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  1. Being 9 months out shouldn't matter, you can do it now.
  2. Since the one will have to purchase something.... Yes they will let you opt out of the drink package and purchase the more expensive refreshment package. Why on earth a tone would want to do thst is beyond me. The rules still apply, regardless of price paid. Why don't you call them and try it and let us know how it goes?
  3. I don't think it was legal issues at all. Once people got wind that they were planning on not honoring the price. They were attacked, yes the correct word, on the interweb. It was viscious but it worked. It was the bad press and publicity that made them do it. I also believe because it took HOURS and HOURS to get fixed, thst contributed to it too.
  4. Of course theyvwikl let you opt out, just like they do anything else you purchase in the cruise planner..... Oh and I got it for $18.
  5. They barely wanted to honor the "glitch", nothing will change because of it.
  6. Why would anyone do that? The refreshment package is more expensive than the $18/day alcohol package? Even if you don't drink any alcohol it's still cheaper.
  7. It was all over all of the FB cruising groups I am in, some RC and some not. It was also all over Instagram and Twitter.
  8. I am not sure of the order of things.... But I knew a woman who took a cruise and was going to get off at the last port for her daughter's wedding in the Bahamas. Unfortunately we missed that port, NCL said it was because the port messed up the paperwork. The woman missed her daughter's wedding.
  9. He asked for opinions, I gave mine based on my experience. You gave yours based on your experience. It's ok that they differ. Everyone is different and likes or dislikes different things. That's why these forums are great, different perspectives. Have a good day.
  10. That's not always the case. I have cruised out of Bayonne several times in March and it wasn't an issue. Once you get to Florida, it won't matter anyway.
  11. I love Anthem and have been on her three times in the last year. I will be going on the Oasis next Aug. I don't think you can go wrong with either. Weather wise, Mar would be better.
  12. The drink package prices change all the time. On my last cruise I watched the prices almost daily, the lowest price I ever saw was $42. I got it for that, I am certain there are others who paid more. Should they call and demand they get it for $42? No they shouldn't, they missed that price just like you missed the $18. Please stop.
  13. It was my experience that my TA was not told about my upgrade.
  14. Our cruise was in late April. I got the email on Presidents Day, I only know this because I was off work that day. I got thrle confirm email the Friday of the same week.
  15. ANYONE and I mean ANYONE who can find ANY fault with that letter needs to crawl under a rock and stay there for eternity.
  16. Sailed anthem in April of this year. Won our bid for a sky loft suite from a Jr suite. We agressively bid about $1000 because we wanted in. I believe the minimum bid was about $850 then. From the service to the room itself, it was excellent and would gladly do it again.
  17. They don't actually become available until Dec. 2019.
  18. Has anyone purchased one? What is the good, the bad and the ugly? Is it beach front, no other chairs in front of you?
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