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  1. Thank you all. You did give me enough clues that I could check my settings and I found the problem. See you all at next sail away.
  2. Hello again. I asked earlier on the thread but didn't get an answer. I've watched sail aways on the cams for years. Have been away for a couple of months. Today, when I try to watch, the picture comes up and then immediately goes to a black screen with 80% in white lettering in the middle. Can anyone tell me what might be the problem?
  3. Checking in. Haven't watched sailaways for quite a while. Is it only pay for view now? I get a view of the port and then a black screen with 80% in white type.
  4. To my way of thinking, they missed the mark when they removed the Halve Maen. The logo was more artistically interesting and spoke to the long history of the Holland America Line.
  5. Now that you mention those, I vaguely remember being amused and slightly unsettled by a similar presentation in the Pinnacle Grill on Prinsendam last December.
  6. Good to know about the Indonesian Lunch. I always look forward to it. Hope I can find it on the Nieuw Statendam over the next two weeks.
  7. Thank you, Kazu! Dear Sis and I are looking forward to relaxing sea days and lots of beaches and warm tropical salt water. And, of course, great food to eat and interesting people to meet.
  8. Thank your for the great pictures from San Diego. I enjoyed touring the sailing ship and lunch at Anthony's a few years ago. Such a great city for sightseeing! Enjoy your cruise and please give my greetings to Mrs. Copper 10-8. I remember a cruise when I enjoyed a lunch table conversation with you both quite a few years ago, maybe a Mariners lunch and before you officially joined HAL.
  9. Oh, yes! Join us next Sunday! What does your son do on the ship?
  10. Sailing away on her next Sunday. Loved watching her sail today. Have a great week everyone. Mine will be very busy, but I think I have everything covered and will be good to go.
  11. Thank you for saying that. As a person with hearing difficulties I am increasingly annoyed that even the sound technicians in many venues, including shipboard performance venues, do not understand that volume does not solve issues of hearing and enjoying music.
  12. I'm thinking we might be smart to book the wine package after we board, just in case.
  13. We will be on back to back one week cruises on Nieuw Statendam in January. Does anyone know if we can buy the 8 bottle package the first week and carry over to the second week or do we need to buy separately for each week?
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