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  1. OMG! Sakari looks all grown up in that dress! You’re not going to be able to call her your mini human much longer! She’s becoming a beautiful young woman!
  2. Thanks for taking us along on Majesty, Twangster. I see see what you mean about making your room seem larger. Looks to be far more functional, too. Plus, as you mentioned, makes it much easier to be able to look out the window. While I really like most of what you’ve shown us so far of Majesty, the one thing I don’t think I’d like is the theater. My reason for saying that is that there doesn’t seem to be much of a change in elevation between rows. I’m short, so you know the tallest person in any theater always seems to sit in front of me! 😱 All I end up being able to see is their back and shoulders. That’s why I love stadium seating.
  3. This is starting to get really old. 😡 We went through multiple instances of this on our Symphony cruise this past spring. I had to re-register several times. A lot of people missed the M & M because they thought they were registered, but never got an invite, so didn’t know when or where the M & M would be held.
  4. Glad to hear your husband has found a dive mask that works for him. I remember how much he was looking forward to diving when you first started looking into it, and now he is able to enjoy diving without having to worry about his ears. Harvest Caye looks beautiful, but where are all the people? 🤫 You must have been the first people out there. I’m impressed that you got those awesome pictures!
  5. I see we’ve moved on to a new thread. Glad you’re still sailing, Twangster! Helps keep my cruise withdrawal at bay. 😄
  6. I’m glad you finally got to see your garden eels. They really are cute! I did the same thing with my camera on our my last dive. I forgot to put it on the underwater setting. Unlike you, I didn’t figure it out until after my dives were over. I have a lot of very green pictures from those dives! I’ve never done that before. I have had my Olympus TG 2 down to 50 feet, even deeper than that a few times. So far it has survived, but I know I’m pushing my luck. My other underwater camera is a SeaLife, which requires a housing. It’s a good camera, but I just don’t like it as much as my Olympus for some reason. It can, however, go deeper than the Olympus because it has the housing. I wish the housing for the Olympus wasn’t so expensive! Sounds like you’re starting to feel a little bit better. Hope that continues. Please try & take it easy even though your pain is better controlled. You still have a lot of healing to do. Giving yourself time to recover now will get you healthy and back on your feet again and back to your normal activities a lot sooner in the long run than over-doing it now and causing any setbacks.
  7. Nice video, BlueSkySailing! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Kim, glad to see your “repairs” have been completed, you’re home, and onto the post surgery recovery phase. Having followed your reviews for years, I’m not at all surprised that you have pictures of your injury. As to the injury, all I can say is that when you do something, you do a real good job of doing it! That’s quite the broken leg! I know now it will be difficult for you, being the active person you normally are, but, at least for now please take it easy and give your body the chance it needs to heal. You will get better, and be able to look back on this injury down time as just another bump in the road. You’ll also have some interesting injury and recovery stories to tell. Today I’m sending you a picture of a friend I made while diving in Curaçao. It was taken with my Olympus TG 2, bought because I loved the pictures you got with yours. Hope you like this guy as much as I did!
  9. Kim, I’m so sorry to hear about your injury. I hope you have a speedy and full recovery. When you are able, please let us know how your recovery is going. Recovery isn’t always easy, I know that from my own first hand experience. Remember during those tough times that there are a lot of people here pulling for you. You will get through this. Sending some cute cute sea creatures your way in lieu of flowers. They seem more “you” to me somehow. Hope they make you smile. 🐡 🐬 🐙 🐟
  10. Awesome review, Twangster! Beautiful photos! We we have only been to Coco Cay once so far. I loved the wide open snorkeling area that I was free to explore that day. I’m going to miss that freedom, but I’m not surprised due to safety reasons.
  11. Hi, Kim! Glad I found you right at the beginning. I think sometimes I miss things when I come in late and end up binge reading. Our next eat two trips are both land vacations. No cruises for us until October 2020. 😱 Needless to say, I’m in serious cruise withdrawal. This review will help get me through, at least for a while, so a long review is just what I need! 😄
  12. Beautiful pictures, Pete! Thanks for sharing them!
  13. Thanks for your review! We were on Symphony ❤️🛳 at the end of April and we loved her, too!
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