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  1. Hawaii136

    VAT Refunds at Southampton

    In June 2017 I dropped 4 forms into the box. Received VAT refund for 2 of them ( both U.K. Purchases) , never received refund for the other 2. I declared everything at entry into Brooklyn. The immigration guy just waved me through. ( we were over our exemption amt)
  2. Hawaii136

    New to Cunard

    We have found breakfast and lunch in the grills restaurants to be fairly fast. You do have other options if you prefer: room service, the buffet, the pub( at least on QM2).
  3. Hawaii136

    Hamburg: Arrival vs Sailaway?

  4. The official check in time for grills passengers in NY is usually 12 noon or 12:30. It would be rare to be able to board before noon. You may arrive earlier, but likely will need to wait. Lunch is served in grills din8ng rooms starting at 1pm on embarkation day.
  5. 1. Yes. You put suitcases out in front of your cabin by midnight the night before. 2. Not sure if disembarkation is based on your cabin location or the fact you have dog. I have noticed when disembarking at Southampton, the dogs seem to disembark just after or same time as princess grill. 3. Yes. You will have to go through immigration at Brooklyn with dogs and luggage, porters are available in the room where you pick up luggage. 4. Yes.
  6. Hawaii136

    Cunard Bears

    I bought a 2017 Charles bear last year. As I remember there was also a generic bear. At any rate, i left Charles out, and when we came back from dinner, he was on the bed holding the chocolates and next days programs!
  7. Hawaii136

    New Dress Code Designations?

    I love the QM2, but have taken her primarily as a method to get to Europe from US without a long plane flight. We have enjoyed getting dressed up for dinner. However, if the standards are relaxed a bit, I really don’t care. Know this may not be popular among some of the hard core here. DH will still wear a sport coat and tie to dinner. I will dress in smart separates. If you wish to dress up more or less than us, that is fine!
  8. Yes, you can get breakfast in both PG and QG on disembarkation day. It starts earlier. Can’t remember exact time...If you go shortly after it opens, no problem to have breakfast before your queen grill disembark time.
  9. Hawaii136

    QM2 Drawer Pulls, Post Refit

    They definitely have the bad pulls in grills. Wish they would change them
  10. Hawaii136

    In Transit through Brooklyn

    All I can say is we did self- disembark at Brooklyn in June, we breezed through immigration and were in manhattan by 8 am. Of course, if you get off that early, you won't be able to re board for hours...
  11. Hawaii136

    Question about day in NYC on QM2 round trip

    I think Qm2 is using Brooklyn cruise terminal not manhattan on oct 20.
  12. Hawaii136

    Pre-Cruise Concierge

    For what it's worth, we booked princess grill may 2017 and June 2017 directly from the Cunard web site. We DID get a phone call from a concierge some weeks before asking if we had any special requests- they left a message on our answering machine with a phone number to call back. We did not make any special requests, so did not call back. We previously sailed in PG in 2015 and never received a phone call prior to this year, so perhaps this is new. It is possible you may already be assigned the same butler, but if not, it does seem likely that once on board, you could request this. I have never been in QG, so don't know how the butlers are assigned... Oh, and congrats to your daughter!!!
  13. Hawaii136

    Tipping at Brooklyn?

    Thanks for everyone's reply. I also realized that we will embark at Southampton for the return trip - So any comments on tipping at Southampton?
  14. Hawaii136

    Tipping at Brooklyn?

    when dropping luggage with the porters at Brooklyn cruise terminal, are we expected to tip them? If yes, how much. Our bags will weigh 25-30 lbs each.
  15. Hawaii136

    San Francisco shore excursions

    I would be surprised. Yosemite is roughly 4 hrs drive one way from SF.