not the friendliest for the most part. That said did we enjoy both cruises? Yes we did. Did we enjoy the other NCL ships we have been on more? Yes we did. Everyone has their individual preference on the ships they like the most. Give the Epic a try, you may love her. if you don't I bet you still have a great cruise.
  2. lostone65

    Live from the Bliss - TA 4/21/18

    Dhruv is one f my favorites also! Met him on the Star in December 2012 when he was a bar waiter, hoping to sail with him again one day!
  3. lostone65

    Bliss - Live 4/21

    Actually some of them do remember people. One of the bartenders on the Escape in 2017 remembered us from the Star in 2012. We didn't remember him until he referenced a couple of funny situations. You just never know. Of course passengers remember the crew individually more than the crew remember individual passengers, the ratio of us to them is crazy. Great review Doug, always entertaining and informative!
  4. lostone65

    Should we really be stopping in Jamaica

    I completely agree with you. There are so many who hide behind the keyboard on this forum and try to make others look stupid, silly, or ridiculous. We sail Saturday on the Epic with Jamaica as one of our ports, our group of 9 will not be leaving the secure area as a precaution, I believe in being pro-active and we can't control anything once out in the country. Jamaica has always been a wild card for me, I was there in the late 90's and the crime then was bad and the harassment was awful I am older now and choose not to subject myself and my group to that or worse.
  5. lostone65

    NCL Epic Freestyle Daily - Western Caribbean

    We sail on her Saturday, i am looking forward to seeing the dailies. I hope you had a great cruise!
  6. Actually some of us need to work more than 250-300 minutes while on vacation. I have to spend about 2-3 hours each day working, not all businesses can go a week without certain tasks being done. Each business is unique. I got the unlimited plan last cruise and it saved my company a bunch of money. There is no right or wrong way to vacation, it is very situational to the individual.
  7. I shouldn't have checked out that website! :eek: Yikes! Unfortunately I don't know what NSFW is, if I did I bet I would have known better than to check out the site. :')
  8. Have fun, the Escape is my favorite ship! Was the Irish group a bad experience? I'm trying to keep an open mind but I am a little worried they will think they own the ship, the group is almost 600 people!
  9. That is my worry since the Epic spaces are not very large. The Super Bowl and World Cup are perfect examples of large viewing audiences which is why a chartered group should not be allowed to block access to a venue during that time.
  10. Watching sporting events with many people is part of the fun! And on a cruise ship with so many people from so man different areas makes it even more enjoyable I think. I did reach out to NCL yesterday and they have no idea as the schedule has not been put out yet. I understand that the chartered guests have paid more money to be able to participate in their own events, however those private events should not inconvenience other passengers and lock them out of normal advertised open public spaces. We paid the cruise fare that should entitle us to using all the normal venue areas that NCL advertises as public spaces. I can see the chartered groups using the specialty restaurants when it isn't meal time, or the theater during the day, places like that. I guess we will see what happens.
  11. Thanks! We will try to keep the ship in top shape for you!
  12. I heard that last year on the Escape people began saving seats at noon! That is 6 hours ahead of time and I can tell you we won't be doing that. hahaha. None of us will even have a team in the Super Bowl this year, bu are looking forward to enjoying the game with others and having fun.
  13. This forum has so many people who hide behind their keyboards and reply with rude comments all the time. I can only imagine the type of person he/she is in real life. Love the hashtag #Snobproblems!
  14. Since the day is GSC there is always a chance we will miss the port and it will be another sea day so that will make it easier.
  15. The pool deck will help alot, the Escape is bigger with bigger spaces, that is why I am worried about the Epic the spaces are smaller and more compact than on the Escape. Thank you for the feedback.