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  1. I am enjoying your review. Thank you!:D I am surprised by the football jerseys on formal night...:rolleyes:
  2. Everyone said that Windjammer is too crowded to eat at on boarding day, what else is open for us to grab a quick bite to eat? We sail Oasis in 2 weeks.:)thx.
  3. Your review and pictures are awesome! We are boarding Oasis in 3 weeks. Thanks!!!:D
  4. We have three generations again going on Oasis this Thanksgiving, and I am excited about it again. Besides the usual traditional Thanksgiving dinner, we had lots of fun (I guess as much as you could on a ship) at the "black Friday sales," they had onboard! I hope you will love the holiday on the ship!:)
  5. My 2YO and 6YO nieces are getting ready to take their second cruise. They both have passports... Just makes things easier to have one
  6. Okay. Yes, I have been reading a little bit more about the tips thing. I would rather pay it by cash at the end anyway. So I will most likely make a trip to Guest Services when on board. Thanks.
  7. Sorry, I'm confused. Can we no longer pay cash for tips at the end of the cruise? If it not auto-pay. We don't use credit cards on our cruises, just cash, so maybe someone can clarify for me. Thanks!:o
  8. Okay, great. That sounds simple enough. I wonder why they could not tell me that when I called RCI? Thanks!:)
  9. We are booked on Oasis in November. We (parents) have one room, and our boys (15 & 12) have room across from us. We received our Booking Confirmation page from our TA, and underneath my sons name across from special services is says: Name Match Researched. I asked our TA, she was not sure. I called RCI, and they said it had to do with security, but we should not have any problems. Has anyone else had this on their form, or had any experience with this? Thanks.
  10. We are going on this ship in November, and this is by far, the best review I have read. THANKS!!!:):D:o:rolleyes:
  11. Hello, I am sorry if this is a repeat question, as I have not been able to get clarity or find the answer on CC site.:rolleyes: We booked a reservation while onboard our last cruise to sail on Oasis in November of this year . (We booked with the onboard agent). I did one balcony room for me and my husband, and one inside room across from us for our boys (ages 15 and 12 by then). We , adults, have one reservation number, and the boys have a separate reservation number. I am wondering if this is okay? Called RCCL and different agents said we must put one adult in each room, and two other agents, said it is no problem, and reservations can stay the same. I will eventually need access to their rooms, onboard accounts, etc. I am confused, and wonder if someone has good information about this. Any feedback would be helpful.:) Thanks.
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