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  1. Are the shows on Ovation the same as the ones on Anthem but with different names? I know maybe an odd question but I saw some snipits of Pixels and it looked a lot like Spectra and then Big Dream or whatever it is called has a similar to The Gift. Thanks
  2. My daughter works at Applebees as a hostess - she makes a lower wage but she gets a portion of the tips that are given to the servers. The dishwashers are paid higher and they do not get a portion. I have no qualms about giving the set amount for gratuity I do however, have issue with the people that say they want to remove them and then don't tip at all. Why is this such a big issue! I just add that into the cost of the cruise, I work a 2nd job to just pay for the cruises I go on so I'm certainly not wealthy. When you think about it what we are asked to p
  3. Did Indy get a Freestyle Coke Machine during the refurbishment?
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