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  1. Interesting article. I know they work very hard and a lot of hours however they do make decent money for the cost of living in their home country. I have had many conversations with different crew members about their life outside work and they all have a good life, nice homes, take vacations, many who have children have them in good private schools and all have smart phones and nice clothes. We can't compare the U.S., Canada, and Western Europe income to most crew members home countries. There is no denying they work hard and more hours than many Americans but they do make a good living.
  2. We have sailed the Epic twice, not a fan of the ship and will not sail her again. We all disliked the layout and the staff on both cruises we not the friendliest for the most part. That said did we enjoy both cruises? Yes we did. Did we enjoy the other NCL ships we have been on more? Yes we did. Everyone has their individual preference on the ships they like the most. Give the Epic a try, you may love her. if you don't I bet you still have a great cruise.
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