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  1. I received my refund yesterday for fare and fees. It was for my 5/21 Solstice, Alaska cruise.
  2. I just received a text from Celebrity that all Alaska cruises are canceled until 7/1/2020. 100% refund of cruise fare or 125% FCC. Take care, Mike
  3. Yep: I just got it. My 5/21 cruise is included because of Canada's port restriction. They gave option of 125% FCC or full refund. Alaska suspended until 7/1/2020. Take care, Mike
  4. That was last week. Now it's closed to individuals but trade transport is uneffected. Take care, Mike
  5. No: Anyone with those conditions will be denied boarding. Sort of a moot point since they ceased operationsfor 30 days. "Boarding will be denied to any person with a severe, chronic medical condition, including those specified by the CDC. Guests of all ages will be screened prior to boarding, regarding underlying health issues that may prevent them from sailing." Take care, Mike
  6. I guess no sailings out of Vancouver. That cancels my cruise. Good; If it's canceled then I should get a refund instead of FCC. (Maybe) Take care, Mike
  7. Lysol type wipes are the best but you can bring on 3 ounces in a pump sprayer. Take care, Mike
  8. I am under very similar circumstances. I had a heart transplant a year ago and I am doing fine. My cardiologist and the Transplant Travel Pharmacist agree that I should take the same precautions I do now with hand washing, wiping down cabin, tables, hand sanitizing, etc. and go. If things become much worse or there is an outbreak on the ship before sailing then cancel but otherwise enjoy life. We are booked on the 5/21 Solstice, Alaska cruise and taking Seabourn to Antarctica next January. Take care, Mike
  9. The discount far outweighs the drink package. I don't drink and my wife wouldn't rack up $400+ in drinks. Thanks Mike
  10. Is the Suite Beverage Package included if a discount is applied? I just booked a sailing in an S1 and the agent said there was no package when she applied my State discount even though she said it was included when I started to make the reservation. I'm curious but wouldn't cancel because the discount is far more than the beverage package.
  11. We live in Minnesota and we'll enjoy the 35F January temperatures in Antarctica. Cold weather gear is not a problem. 🙂
  12. Thank you for sharing this. We will be doing Antarctica in January '21. It was very informative and I love your humor. My wife and I are long time cruisers with over 60 sailings under our belts. Antarctica will be our last continent to visit. We have sailed on many lines and book aft balconies or suites but this is our first "ultra luxury" experience and, mostly my wife, worries about not fitting in or spending $5,000 for more clothes. We dress according to the dress code, converse on most topics and know the difference between a salad fork and dinner fork. 🙂 I know we will have a great time and I'll be the one in the "off the rack" suit or blazer. My wife will probably go out and spend the $5000 + for new outfits. 🙂 Mike
  13. If you have a passport you will never have to worry about Enhanced DL, Birth Certificate,divorce papers ever again. I'm a strong passport advocate. Take care Mike
  14. I'm happy to hear they have Don Julio Reposado. My wife doesn't drink much but she does like a shot of tequila. Take care, Mike
  15. I was looking at the Seabourn site today and saw that my V3 suite, on the Quest 1/13/21 cruise, had dropped by $2,970 pp.. Called my TA and now have that price. It pays to keep checking. That $6,000 will pay for the airfare. Take care, Mike
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