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  1. I’ve been to St Maarten on 2 different cruises always at the same pier area. How on earth would they handle embarkation of any size ship there? Is there an actual terminal somewhere else on the island?
  2. That's my guess as well. From a marketing standpoint, you don't want to waste positive momentum on something that isn't certain yet. Putting out fresh videos now would certainly generate buzz, but that buzz would be wasted on bookings that probably won't actually materialize in the form of a sailing just yet. So wait until restart dates are confirmed and then start firing on all cylinders with the videos they've probably been producing for a while now. I would also expect a whole lot of happy go lucky positive PR spin videos of crew members wearing masks and saying they are ready to serve you...probably in lots of different languages of their home countries. Just a hunch!
  3. "I mean none of it will be permanent..." Just two weeks of masks to flatten the curve, right?
  4. Unfortunately, I booked the one that got cancelled about 2 weeks before the world shut down. Don't plan on rebooking anything until next year at the earliest. So it is what it is at this point.
  5. I'm inclined to agree with that line of thinking. Our original booking had $100 OBC. Any new one we take will be $600 OBC. So the way I see it, even if that still-missing $198 mysteriously never reappears, I'm still $300 ahead of where we were. Obviously I'd rather be completely whole if I can be.
  6. Yeah, FedEx guy stuck it under our doormat as well. Luckily, we have cameras that alerted us to the fact, and I also get emails from FedEx when things are arriving. I mean, I'm fine with however they divvy it up as long as we get the promised $600 OBC. And as one poster mentioned, the more of it that is on the gift card, the easier it is to use it on the future cruise since FCC's can't be used for deposits and some other stipulations. So I'm not really upset or anything, just trying to understand their logic since it doesn't seem to go by their terms as they wrote them. I'm thankful they put it all on a new gift card rather than reloading the ones I used. I kept most, but not ALL of the used cards just in case. Since I booked the cruise literally a week or two before the whole industry shut down, I saw fairly quickly that people were saying Carnival wanted to put refunds back to the original cards, so I kept all of the cards I used from that point forward.
  7. You are absolutely right. I don't know why I kept looking at the 5 days or less column. Too many numbers floating in my head trying to make sense of all of this at the moment.
  8. Here's the complete math and timeline... Cruise rate (for 2): $1964.00 Taxes, Fees & Port: $255.00 Prepaid gratuities: $195.86 TOTAL: $2415.14 Payments made by time of cancellation: $198 deposit on credit card; $750 via Carnival gift cards. Total of $948 Carnival cancelled our sailing on January 22nd. On January 26th I chose the 100% Future Cruise Credit option, which includes $600 OBC per stateroom on my next cruise booked by 9/30/2021 for any sailing departing by 4/30/2023. Terms stated that taxes, fees, port fees, and prepaid gratuities would be refunded to my original form of payment, with the rest of the paid balance being applied to a FCC. Question remains whether or not they deduct the customary $50 per person service fee for cancellation. By my math, based on their written terms, I should receive a gift card only for $497.14 for the taxes, fees, port charges and prepaid gratuities, POSSIBLY $397.14 if the $50/pp cancellation service fee applies. My FCC should be $450.86 *or* $350.86, again depending on the service fee question. On Monday, 2/22, I received a $198 refund to my credit card, which was presumably for my deposit. That should never have been issued since I took the FCC. On Wednesday, 2/25, I received a $552 gift card from Carnival. That adds up to $750, which leaves me $198 shy of the $948 total we had already paid at the time they cancelled our sailing.
  9. Why would it be $600? The terms of the FCC state that it's $300 OBC per stateroom on your future cruise if you take the FCC.
  10. I'm good either way they do it, but at this point it doesn't add up either way. So that's mainly what I'm trying to figure out. The numbers are wrong if they did a full refund OR if they did a FCC as best I can tell. There shouldn't have been any refund of my deposit back to my card based on the stated terms of taking the FCC. I do see in the fine print now that "FCC is based on the cancellation fees retained by Carnival for this voyage"....which would imply that a $50 fee per person could possibly be retained by Carnival since that's what it would have been had we canceled ourselves, but it's odd that they would keep that sine the cancellation was their call.
  11. Ok, but based on their own explanation in the fine print of the cancellation email with the FCC offer, none of your scenario should be happening that way. Particularly the part you mentioned about the customary cancellation fee amount being refunded to you. According to their documentation, the only money not applied to the FCC should be any Fun Shop purchases along with the sailing’s taxes, port fees and prepaid gratuities, which should all be refunded to my original form of payment. Everything else should apply to the FCC. But they clearly did not do that. It seems to me like they are treating it as if I selected the full refund option instead of the FCC option and still got the numbers wrong. Had we chosen to cancel ourselves at the same point, there would have been a FCC applied in the amount of $98 (two $99 deposits minus $50/pp service fee), which also doesn’t add up since we are roughly $200 short on what was refunded if they screwed up and did a refund instead of FCC.
  12. We were booked on the May 8th sailing of the Mardi Gras that was canceled about a month ago. We chose to take the FCC and $300 OBC option in lieu of a full refund because we plan to continue cruising eventually. The way I understood it is even if you chose the FCC option instead of the refund, you would still be refunded your taxes, port fees and prepaid gratuities and any extras you already booked. I paid our deposit via credit card, and all other monies were paid with Carnival gift cards. Given the many stories about refunds taking months, I was surprised to get a notification from FedEx on Monday that a package from Carnival was coming. With the methods we used to pay, I expected a gift card for around $450 for our port fees, taxes and prepaid gratuities. However, I also noticed a refund of $198 on our credit card, which happens to be the exact amount of our deposit. Today the gift card came and it was for $552 and not the expected $450ish. We had paid a total of $948 toward our sailing by the time it was canceled. So I’m extremely confused now because it seems they refunded more than what it should have been since I chose the FCC, but it is also very short of our full amount paid if we were somehow switched to the full refund. We also had $100 OBC on the cruise, which would make up for the extra $100 on the gift card, but I don’t think they refund OBC. And even if they did that doesn’t explain the refund of our deposit to our credit card. Any insight on this?
  13. Thanks for the added info. Wasn’t aware you got a phone to keep in touch in case of emergency. We do plan on taking a cruise with them sooner rather than later, this was just a milestone celebration trip for my wife and I, so we were planning on kid free.
  14. They sent the cancellation notice out on January 22nd. I was on the same sailing. Go to carnival.com and look for the UPDATE at the top of the page. There's a link where you can enter your sailing info and it will confirm that it has been cancelled. You can also opt for your future cruise credit or full refund from there.
  15. Interesting development. We chose the FCC option for the Mardi Gras May 8th sailing cancellation that I originally started this thread about. I had paid our deposit on a credit card, and all of the further payments I had made by the time of the sailing cancellation were via Carnival gift cards. As of yesterday, literally a month to the day since cancellation of the sailing, our deposit was credited back to our credit card and I got an email from FedEx saying a package was on the way from Carnival. I assume the FedEx package is a gift card for the prepaid gratuities, taxes and fees that get refunded regardless of which option you chose upon cancellation of the sailing. We actually didn't make our choice on FCC vs. Refund until January 26th, so it seems they have greatly improved their refund processing times.
  16. Yeah, having used gift cards for most of what we paid so far, we are in the same boat (pun intended), so we will be rebooking also.
  17. Did you already have OBC on your original booking? And does that transfer also? I’ve heard mixed stories on that.
  18. Also on that note....never had this happen before, so this may be a stupid question. But I assume the FCC is only for the amount you’ve paid so far if final payment wasn’t due yet (less taxes, prepaid gratuities, excursions, etc) and not a credit for the full fare you booked at, correct?
  19. Woop! Just got our cancellation email this morning for the May 8th Mardi Gras sailing with 100% FCC and $600 OBC. Paid to hold out!
  20. Right. But I don’t think you’re following what I’m saying. Our sailing hasn’t been cancelled yet, so there is no $600 OBC to move to another cruise until after they cancel ours and make the same offer.
  21. Nice! That's what I'll be hoping for. I knew from reading their cancellation policy that any pre-purchased perks, excursions, etc. would just be refunded, so I expected that. For the same reason we haven't paid in full, we also hadn't booked any additional things like that anyway, so no worries there.
  22. Because our sailing hasn't been canceled yet, so we don't have a $600 OBC offer yet to book next year. Unless I'm missing something?
  23. I think that’s the plan I will go for as well, though I may attempt to move the final payment day out I hopes of better cancellation odds. 😇
  24. In a perfect world I would love to get the final payment date moved, then have it get canceled all together so we can book next year with $600 OBC. Fingers crossed!
  25. So you’re saying you hadn’t yet paid in full and still got the OBC and future cruise credit for what you had already paid? Did you have any OBC that was included in your original fare, and if so, did that also get transferred over or only the new $600 OBC? Would love it if we could move the final payment, get canceled, get the future cruise OBC and still get to keep the OBC that was included in our original fare. Not holding my breath, though.
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