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  1. perfect match

    The South American and Antarctic experience on the Zaandam

    Joe and Pat, you have always done great photo reviews, but I think you've outdone yourselves with this one! I'm finally caught up with reading the narrative and seeing the stills. I have the videos saved to be viewed later because I couldn't stop reading long enough to watch the videos! The penguins, the whales, the amazingly beautiful scenery all had me riveted to my tablet screen! I couldn't believe all the cruise ship traffic you encountered! I never would have thought you'd have to jostle for position with other cruise ships in order to view penguin colonies or icebergs! I can hardly wait to see more!
  2. Thanks for a great live review, and also a touching tribute to Trainman-2. I have enjoyed following along, and have made some notes for our upcoming Symphony cruise. I will be looking for your live from Allure, as we disembark from Symphony the day before you board Allure, and post cruise depression will be setting in!
  3. I'll be interested to see what the 199 things you will come up with will be. I already know that Bella would clearly prefer it if you weren't going! She has that "Oh, no, not again!" look on her face. I know that look all too well, as our two cats 😹😹 get the exact same look every time they see our suitcases come out.
  4. perfect match

    X cruiser sails Azamara to Cuba Jan 15 to 24 2019

    Norris, those sunrise and sunset pictures are beautiful, as are your pictures of the ship, and your travels through Cuba. I'm finding that Cuba is not at all what I had imagined it might be. While we have no immediate plans to visit Cuba, I will definitely consider it as a future destination to visit.
  5. Thanks for the info! Sounds good to me! Now all I have to do is find and book a cruise that goes to Roatan. Our upcoming Symphony cruise is Eastern, I'm almost wishing it was the western route.
  6. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to share with us, MrFunInTheSun! The resort in Roatan looked beautiful! How did you book your day there? Did they have a website you would be willing to share? I currently do not have any cruises planned that go to Roatan, but I'd like to, since it is one of the Caribbean ports we haven't been to yet. Those carved boxes you bought look like they would look really good in our house. I just might have to track one down when we finally do get there.
  7. Shhhh! Don't let my DH hear you say that! At least not until he finds out for himself how good the suite life is!
  8. I just upgraded us the other day from a JS to GS 8250 on Symphony, too! It will be our first time in a full suite. DH is afraid I'll never want to go back to a JS, or, heaven forbid, a balcony!
  9. I think I'd go to Wonderland just to get one of these! The rest of the food looks pretty "wonderful", too! Looks like you're having a great first day!
  10. I'm sorry to hear of Trainman-2's passing. I've enjoyed many of his reviews, and will miss seeing him here on these boards. MrFunInTheSun, dedicating this review to Trainman-2 is a wonderful tribute to his memory. Thank you. I will enjoy following along. We will be sailing Symphony at the end of April, but on the Eastern itinerary. I can't wait to hear what you think of Symphony!
  11. Thanks for another great review, Andrew! I enjoyed my virtual cruise with you and Lisa. I'm looking forward to your upcoming Symphony cruise since we are sailing on her at the end of April. We are doing Eastern, not Western, but no matter, it's the same ship!
  12. perfect match

    The South American and Antarctic experience on the Zaandam

    With pictures as good as yours are, I can only imagine how incredible the views must be in person! Maybe some day......
  13. Thanks for sharing another great day aboard Allure, Andrew!
  14. Looks like you had a great day! We haven't been to St Maarten in quite a while. We are in the general area on Symphony in April, but our stops are St Kitts and St Thomas, no St Maarten. Guess I need to look into booking another cruise! 🚢
  15. perfect match

    X cruiser sails Azamara to Cuba Jan 15 to 24 2019

    I loved seeing Havana through your and Carol's eyes, Norris. I've been looking for a specific car in your pictures. Specifically, a 1955 Chevy Bel Air convertible, blue and white with a white top. That's the make and model car I learned to drive in. I loved that car, wish I still had it today. Really, though, all of the older cars in your pictures and videos are fun to see! I've been watching the weather in Chicago. I hope that you, Carol, and Snowy are staying safe and warm!