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  1. @mitsugirly, We we’re at Sky Reef today. It was awesome! The snorkeling was even better than I expected, and that’s after seeing your spectacular pictures. We are really glad we went there. I have pictures in my Olympus TG2, but other camera doesn’t talk to my iPad, so I won’t be able to share any of them until I get home- and I’m in no rush to get home!! I will come back and post some s soon as I can BTW, I had a camera problem similar to one you had a few years back. I brought my camera, I brought the charger plug that goes into the wall, and I brought what I thought was the cord to connect the two. Unfortunately, the cord I brought was for my Sea Life camera. The camera I brought is my TG2. They are not compatible, so I won’t be able to charge the TG2! 😱 My phone is going to have to be my primary camera on this trip. Hope the TH2 battery lasts through our day in Nassau on Friday!
  2. Already checked in for Allure leaving on Sunday. I was not asked to upload our vaccine cards, just for some of the info on them. I’m going to go check and see if I can get ours uploaded. Thanks, Bird, for bringing that to my attention.
  3. @mitsugirly, if I understand your Sky Reef review correctly, you did not have a reservation there, you just showed up and had no problem getting in. My plan right now is to grab a taxi when we get off the ship and just go there. We would like to do our snorkeling first, then get something to eat and drink. Hope they’re ok with that. Would I be better off if I booked a reservation with them? We aren’t interested in all inclusive beverages, tequila tastings, or massages, and will have our own snorkel gear including snorkel vests if required. When you get in the water off the pier, what direction did you go to see the beautiful purple fan corals? When I was looking at YouTube videos, I saw some that showed nothing but a plain, sandy bottom. Nothing at all like your pictures! Did you have to swim out a bit to see the good stuff? Any restrictions as to where you could go? Thanks!
  4. Thanks, Kim! At this point, we’re deciding between Sky Reef and Chankanaab. Good to know about the taxis at Sky Reef, and I’m sure if you could get in and out of the water easily there with your bad foot, I’ll be ok there, too. Glad to see that you and your family are still getting out and enjoying your vacation time. I plan to get back to reading your blog after we get back from our Allure cruise that we will be on next week. I’m sure it will help with the post cruise depression. It’s been 2 years, 4 months since we’ve been on a ship. I’ll believe it’s really happening once we board on Sunday!
  5. Thanks for doing this great review, @niksmom630! I really enjoyed sailing along with you. Only 4 more days until we board Allure ……… not that I’m counting or anything! 🤣🤪
  6. Thanks, @c-leg5 The pier with steps at the end sounds good to me. I’ve already checked Mitsugirly’s website and the Sky Reef site. I’ll look a little deeper into TA. I just gave them a quick look so far. I’ll also check You Tube. Haven’t been there yet. Mitsugirly has me sold on the place with her snorkeling pictures. Now, I just have to convince DH, who would rather swim in a pool than the ocean 🤷‍♀️ and will need plenty of reassurance that we’ll be able to get back to the ship on time! He really should know by now that I’m not going to take him anywhere that there’s any doubt at all about getting back to the ship! 😱😂 I’m spoiled with the great scuba diving I’ve done in Cozumel, but I’m not diving this trip due to some issues I’m having with clearing my ears. That’s a no go for me for diving, so the snorkeling at Sky Reef is a big draw for me. 🐠🐟🐡
  7. @ryano, hope you have an awesome bucket list Alaska cruise! Alaska is on my bucket list, too. I just have to convince DH to put it on HIS bucket list! wWe will be on Allure during most of yore “live from”, but I plan to follow along as best as I can. 🛳
  8. After seeing the pictures posted by @mitsugirly, we’re thinking of trying Sky Reef on our cruise next week. We will be traveling by taxi to get there. I’m sure we will have no problem getting a taxi from the pier to go out there. How about getting back to the pier when we’re done? Somehow, it doesn’t seem like a place that taxis would be hanging out waiting for a fare. Will the staff at Sky Reef call a taxi for us, or would we be better off arranging for the driver who brings us there to come back and get us at a set time? How do you get into and out of the water at Sky Reef? Can I jump in from a pier, or use a ladder? Or would I have to climb over slippery rocks? Kim, if you’re reading this, I know you’re still having problems with your foot, so I guess if you managed there, I can, too. I’d just rather know what to expect when I get there.
  9. Thanks, Jessy, for taking the time out of your cruise to share so much information with us. I’m really enjoying following along with you.
  10. Great pictures, Russ! Thanks for sharing them. Glad you were able to jump through all of the necessary hoops and able to enjoy your cruise.
  11. I agree, it will feel kinda weird, but for mr it will be a good weird. Certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity. We live in Central Florida and visit the theme parks regularly. Our best park days ever were once the day following a hurricane with nobody in Magic Kingdom and last summer about two weeks after the parks reopened following the Covid shutdown. Those two days were, for us, truly magical! I think I’ll feel the same way on Allure. DH, I’m not so sure about. He will probably wish there were more people. However it plays out, we’ll be happy just being on a cruise!
  12. I can’t wait until we’re cruising on our own private mega yacht! ALLURE! 🛳 That’s how I think it will feel to me! 😎 I will not miss the crowds at all.For me, there will be enough people to keep it interesting.
  13. Symphony was our last cruise, too, only ours was April 2019! I am SO EXCITED that we are going to be sailing on Allure in two weeks! I haven’t let myself get this excited until now because of all the cancellations, but at this point I can’t seem to control it very well anymore. I’m afraid to think what I’ll be like once we have our negative covid test results in hand, we’re all checked in and walking up the gangway to board Allure! 😱🤪😃🛳
  14. Looks like a great room choice! I love those windows. Should be great for an Alaska cruise! I can tell you’re already having a great time! good for you! 😀😎
  15. @Tree_skier & Mrs Tree_skier, I hope you both have a wonderful cruise! I’m wishing for you to have sunny weather, smooth sailing, a ride on the Icy Strait zipline, and some whales ! I’ll be following along with you the whole way! 🛳😎
  16. I’m enjoying following along with all of you! Glad you’re on board and under way. 🛳😎😀
  17. Same problem here when trying to book an excursion. I didn’t want to get tied up on the phone at the time, so I emailed and got a response that someone would get back to me in 36 hours. We’ll see what happens with that, or maybe I’ll just call them when I get the chance.
  18. Thanks, @JessyCruises! I really enjoy my overplanning, so I’m frustrated that I haven’t been able to do it since the itinerary switch! Hope you get the Grand Suite, too! We had one on our last cruise pre pandemic and I’m now totally spoiled. We’re in a Boardwalk Balcony next month on Allure and I’m already feeling cramped! I didn’t have the option to bid on anything higher than a JS, so I’m hoping we get that. If not, I’ll be happy in the room we have, but a girl can dream, right? I agree with @Merion_Mom about Mike! We thought he was awesome, too!
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