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  1. I always took a 12 pack of Dt Dew on all my cruises, since I prefer Pepsi products......My friend had the cup for the machine. I'm sure Pepsi has a similar set up...just need Carnival to get the machines.LOL ....thanks
  2. Awesome, thanks for the tip.....I will check that on my cruise in Feb on the Legend. I was originally referring to a machine in the buffet area for the bottomless bubbles program. It appears it wasn't on Carnival but the one RC cruise I took in 2018.
  3. Ok, thanks. I don't know what I was thinking, but apparently Carnival doesn't have them. thanks to all that replied.
  4. Thanks for confirming about the Breeze. I did get a response from Carnival that the Legend does not have them. thanks to everyone for replying.
  5. No, it was on one of my 2019 cruises. It was still Coke products at that time and my friend used it that week. It was either the Magic or the Breeze.
  6. The Legend you know for sure? The Breeze also has the machines.
  7. Do all the ships now have the soda machines? The Breeze had them in Sept 2019.....going on Legend in February and wondered if this ship has them also.
  8. Anyone know if there are massage huts on 7 mile beach? and time/price if so...Thanks
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