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  1. I have cruised Anthem in October (New England) and January (Caribbean). Found lots of places on the ship to be a little chilly at night and wore pants, short sleeves and kept a light weight sweater with me. I do run on the cold side, but worked well. The Solarium air was chilly, but the hottubs still felt good. The rooms on Anthem had great heat, which we did need some nights.
  2. I have stayed on 11, 9 and 8. I enjoyed them all and there wasn't really much difference between them from an experience standpoint. Have a great trip.
  3. My husband agrees with your review. For individuals that like seafood, it is a great experience. If you do not eat seafood, it is limited unfortunately. However, the ckn & beef entrees and desserts still made it good for me. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the pictures, brings back good memories.
  4. Awesome, congrats on the winnings, y'all deserve it.
  5. Thanks for you update. I have enjoyed your positive, roll with it, attitude during this whole storm. Seems like you are having a good time on Harmony. We board Sept 29th, so keep the review coming. Enjoy your last day on the ship.
  6. The person actually doing the I-Fly is inside getting ready, then outside in the tube. I had no issues doing it in November and January. My DH was a little cold taking pictures, but all went well. I figured if for some reason it got cancelled day 1, I still had many days remaining to try to get another slot vs waiting till later in cruise when any cancellation would definitely cause issues. Just our experience. Have a great cruise.
  7. Another angel Cavalier. Aren't they just the sweetest. Ours is Paxton, but he is called BooBoo.
  8. We cruised to Bermuda from NJ for 7 days mid-November last year. We had 30's in NJ, 50 on second day, then an average of 75 in Bermuda. Water was too cool for us , but the 72-78 in Bermuda was perfect. We had typical seas crossing the ocean, a little rough but still ok outside with a jacket. Of course, every year can be different.
  9. If by chance you have Verizon cable/Fios, we took this remote along with the programming instructions and all went well on Anthem. I bet other cable companies have similar remotes that would work as long as you know how to program it once in cabin. Best of luck.
  10. What apps did your husband get other than the soup and deviled eggs? I am curious as I too do not eat seafood. Thanks much.
  11. We always pack crackers for cheese on balcony before dinner. We also pack a gallon size zip lock bag to put some cheese from buffet in to put in the room fridge. Works great. Enjoy.
  12. We are booked too! Does anyone know if this is "Jersey" week in 2020? (ie: week in November where a lot of public schools in NJ and other states have a lot of days off?)
  13. We have room 10342 for Nov 7th cruise. Can you tell me our bed location. We actually prefer bed by bathroom unlike many others. Appears to be a good location especially since it was the same price as regular balc when we booked? Thanks for the video and all the hard work it took to pull it together.
  14. Yes, I was able to get it connected with a little effort and hand manipulation with the input ports on the hinged side. Actually, used my camera to see behind TV and see where ports where, then reached back and connected without having to move TV much at all. It took me a few minutes to find the right place without being able to actually see them. I have not heard of any metal bars being placed over the actual inputs. I have not been on Anthem since November, so it could have changed.... Maybe go to the "meet and greet" roll call board and ask someone on a soon to depart cruise to take a picture of the TV back, etc. to confirm?
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