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  1. Here’s our comparison: Cruise line Flowrider Celebrity No Princess. No HAL No Norwegian No Royal Yes Carnival No MSC No Costa No RCI for us.
  2. I hear you. Everyone’s comfort level is different for various reasons, especially one year later with different experiences. I’ve had friends and family members get it. One got gravely ill and had to be hospitalized, but did recover. My DW was in close contact for a full day the day before the person who ended up being hospitalized first tested positive. Her friend felt fine that day and the next day when she tested positive, but she went downhill from there the following day. My DW didn’t end up getting it.
  3. Thanks for your suggestion. I was trying to keep the focus regarding the vaccine being a requirement. Wearing a mask is another topic for which people have an opinion and for which there are science studies on. I think RCI will definitely have restrictions in place whenever they start back up in the USA. Hopefully, we can at least avoid wearing a mask on our balcony.
  4. Ok, but I wanted to get better idea of the comfort level behind why yes or no. Thanks for your input.
  5. Hey there everyone. Thanks for participating in the poll. I don’t want this thread to get locked before it even makes it to a second page. Lol. Let‘s try to limit medical studies/news articles citing if possible. Virtually everyone has done some research about the virus and vaccine and there are definitely opposing views and everything in between. I was just curious, as I’m sure others are, as to where we’re at in being ready to cruise if RCI didn't require the vaccine in order to cruise. Thx. AT
  6. A year ago, I didn’t even know one could have bad stuff in their nasal passage and not get sick. Stated in very simple terms obviously. I thought once you had something (ie a virus), it was in you somewhere and you were getting it. I didn’t realize about the level of passage. I imagine we all have things (some good and some bad) in the area where viruses reside before it goes full blown.
  7. This poll is not about what type of environment RCI would want to provide. It’s pretty simple, “Would you go or not if RCI doesn’t require a vaccine?”. I hope you voted.
  8. Perhaps RCI would use the time to finish the touch ups while enroute to Galveston? I hope it doesn’t happen that way.
  9. Good points! We would have a hard time if only RCI CV19 bubble excursions were permitted. We like to go off the beaten path and go by our own schedule while in port.
  10. I tried to make it simple for the voter to pick a choice by covering all bases (4 choices). I’ve read a lot of threads where not taking the vaccine isn’t even a choice so this topic/poll is different.
  11. The truth is we will never know whether most people died “From” or “With” Covid-19. As time goes on, we learn more about the proper treatment fortunately. Most everyone knows people that had it and recovered from it without a hospital visit or meds. A lot of us know someone who got direly sick and had to be hospitalized, but still recovered. I know of people who had a close family member get it and they didn’t, but some other members in the same household did. A lot has been learned in the last year. The deaths where patients were hooked up to a ventilator with pain med
  12. Thanks. It worked. I was incorrectly switching to the Poll tab to start. I took your suggestion and entered in the Content Tab Title box first. Also had to type something in the body area too and then switch to the Poll tab to finish with Poll ques.
  13. Good questions. I thought I saw Fain talked about the high demand was surprisingly from the 65+ crowd. I don’t recall where I saw the video.
  14. What I think it says. Still burning through lots of cash every month. Still have lots of cash on hand. Ship builds still in process with delayed delivery dates. Lots of demand for cruising. No definitive date for return to cruising in the USA just yet.
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