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  1. A few days ago I created an Instagram account and scrolled back in time to enjoy the visuals and music. In the VirginVoyages account I remember reading a question asking about Wendy. The VV reply was that they've parted ways and wish her well. And that Capt Alan was in command. (paraphrased, but concise a concise corporate reply) Further back in time I found the announcement interviews and a video of a Q&A session with her that they've not pulled down. As for Sailor Services announcing Charlotte... I'd say a more reliable source of news is the Instagram feed.
  2. I applied EATSLEEPCRUISELOOT when I booked in January, and it was applied. Earlier this week I was able to purchase $300 of pre-paid beverages and did receive the $100 additional credit, rather than just the normal $50 bonus that will come with a pre-cruise purchase of beverage loot of $300. These are two distinct things: one is a bonus for booking a cabin while the other is a bonus for pre-paying for loot good only for drink purchases. I can see a situation where there's an Access Key for Loot when you book a cabin and another Access Key for an upgrade when you book a room. Where they to say the two could not be used together, I'd say that was understandable. Worst case for me... I find out on board that I didn't get the extra $50 promo bonus and just got the standard $50 bonus. As stated in another thread, pre-purchase Beverage Loot and for every $300 bought, receive $100 bonus loot for beverages rather than just $50 of bonus beverage loot. Can be purchased in multiples, not just one. Must purchase by the current promo deadline of 03/31/20 and must have a cabin booked (to which a particular sailor the loot is assigned.) Most important: it's "use it or lose it" no refunds for unused loot. Valid for a purchased beverage on board and at Bimini Beach Club during your cruise.
  3. Feel better now that you've aired your laundry? All of us will be in the other threads, excited about the great cruise experiences we intend to have on Virgin Voyages. Bu-bye!
  4. Ah... so you mean like Richard's Rooftop! Booking a suite unlocks access to Richard's Rooftop; the exclusive deck where elegance meets exuberance. A lavish, elaborate and members-only outdoor space for stargazing parties and pre-dinner cocktail hours for you and the other rockstars.
  5. According to a personal in the travel industry who lives in South Florida and has attended seminars and training with VV just recently, the average age of passengers booked is 47. At 57, I'm bringing that average up. While I may choose not to lead the congo line or dance center stage, I sure enjoy watching and clapping to the fun all around with cocktail in hand.... just no avocado toast.
  6. Will the group need their phones for Bingo and Trivia?
  7. Jaime, it sounds like you should explore Crystal Cruises or Silversea Cruise Lines Both offer one price that includes beverages. VV is taking a much different tact. And if it works, they'll never have a reason to offer a package.
  8. The fact that you doubt VV's marketing & promo tactics is N-U-T-S! Given the positive feedback so far, and strong booking pace, they'll NEVER have a need to offer a beverage package. Offering reasonably priced drinks inclusive of gratuity is gonna be a hit! There's one point you miss: VV is looking to attract those willing to pay for beverages a la carte. Given that you aren't willing to buy alcohol a la carte, I can assure you that you are NOT someone VV would consider a valued guest.
  9. Probably the most laughable thing on my last NCL cruise (2018) was the welcome you get at the host stand when dining at Ocean Blue, their new at the time seafood restaurant. I guess enough guests had already complained that before seating you, they explain that if you paid for the Dining Package then there would be an extra charge to eat in Ocean Blue. Additionally, there are a number of items on the menu that each have additional charges if ordered. So it was the perfect Triple Play: pay for specialty dining, pay extra for this restaurant, pay extra for this menu item.
  10. I, too, took a sharp breath in when I heard the first mention of an upcharge. Extra for a Tomahawk Steak? Well of course: that's a serious cut of meat, usually intended for two. Locally, "Tomahawk Tuesday" dinner for two runs $135, so of course an upcharge should be expected. But the real culprit to fear is the upsell: To go with your champagne, how about an order of Saint Agur blue cheese spread on wafers made from wheat grown...(blah blah blah)? $12 Truffle shaving to compliment your pasta? $15 Our Cayenne Curry infused chocolate sauce is just $8 atop your dessert. The delicious dining experiences that are sold as "all inclusive" should be just that. We shouldn't have to pay extra to get the "Wow."
  11. Thank you, Resstation. The information is appreciated.
  12. Resstation, did they mention any on board food or entertainment events that WILL have an upcharge, like a dinner show or cooking classes in Test Kitchen? I don't mean the expected extras, like spa treatments.
  13. While they've promoted the ability to shake you device to order Champagne, I don't think that means a device with their app can act as a payment method. I'd bet when the champagne arrives, they'll still scan the band. My actual experience with transfers was on Princess. My credit card was paying for two separate rooms. Each had a ridiculous amount of OBC and guest services volunteered to transfer between to consume the credits, stating that they saw my credit card paying for both rooms. On another Princess sailing, I was sharing a mini-suite with two others for a short cruise. All three of us had our own folios.
  14. While each guest has their own folio (or room account) most of the guest accounting systems allow individual charges to be transferred between. While I can't say whether they will or won't, it just seems reasonable that a couple in a room could transfer between accounts to absorb the credit at the end of the cruise.
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