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  1. If you have used FCC for the October Cruise I don't think you will get a cash refund My PVP assures me I can get my original May amount paid in cash back via refund. Guess time will tell.
  2. When (being realistic) Oct cruise gets cancelled, we will keep original FCC from cancelled Mardi Gras Nov20 cruise and take full refund from our May cancelled cruise used for the October cruise. Basically, we will be out $0 and still have our original $480 FCC. Yes, we will "lose" the $600 OBC, but at this point in time, I want no $ at risk and will rebook something once cruising start again. Time to look for a different vacation for this year. Stay safe everyone.
  3. Carnival 7 days are back on the site I believe.
  4. I booked direct and have received no email. When I emailed by Carnival Rep, she sent me to the link that is available on the carnival website which "mirrored" the letter. Not sure why some did and others did not receive the email.
  5. Haven't figured it out yet. I am a November B'day too. If we book for December, the price is still more than we previously had, even with the discount. Might look at Europe of Alaska. Choices, choices.
  6. Same here. Thought I had given myself enough room for delays. Oh well, thankful to have a lot of time to figure something out.
  7. Yes, they still had it one night. Also, had a cupcake bar one night. It was not pre-announced, just ran across it when we went walking thru WJ. They are ok. All the same base with different icing. Enjoy
  8. On day of embarkation, no show person will have port fees refunded. You lose the cruise fare only of that person. Other than that, no additional charges.
  9. Terrior Beef, Ckn Dish, Branzino and Pork Belly were the "mains" we were offered in October.
  10. Not sure we can give specific vendor names on this site. Send me a message and I will give you the name. We have used same company 4 times now and always great service, on time, etc.
  11. Just off Harmony (10/6), had a direct flight from MCO at 11:40, had a car service pick us up at 8:00am. We did self-assist and walked out of our cabin at 7:30, straight to terminal (use back elevators not front). No wait on ship or terminal. We were through security and sitting at SW gate by 10am (we have TSA pre-ck). That was our experience, could yours be different? Of course, but like you, I did not want a connecting flight which all later were. Happy sailing.
  12. I like both Bayonne NJ and Baltimore for departures. Not a fan of NYC given the extra parking cost and hassles of traffic. Can't go wrong with either and I too love Bermuda.
  13. I do not think you reserve entertainment for this ship. Only Quantum and Oasis class. Someone else can confirm though.
  14. Thanks, good to know for next year planning. We do typically cruise that Sept 15th week so we avoid the later in Sept. next time.
  15. I think the real issue is not the ability to drink when 18, but the lack of planned events specifically for the newly 18-20 year old group to meet new friends.
  16. Right? I still have no idea why there was soooo many of all ages at this time of year. Not sure what school holiday was in effect. I have never experienced that in September before. Was a "good" trip, just not one of my favorite compared to previous Oasis class or other ships.
  17. Agree. Just finished our 9/28/19 - 10/6/19 cruise and was our least favorite to date. We did not experience MTD issues as we went at 6:15 and were seated immediately. Used front elevators instead of aft elevators and rarely had wait times except embarkation day. Lines, lines, lines everywhere and for a full ship with a huge number of kids and families (in late Sept?), the WJ was just too small and never fully open. Just crazy.
  18. Just finished our 1st cruise as Diamond. We really enjoyed the specialty coffee, nighttime happy hour both in the lounge and drinks on our card. Enjoyed the quiet space to meet new people. Definitely a perk that will be part of our consideration when booking the next cruise as we tend to bounce around between lines. Enjoy your cruise.
  19. Just of Harmony, was offered BOGO for Jamie's that would come to approx. $58 for 2 people including tip but maybe that was because he said he would match our current deal we had just used there. (We bought the original BOGO offer when it was still available for non-D+)
  20. Same happened to us. Just got off Harmony and we went to MDR on embarkation and talked to them to get it straightened out. Said there were no tables available at 6:15 (our specified time on planner) and to simply show up at the "with reservation" line at that time and when they ck you in, say there are 4 in our party. Worked fine every night. Have a great cruise.
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