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  1. I cancelled March 30 and the refund was on my Am Ex today. Seeing others got it today too, perhaps it is the weekly refund day. Good luck! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. I cancelled a cruise for January 2021 on March 30. This morning my $500 deposit and $236 shore excursion was refunded back to my Am Ex. Yay! I never had called again checking, based on posts here indicating 30-90 days. I just tried to be patient knowing how overwhelmed they must be. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised today! As a small business owner affected by this virus we also have bills to pay which is difficult when there isn’t income coming in because yes, we do use Peters money to pay Paul. But we will all get through this. I wish you all luck getting your refunds!
  3. Did you book for the Feb 12 cruise? We did a few weeks back and had very few balcony choices. Wondered what was going on as well! Sent from my iPad using Forums
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