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  1. We loved Carnival Sunshine! Recommend a cabin on deck 5, aft. There is a small buffet on deck 5 that will serve breakfast and lunch snacks. Never busy there.
  2. We normally get YTD but we have a group of 11 this trip. Past experience was not good with YTD and large groups.
  3. We are currently booked for the early dining which says 6 online (and this is early for us to eat dinner, but 8:15 is too late!). 5:45 seems so early. I'd be afraid of missing dinner because of excursions. I am not a fan of eating dinner at the buffet.
  4. We are a family of 4 and for our next cruise, we actually booked 2 cabins because it was only $200 more in total than having all 4 of us in one room. We booked a balcony for us and an inside across the hall for our daughters. You can also get two connecting inside. Check it out. You’ll be surprised at how small the price difference is for the extra space and extra bathroom.
  5. Thanks everyone for the feedback! Looks like we’re buying cheers!
  6. Hi all! We are booked on a spring break cruise next year and we booked one of the casino offers that includes Drinks on Us. We've never had Drinks on Us before (except one cruise where I earned it on the very last day). For our last couple of cruises, we bought the Cheers package. This cruise we are also getting two cabins as our daughters are now old enough to have their own room (surprisingly, only $200 more to book 2 rooms, then to book 4 in one balcony). So, we've been thinking about our drink package options. We are traveling with 2 other families, so I imagi
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