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  1. We’re staying right near home for a land (beach) trip to Daytona in May 2021. 🏖🌞 Our only cruise on the books right now is Allure in September 2021, which was Lifted & Shifted from Harmony October 2020 (cancelled). We’re hopeful but not very confident that this Allure cruise will sail.
  2. Thanks, @ROYAL CARIBBEAN DUDE Hopefully, one of these days we will get to do a Christmas cruise. The photos posted so far are beautiful! So fat, the only holiday cruises we have done have been Halloween cruises on Disney. Will the Pumpkin Tree from the Disney Dream do?
  3. Thank you, Ken! I’ve been debating whether or not I want to make any more cruise planner purchases for our September cruise. There’s a good chance I’ll be doing at least some shopping once I see what the actual prices, as opposed to percent off onboard prices, turn out to be.
  4. We would be looking for a different cruise line. We don’t mind paying extra for upgrades that we do use, but We do not want to pay for so called upgrades that we will never use. That would make me very sad if it came to that because we have really enjoyed our cruises on Royal Caribbean.
  5. Our last cruise was April 27-May 4, 2019. We had a great cruise 🛳! We were scheduled to board Brilliance out of Tampa tomorrow, but that was chartered out from under us, now cancelled due to Covid. If that one was still on, it would have been sailing through TS Eta. We switched to Harmony sailing October 4, 2020. Needless to say, that one didn’t sail either. Our next cruise up is Allure, September 2021, Lifted & Shifted from Harmony when we realized that sailing wasn’t going to go. We really hope that the third time’s the charm and we finally get to sail on Allure!
  6. 1) Allure, September 2021 2) Allure, September 2021 3) Allure, September 2021 This cruise started as an OBB on Brilliance in November 2020 in a corner aft JS. Brilliance changed to a full ship charter about three months after we booked. We switched to Harmony October 4 of this year when Brilliance was cancelled. Then, along came coronavirus. As our final payment approached, we saw the writing on the wall so Lifted & Shifted from Harmony October 2020 to Allure September 2021. I really hope the third time’s the charm! Meanwhile, we have two land trips planne
  7. Be careful, or you’ll get the song stuck in your head like it’s currently stuck in mine! 🤪
  8. Dragon’s Breath is listed on our September Allure Cruise, too, but Dragon’s Flight is not. I keep checking. I’m guessing it will show up eventually.
  9. I remember every one of those pictures. Brought back a lot of memories! 😀
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