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  1. Our 9/11 Symphony opened today, but our 3nt 9/3 Mariner cruise is not open to check in just yet.
  2. Thanks for your response. I can tell it’s genuine and well thought out. There are some real humdingers on CC nowadays and really I don’t care to engage so I’m careful what I post and specifically say when I’m giving my opinion instead of trying to give my opinion as a fact. Regardless of what you wrote about hydroxychloroquine not working, I have two close family members who are on it as a prescription for an ailment and they haven’t caught COVID and they were definitely exposed to people with COVID on more than one occasion each. Maybe they should be part of a study.
  3. I’m not saying hydroxychloroquine is the only way out of this. However, there are BILLIONS of dollars involved with vaccines. Hence, the use of hydroxychloquirine as a prophylactic, which would negate the need for a vaccine, was going to be a heavy lift against all of the pro-vaccine financial interests. There are doctors who have successfully treated patients with hydroxychloroquine and have given their firsthand accounts of how their patients recovered due to hydroxychloroquine. Their firsthand experience cannot be denied. Several of the studies which disc
  4. Thanks for posting. Here’s a recent article on the same topic. https://dailycaller.com/2021/05/25/marty-makary-cdc-natural-immunity/ Time will tell if he’s right or not. Makes sense IMO.
  5. I definitely think some ppl are more immune to it than others. One of my co-worker’s retired parent stayed inside for almost eight mos and didn’t go outside hardly at all Had groceries delivered too. Then in late October, they went to NC to see a grandchild. They stopped for gas in GA both ways and ended up with CV when they got home.
  6. Kudos to NCL. Actually, I think RCL will. In my dealings I’ve always found them to be reasonable, even going beyond what was needed to make things right. It’s one of the reasons we keep cruising with them. As an example back when you could do an open booking and make a down payment w/out picking a sail date, our CC was never charged for one of our six new open bookings. I had filled out three forms for me and three for DW. I didn’t notice our CC was only charged for five. We received six confirmation emails though. To my surprise as few months later I found out one of the res
  7. This! I suspect there are a lot people facing this scenario.
  8. Maybe we’ll meet up at one of the bars. I don’t even even drink. Never too late to start at the rate things are going I guess.
  9. In response to that, my DW asked about booking a Carnival cruise this summer. I never thought I’d hear her talk like that. She’s not drunk either.
  10. My apologies for any confusion, but I wasn’t meaning for the unvaccinated person to catch it in a breakthrough case. Rather, I meant where both the vaccinated person and unvaccinated person have the same exposure to some one else and the unvaccinated person person doesn’t get CV-19, but the vaccinated person does.
  11. IMO It’s a false presumption to automatically assume that an unvaccinated person will be much more likely to contract CV-19, and therefore make a cruise unsafe and ruin a cruise for everyone else onboard. Most of us know of CV-19 cases in families where there was a wide range of who contracted CV-19, from only one member to all members. The reason why some were able to avoid it, despite being in close contact with the infected, seems to be the great unknown. It’s only a matter of time, if it hasn’t already happened, where someone vaccinated has a breakthrough case and som
  12. I see that now. I don’t think RCI would start back up with an 8/6 schedule though. Seems risky. Shorter cruises would be better. Just my opinion though.
  13. My guess is Odyssey OTS from Port Canaveral. It’s just a guess based on my reading. Western Caribbean? IDK, but could be.
  14. So if a cruise line does the test cruise(s) successfully, it doesn’t have to stick to the 98/95 vaccine requirement for the restricted cruises that follow (from the US) is how I interpret it. I’m not trying to do a creative interpreting, but that’s what I’m reading.
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