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  1. I was able to get a full refund. Thank you everyone for the help.
  2. Help! Well my June cruise was cancelled. Delta will allow me to request a credit voucher on their site. However, I prefer a refund. My flight was changed by over 90 minutes and the connecting airport was changed. So I assume I am entitled to a refund. Of course, I cannot reach anyone by phone. Do I cancel my flight and get E-Credits and then try to get a refund? Or keep trying to reach them. This flight was for 7 people so it is a fair amount of money. I was only flying Delta one way and Jet Blue the other. Jet Blue already refunded. Thanks in advan
  3. I received a full refund for my 3/23 cruise today. Very surprised and happy.
  4. Received refund of my shore excursions, drinks, internet, photos etc on April 22 for my June 7th cancelled cruise. I cancelled everything in my cruise planner just as soon as I heard the cruise was cancelled. No refund yet for the actual cruise. Hoping it comes soon so we can plan something else. They still owe me over 8k
  5. I just booked Bernard's based on these great reviews!
  6. We are doing this exact itinerary on the June 7th sailing. We are staying at the Dreams Miramar the night before (budget). Will shuttle to pier. St. Thomas - Pirate museum and then Magen's Bay beach St Kitts - Ziplining Antigua - Catameran Sail, snorkel and beach excrusion St Lucia - booked cosol tours based on recommendations from this site (hope we like it) Barbados - The Boatyard Night after we are staying at Casablanca in old San Juan. We have booked Charlie's Custom Tours to pick us up at dock with our luggage and tour San Juan. He will d
  7. Check out the price for the surf and stream 4 device package. It is the lowest I have ever seen!
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