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  1. Thank you, I don't remember seeing it when we were on her in 2016
  2. Did Indy get a Freestyle Coke Machine during the refurbishment?
  3. Thanks for the video!! Pretty cool that the Owners loft cabin has 2 balconies!!
  4. Well that suspended chair might be nice to have - hopefully it has an additional chair of some sort.
  5. Thank you for that information - the chair on the balcony looks different - do you think someone brought that chair and I will have the more normal ones?
  6. I already did and there wasn't anything about that specific cabin
  7. Bringing this thread back to life as I will be staying in this cabin next week.
  8. You can book it through the cruise planner
  9. I am sailing on Anthem June 6th and will be bringing my WOW bands from Harmony last year. They have the muster station on them and I hope I can use them for Anthem. I will report back
  10. I believe that Harmony is only 1 year old. I was just on it last summer and it is in great shape and a wonderful ship
  11. I called once to change rooms and I also had the non refundable deposit - they said since I was only changing rooms I would not lose it. I decided to keep my room because I would have lost all my OBC and it wasn't worth it to me. I had booked direct with Royal and did not go through a TA
  12. I was going to email them when we got closer to the cruise date - I figured with a little over a month out maybe they wouldn't have all that info.
  13. That is what I have been doing for my June 6th Anthem cruise but I haven't been able to locate who is coming. I've eliminated all the ones that have been posted above except for Pandora's Box.
  14. I recently found the Facebook site for this and will get 2 ducks for our Anthem cruise in June. Sounds fun!!
  15. Just checking to make sure I understand this - when you purchase the 3 day you make reservations for day 1 and then once on board you make the other reservations?
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