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  1. The only time I had an issue was using mail. That was 20 years ago. Since then faxing the information results in a fast turnaround. My brother had a problem sending scanned copies and attaching them. He then faxed them and a week later had the notification of OBC. Fax 305 406 6102
  2. At 50% capacity they could not survive. They would lose less money just shutting the3 ships down. They could survive if they increased the fares by 150% - 200%. Then they would still fail because they couldn't get 50% capacity at that price.
  3. I have a happier portfolio now. I bought large blocks of CCL, RCL, Delta and Chevron near their low points last year and it has paid off. Just remember it's only numbers on paper until you sell.
  4. https://www.carnivalcorp.com/static-files/50351a91-4dc0-4f6b-bfec-684647e6129f This will give you the form and the address to send it.
  5. We'll see when they start sailing but if it is "Cruise Line Only" excursions then I won't be cruising. Take care, Mike
  6. I almost always put itinerary first, cabin second and cruise line third. All major cruise lines give you a similar basic product and from that they build to their brand and the demographic they want, If I just want a fun getaway for a week then Carnival is my first choice. Take care, Mike
  7. I've cruised almost all major cruise lines except Silversea and Costa. I am Platinum on Carnival and high tier on other loyalty programs. Life is too short to limit yourself to the Caribbean or one cruise line.. I cruise mostly for the ports but when I just want to relax I usually pick Carnival.
  8. The Caribbean ports don't have the "Lift" (airport capacity) to handle multiple cruise ships at one time. Also, airline choices would be limited or lengthy layovers for many people. They may do a couple of ships, probably in Mexico and the Bahamas but that's about it. Plus they need to have purveyors who can handle the large amount of food and other materials needed each week. Those purveyors would not likely make a major commitment since they will home port back in the U.S. once the CDC says OK. Take care, Mike
  9. OK: The efficacy for the three major vaccines id 80-90% for contracting the virus and 100% effective preventing severe illness or death. Having said that what difference does it make if someone else is vaccinated or not. I can see foreign ports not allowing disembarkation otherwise it doesn't bother me. I want them to keep enhanced cleaning not as much for COVID but more so for Norovirus. I do believe everyone should get a vaccination but it should not be mandatory. Take care, Mike
  10. I am also Celiac and this has been my experience on all my HAL, Princess and Carnival cruises. The main thing is to inform HAL Special Services and/or go to the Maitre 'd and make sure they have you flagged gluten free. Also let your waitstaff know right away when you are seated. The Lido is a bit trickier but many options and gluten free breads are usually marked. You can also get gluten free bread in the dining room or the deli or grill. Be warned: The gluten free bread isn't the greatest. Otherwise the rest of the menus with gluten free marked or entrees made special for you are VERY good. A waiter or Asst. Maitre'd will give you the next nights menu and you can choose what you'll have. If it can be made gluten free they will. Have a great cruise and don't worry. You will gain weight. 🙂
  11. I love cruises. I have almost 60 under my belt but the close quarters and the large numbers of guests and crew make it a ripe environment for the spread of germs or virus. I have been on a couple of cruises where many passengers contracted norovirus and it spread quickly. Luckily I never caught it but it shows how fast something like Corona virus could spread, even with precautions. Take care, Mike
  12. I cancelled my 1/13/2021 Antarctic cruise. I'm just not willing to take the chance since on immunosuppressants after my heart transplant. Take care, Mike
  13. I have a definite underlying condition, a heart transplant and I am on immunosuppressant medications. I will wait a few months before taking the vaccine. I remember the "mandated" vaccine for the flu of 1976. It was a fiasco. The rush for a vaccine culminated in using a live virus and causing a number of health problems including Guillain-Barre syndrome in hundreds of people. Take care, Mike
  14. Most banks can just just do an EFT to your bank account. If you already have a payment account set up they'll send it to that account. Otherwise they will cut you a check and you'll see it in a week to ten days. Take care, Mike
  15. I've had three cruises cancelled. Two by the cruise line and one by me. It's going to be well into 2021 before I book my nnext cruise. Take care, Mike
  16. My strong belief is that they will announce an extension of the no sail through October and announce the retirement of two or all Fantasy Class ships. We shall see.
  17. After looking through many of these posts I notice that U.K. and European cruisers are having a longer wait. If you have been closely following this thread please correct me if my observation is incorrect. Take care, Mike
  18. Cruise embarkation was to be 1/13/2021. Cancelled 4/9/20 and received refund to CC on 5/25/20. Take care, Mike
  19. The cruise that I canceled was the 1/13/21 Antarctic cruise. It was my 1st Seaborne cruise and received my refund in about 3 weeks.
  20. I received the refund for my Antarctic cruise on 5/28. It was three weeks to the day I cancelled my cruise.
  21. I received my refund yesterday for fare and fees. It was for my 5/21 Solstice, Alaska cruise.
  22. I just received a text from Celebrity that all Alaska cruises are canceled until 7/1/2020. 100% refund of cruise fare or 125% FCC. Take care, Mike
  23. Yep: I just got it. My 5/21 cruise is included because of Canada's port restriction. They gave option of 125% FCC or full refund. Alaska suspended until 7/1/2020. Take care, Mike
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