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  1. Royal's FAQs say if you use a travel agent, they can come anywhere from 20-50 days before the cruise. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/electronic-cruise-documents
  2. On Symphony this past week, lunch at Chops on embarkation day was reserved for The Key guests. I had the Ultimate Dining package though and we were able to use it sea days for lunch.
  3. Similarly, we were on a Celebrity ship (the Reflection or Silhouette I think) on a cruise-sponsored snorkeling tour that was an hour late coming back. The cruise waited for us all to come back (about 40-50 ppl) then once the last of us were back, they pushed away in a hurry. The funny part was there were no delays or reason why we should have been late. The 2 tour guides were just having too good of a time, and apparently never bothered to check a clock. It was only when one of the passengers pointed out we should have been back already that they started heading back. That was the only time that ever happened to me and I was still nervous! Practically ran back to the ship.
  4. We booked a Suite GTY on our upcoming Symphony cruise, haven't booked a GTY often. Booked <60 days out, still waiting on an assignment. Fully expecting a Junior Suite, but still very eager to get a room assignment soon! I like to plot out paths to key places from my room ahead of time so I'm not spending the first day figuring out how to get everywhere without getting lost. I don't have great internal GPS, as my husband puts it! 😂
  5. Same here, though I usually compromise by carrying just one bag in hand with whatever my husband and I might need through dinner time, including valuables and toiletries. We let the Porters take the rest.
  6. I put it in my safe when going to port and always take a photo of the contents before closing it before leaving. Same thing with land vacations. Also, on a personal note... consider an insurance rider on your homeowners insurance (or renters insurance) for your ring. 🙂
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