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  1. I was on for Thanksgiving two years ago. The dinner on the MDR was disappointing. I got ham and DH got turkey. We would have made out better going to windjammer.
  2. Did it get you off the ship and to your luggage faster?
  3. For my dialing 8/16 the UDP is $199 per person. 3 NDP is $99 per person and the refreshment package is $28 per person per day plus 18% gratuity.
  4. Sailing on the Oasis of the Seas Aug. 2020, 2 adults and a 7 year old. Strongly considering the 3 night dining package. We would like the three restaurants to be Chops, Giovanni's and Hibatchi. Is Hibatchi allowed using the 3 night package? Also, would they charge $99 for a 7 year old who most likely won't eat anything from either place? TIA
  5. I was in this room about a year ago. It's an excellent room. There is a single in front of you, the two rooms share a small entry way. You will have that door to enter then the room door. The elevator and stairs are close but not close enough to be any kind of issue.
  6. We booked one for Oasis Aug. 2020. We had an aft CL on anthem, from a royal up bid. We wanted an aft on Oasis but were worried about the noise. We booked 1754.
  7. If you care Starbucks in sold at the pastry shop on Anthem but is covered by the drink package.
  8. You can't go wrong with any choice. If you want a steakhouse experience choose chops, the mushroom soup is delicious. If you want Italian choose jamies, the lamb chops are to die for. If you want a true foodie experience choose wonderland, it weird but good. The shrimp kafifi was excellent.
  9. It was free and we went to the excursions desk ipads right across from where you get on the ship.
  10. They aren't particularly useful. You have to take them off to buy drinks and they are plastic and sweaty. The best use is if they are in a bag or pocket and can unlock the door hands free. Barely use them for free as would never pay for them.
  11. I have been on Harmony and Anthem several times a in Jr suites and each time the WOW bands were free.
  12. I booked my last cruise through a TA, not a big box one. They were not involved in my Royal Up at all. As a matter of fact, my TA didnt even know we upgraded until I told him, a month later. My documents online were correct the day my bid was accepted. The TA did absolutely nothing to facilitate the bid. When you bid you have to put in a credit card and it's charged as soon as the bid is accepted, again nothing to do with the TA. Your TAs explanation makes no sense.
  13. That doesn't matter. He received his credit back and the cash he paid for the cancelled cruise. In addition to that he received a "free" cruise in the amount of cash he actually paid. My numbers are off.... Original cruise.... $500 cruise credit + $1500 paid in cash. Royal gave back $500 cruise credit +$1500 cash. "Free Cruise".... Royal gave $1500 because that was the out of pocket cash the OP spent. I am failing to see how the OP wants more than what was paid out of pocket.
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