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  1. You have the right idea, midship/lower deck. Have a great cruise.
  2. Yes, she registered in December but nothing yet. I did ck her spam. Going to re-register her tomorrow. My husband has health issues and hasn't heard yet either. Will ck the pharmacy sites you mention above too though, thanks for highlighting that. Fingers crossed.
  3. Yes, I would get it.....question is when will it be offered for my group in my area. My 78 year old mother still cant get it.
  4. Yes, Carnival will follow suit with cancelling April like RCCL and NCL. That is my opinion only.
  5. I had 3 cancelled cruises, which I rolled over each time, on the 3rd I finally said enough and was refunded 100% of all the money I had paid in on the 1st one.
  6. If you have used FCC for the October Cruise I don't think you will get a cash refund My PVP assures me I can get my original May amount paid in cash back via refund. Guess time will tell.
  7. When (being realistic) Oct cruise gets cancelled, we will keep original FCC from cancelled Mardi Gras Nov20 cruise and take full refund from our May cancelled cruise used for the October cruise. Basically, we will be out $0 and still have our original $480 FCC. Yes, we will "lose" the $600 OBC, but at this point in time, I want no $ at risk and will rebook something once cruising start again. Time to look for a different vacation for this year. Stay safe everyone.
  8. Carnival 7 days are back on the site I believe.
  9. I booked direct and have received no email. When I emailed by Carnival Rep, she sent me to the link that is available on the carnival website which "mirrored" the letter. Not sure why some did and others did not receive the email.
  10. Haven't figured it out yet. I am a November B'day too. If we book for December, the price is still more than we previously had, even with the discount. Might look at Europe of Alaska. Choices, choices.
  11. Same here. Thought I had given myself enough room for delays. Oh well, thankful to have a lot of time to figure something out.
  12. Yes, they still had it one night. Also, had a cupcake bar one night. It was not pre-announced, just ran across it when we went walking thru WJ. They are ok. All the same base with different icing. Enjoy
  13. On day of embarkation, no show person will have port fees refunded. You lose the cruise fare only of that person. Other than that, no additional charges.
  14. Terrior Beef, Ckn Dish, Branzino and Pork Belly were the "mains" we were offered in October.
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