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  1. The website now states: "Select beverages on us" and describes it as a selection of beverages in your suite. To me, the wording is different but the intent and offer seems the same as it was originally. I understood that what's in the minibar to begin with is complimentary, but that it would not be restocked for free. It was the Mega Rockstar Suites that got essentially an unlimited bar. I don't see details on drinks being comped at the Beach Club. Rockstar Suites retain access to Richard's Rooftop, so I would hope they still have access to the private area at The B
  2. So I did go back to read a good portion of the notes that accompanied the financial statements. From what I gather, CCL has had a strong balance sheet and they boast a little more than $12 Billion of cash available through financing commitments they have in place. And some of those funds are tied directly to new ship delivery. However, it appears that none of that borrowing activity requires pledging any of their ships as collateral. The debt does contain covenants which relate to the continued good health of their balance sheet. The new $4 Billion debt, however, does pledge t
  3. As I mentioned in another thread, the financial team may have begun waking up to the cash flow strains the generous 25% & 100% Bonus FCC will create as passengers with credits book cruises over this first year, paying only 75% cash or less: consuming inventory that was projected to raise 100% cash. While this compensation was common with other lines, Virgin has less inventory with one ship, making it harder to absorb the all those free credits and still generate cash to pay bills. So what about if Virgin SELECTIVELY offers to passengers an opportunity to INCREASE the value of
  4. I also opted for the full refund when my Sneak-a-Peek cruise was cancelled for the end of March. I feel lucky that I received a prompt refund to my credit card, which isn't the case for many requesting refunds as the posts suggest with cancelled Princess Cruises passengers being told it could take 90 days. The 25% FCC good until March 2021 is a nice touch, and initially had me viewing cruises for later in the year, sailing in a Seriously Suite, which is what I had originally booked. I noticed a few weeks ago what appeared to be the elimination of the private transfer a
  5. Reading what you described in your paragraph #1, my immediate thoughts were this funding relates to or coincides with the four ship deliveries scheduled for 2020. I then went back to the SEC filing you referenced, and it too leads me to think that the quartering of the $4 Billion into four releases dates, which seem to be subject to a loan-to-value ratio that does not exceed 25%, means that as the company takes ownership of the completed vessel from the shipyard, placing it on the books as an asset, more funds can be released as the vessel is pledged as additional collateral. Be
  6. CASH FLOW is probably the primary reason why Princess --and possibly the eight other Carnival Corporation brands-- could be dragging their feet. When a merchant, such as Princess submits refunds/credits to customer credit cards, the money typically is debited from a bank account the next business day while it may take another few days for the credit to flow through to the card holder's account. In other words, the cash has to be in the bank for the cruise line to issue refunds. Yes, someone did point out that Carnival Corp did raise 6.4 Billion dollars. I read the same in a Ba
  7. I was in a Seriously Suite for the S-a-P 3/26 cruise, and am looking at one for a sailing in the Fall. They seem a little larger than terrace rooms and are positioned mid-ship. And yes... the suite perks sound great!
  8. Yes, I would hope many of the restaurants will be open for lunch on sea days... and a few open on port days.
  9. We've heard that there will not be a "cruise director" with staff... But will they at least publish a daily program with activities, outlet hours and entertainment?
  10. Imagine the tremendous expense of disposing of all the beer on hand. Beer is perishable, and this three month delay probably means a lot of waste! Or... the first passengers will need to check the freshness date of the bottles.
  11. Did anyone receive their bands for an upcoming cruise that was then canceled? I was on the Sneak-a-Peek 3/26 and never got mine.
  12. rbt001


    But... My concern is the furnishing in public spaces. Will there really be enough room for people to find a place to relax and feel comfortable when there's close to 2,700 people on board?
  13. How about reporting on how quickly you reached Sailor Services to rebook or cancel.
  14. As corona virus dampens our economy and pinches worker pockets, I wonder if there will be a shift in demographics during the first year with less discretionary income.
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