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  1. Hi, whilst i have not been to amdee island ,I have been to escapade island and resort on a private tour and found it to be one of the best days of my life. The resort is gorgeous and you gt full run of the pools and the lunch was really lovely, then a group of us with our guide went snorkelling to see the turtles in the sea grass, and they were everywhere. Not being much of a snorkeller, I thoroughly enjoyed this, and seeing the turtles that close was truely memorable. We were collected from the ship by coach and taken to the ferry and after about 20min were at the resort. It was a very enjoyable day, one i would gladly repeat if we get back to noumea. On their website it is now around $140 AUD. (gateway tours noumea) Hope that might help. Maree
  2. even tassie has been exceptionally warm with constant days in the 30's, normally might get one or two days and then it would drop but its been pretty consistent.
  3. There are quite a few pet friendly options in tassie, depending on whether your air b n b, or motor-homing,/camping. my parents are grey nomads and travel everywhere with their maltese cross, and they find the only drawback is you cannot enter the national parks with a dog, so freycinet would be out, as would the cradle mountain overland track, but still plenty to see in my gorgeous state. cheers maree
  4. For me its traffic flow is important, as we have a son with mobility issues, also are certain areas congested. like public spaces, bars, do you have traffic through resturants when your having a meal. what are the layouts of the rooms, what type of power points do they have and how many. Options for dining, do they have fixed time or anytime, what are the gym facilities like, is there an outdoor walking track, ratio of staff to guests. i agree that things like food and service can be very subjective , but getting an overall impression of whats available doesn't hurt either, especially in areas that are likely to be used by the majority, like the MDR and buffett, as in the range of options available. Just my two cents worth.
  5. Yes, I read on your review you were in my region . Hard to watch the waist line with so many yummy options. Glad you enjoyed your time in my home state. Cheers maree
  6. YUM YUM, left over sliced hot cross buns go down a treat in the ol' bread and butter pud, its my favourite way of eating them.
  7. Yea gods, they have drop bears. I didn't realise we exported.
  8. Between this thread and the meat pies thread I seriously have the munchies, thinking eggs on toast with lots of butter, for tea tonight.
  9. Pita the poor sot who has leven it too long to have their say. Id like to panko everyone for their puns, been a good roll. Slight change of track, how do folks like their bread, i like mine as french toast or the old bread and butter pudd. Cheers maree
  10. Wasn't he the one that met with a sticky end, or was that the younger brother? Loved that series was very upset when the knocked off Travis Fimmel, he was ver easy on the eyes.
  11. Wow, I had no idea that they have expanded their services. Being a bit on the back foot in tassie, we only had uber roll out late last year.Are Uber operating wav in sydney and melbourne? Ta Maree
  12. Hi Mr G, unfortunately your experience with accessible taxis in melbourne is not uncommon. We have gods own trouble getting an accessible taxi for my 15yo who is in a power chair. If we stay in the cbd before one of his medical appointments its almost impossible to get a taxi, even when we pre book the day before, as it is "too short a fare". It was so bad we put an official complaint i, and recieved a letter of apology and $50 worth of vouchers (not sure how we can use them when none of the taxis want our fare tho!!!) so now we try to go to the childrens hospital straight from the airport, at least that way we can get a taxi. And they wonder why uber is doing them out of business. If uber offered accessible fares I would do it in an instant. We have found the accessible trams to be fantastic, unfortunately not all are accessible, but they are slowly getting there. So pleased that you enjoyed the ship. Cheers maree
  13. Hi Mulgagirl, I am on the majestic in a couple of weeks, I don't suppose you noticed if they ran the winemakers dinner as well? Thanks for the info on chefs table, its my birthday while we are away and I think it would be a great way to celebrate. We did one for my husbands birthday on carnival a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. cheers maree
  14. I guess it depends on what your interests are, stanley is very pituresque, but can be very windy, the drive along the foreshore along penguin and wynyard is also quite pretty. Lots of foody stops to be enjoyed if you head east, there is the berry patch at Turners Beach, the cherry shed at Latrobe, as well as D"anvers chocolates, not to mention Ghost Rock vineyard at port sorrel. Then Further on you have ashgrove cheeses and the raspberry farm at Elizabeth town, Also a little off the beaten track is 40 degrees south salmon farm just outside deloraine at Red Hills and Honey at Chudleigh. Have fun deciding
  15. Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me if there is twinnings english breakfast teabags in the buffet at breakfast(i'm rather partial to this tea type as I don't drink coffee), also the adult kids wanted to know if they are running an escape room on this cruise? Thanks maree
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