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  1. We had the key our the Harmony of The Seas Feb 9,2020. We arrived at the port around 9:30 am and proceeded through security up to the waiting area for Key guests. We boarded the ship right after the suites and pinnacle guests. We where met at the Fwd gangway with someone holding a Key sign and where directed straight on the ship instead of having to walk to the mid ship gang way. There was no indication as to where the lunch and welcome package where found. We walked around and found the bag drop at the key lunch in the main dining room on deck 4. The Lunch was awesome. We did not
  2. We just received the email that our Royal bid was accepted. The sailing was only showing interior cabins available last week. Sailing Feb 9,2020 Went from boardwalk balcony to oceanview balcony $150 pp.
  3. Dine, Drink, and Discover It was a perk that was given when booking a neighborhood balcony on oasis class ships. I was discontinued in Sept 2019
  4. Online. I agree that it is important to have some confirmation. I guess this is like everything else the only thing consistent is inconsistency.
  5. I just submitted mine a few minutes ago and got an immediate email confirmation.
  6. Chris, Really enjoying the information you are sharing here and through your YouTube video's. Keep up the great work.
  7. I have not cruised with princess yet but it is my understanding that the interactive features are using your smart phone that is connected to the ships intranet and not the medallion. When you place the order for a drink the system will locate the medallion and send the drink. So in this way it is a read only device and does not have a program to run.
  8. Thanks, RCI like to change the prices in the pre-cruise planner on a daily basis and it will be cheaper than on board. With RCI drink package prices are not even consistent between sailings. I will not worry as much knowing that the price is the same.
  9. Thank you for the replies. Does Princess play the same price game that Royal does with pre cruise purchases or will the price onboard be the same as online before the cruise?
  10. I am not new to cruising, we normally cruise on Royal Caribbean. We have just booked our first cruise with Princess. We are booked in a mini suite on the Caribbean Princess July 2021. I am looking at the different drink packages that are offered and have some questions. We do not drink very much alcohol. What is included in the soda package? What is the Premier Coffee and soda package? I am unclear on the difference with the New grounds coffee vs the premier coffee and soda package. what is the coffee like that is included in the mornings.
  11. I thought that Symphony uses the RFID technology and they wont punch holes in the RFID cards.
  12. Pricing will vary from sailing to sailing, day to day like everything else with royal. For my upcoming sailing in feb the new cabanas are $1499 and the day pass is $64.99
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