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  1. I also repurchased my Beverage Package and no longer have Voom. I'm hoping they run it on sale. Maybe for Labor Day or Thanksgiving.
  2. It's all about choices. I work and decide how I'm going to spend my $$. I had previously purchased the package for $53 per day so obviously I'm not worried about loaning RCCL money. If the ship sails then in my mind I got a good deal. If it doesn't, then I will purchase a beverage package on another cruise. Life is to short to worry about all the things that may go wrong.
  3. Yup I agree with hitting the $44 mark pretty quickly. Two coffees in the morning, a couple of bottles of water and two drinks by the pool in the early afternoon and I'm there already.
  4. Usually this happens to me when I call RC and I am still logged into my account. They tell me I have to log out of the account. Maybe if you booked through a TA they are still logged into you account. Or the other person traveling with you logged in and never logged out of the account.
  5. I got it also and I guess we will be sailing together, drink in hand, on the 22nd on the Navigator. Hopefully!
  6. Yippie. I was able to get the $44 drink package for both of my cruises. It took a lot of patience and logging out and back in again but I got it. I had to cancel my original beverage package on the Symphony sailing in January. Once I canceled I was able to repurchase it for the $44 price.
  7. When I tried to purchase it, this is what it shows. SORRY! THIS ITEM IS SOLD OUT MISSED OUT ON THIS OFFER? Dont worry, the Deluxe Beverage Package is still available for an exclusive pre-cruise discount Deluxe Beverage Package Toast to unlimited options with cocktails, beer, non-alcoholic beverages and more.
  8. RC is running a sale on the deluxe beverage package tonight. I was able to get it at $44 per day plus tax for a sailing on Navigator of the Seas in February. I went to buy it for my sailing on Symphony of the seas and although it's advertised for $44 the banner says Sells out quickly. I previously purchased it for the Symphony for $53 so I call RC and they said it's sold out. I logged back in and it shows available. I would need to cancel my $53 to see if I could luck out and get the $44. Every time I add it to my cart it says you already purchased this item. Anyone else luck out and ge
  9. My cruise habits depend on who I'm cruising with but it will probably change. If I am cruising with my husband, we will be in a balcony or a Jr. Suite. He only goes on one cruise per year and has his must have's in order to go. We go on the RC excursions. We will have the drink package and eat at at least two specialty restaurants. We go on the RC excursions. I plan the trip early and monitor the prices. We use OBC credits from our TA and us credits from our RC credit card. We get what we want but I am always looking for a discount so maybe I am frugal. I don't use the spas on the shi
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